Dark Green/Brown Bud - Any Good?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by 1406, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. 1406

    1406 Retired

    A buddy of mine owed me $10 so instead I just took a dime of whatever bud he had on him at the time. It was this really dark green and brown bud, darker than usual. It didn't smell like pot either. What do you guys think?

  2. frenchhustler19091

    frenchhustler19091 New Member

    Try it out bruh.
  3. haskins69

    haskins69 New Member

    looks better than the crappy brick weed from mexico we get here

    I say smoke it and post back
  4. Sykes

    Sykes New Member

    you got some Mexican pure win shit. So yeah you probably have to smoke it all to feel anything at all. Don't expect it to be smooth aswell, rough and hot ftw.
  5. Mazzinator

    Mazzinator Sr. Member

    is it brittle? if its brittle crunchy weed, chances are you got some stale buds, like theyve been dried out.anything thats brown[in my experiences] isnt so great.....but, idk give it a toke and see what happens
  6. Splendens

    Splendens New Member

    It's either shit, or it's water cured.
    Water cured=Not shit, not shit at alll.
    It is my first year growning an I have been clipping the plants, it's an outdoor grow, only 7 plants came up. 3 BEAUTIFUL looking females.
    Anyways, I tried a couple of the fan leaves after drying them, and actually got an ok buzz. I'm an all day ery day kinda guy.
    I took my leaves and water cured them for 3 or 4 days then let them dry.....
    oh. my. god.
    It probabably quadrupled quality, flavor, etc.
    Woah, sorry, i'm toasted, of the second round of clippings...pre cure.
  7. jettyblaze

    jettyblaze Sr. Member

    How do you water cure leaves? Im considering starting to grow....
  8. T0K3N00B

    T0K3N00B New Member

    It might have not been cured or dried right.

    I think he might mean like you dip the buds in water, then you let them dry, it apparently makes them fluffier
  9. 1406

    1406 Retired

    Well I packed a bowl of it in the vap, and it was pretty good. It had a pretty unusual flavor, not bad, but just unusual. It wasn't dry or stringy, it was pretty sticky stuff. It could of been water cured, more than likely.

    Thanks for the replies! :mj2:
  10. BlazedCanadian

    BlazedCanadian Sr. Member

    could be weed that was once wet and dried out. weed that gets wet and dries normaly turns a crispy dry brown coolour
  11. trichybud

    trichybud New Member

    looks like some commercial grow stuff. There are some strains that are just naturally darker but usually when its dark green/brown like that its just not cured very well.
  12. Splendens

    Splendens New Member

  13. PaperzFTW

    PaperzFTW New Member

    That weed is around hear. My bro tried it he said it was nice but weird. It is good/ok weed, around hear it is from the getto parts of town. Just have a glass of water my bro says.

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