Day 2 of my first t-break

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by 5-0, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    Well its officially day two of my first ever tolerance break, and I haven't gotten 30 seconds of sleep since it started. And school starts up again tomorrow. Good thing its only for a week..... I can't wait to get blazed off my ass at 4:20 this Friday!:woot:
  2. ZoZo

    ZoZo New Member

    Day 8 out of 11 for me, I'm hating it.
  3. High

    High as a kite

    Im on day 1 :p
    Not enjoying it one bit seeing how I just got a new vape yesterday >.<

    EDIT: Failed on the second day lol.. Gonna try again starting next monday
  4. gogreen420

    gogreen420 Sr. Member

    Day 2 out of 30, don't complain boys. ;)

    Lol. It sucks no matter how long the break :p
  5. DanKJuggalo

    DanKJuggalo Sr. Member

    I've been trying to get on a T break but everytime I start my friend will call saying "Let's smoke bro" lol I cant resist.
  6. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    Lol i know what you mean. Today 2 of my friends came over and wanted to smoke, and I sat with em while they smoked, and didn't smoke. I didn't know I had that much self control. But now I want to smoke super bad:sigh:
  7. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    OH NO. Now my Mom and brother are leaving, and the house is empty. This isn't good. I should have sold my weed lol
  8. t11lmg

    t11lmg New Member

    ive done solid excluding new years for all of december, ending friday by going to my local thing with gym and iceskating n shit, n sneaking out and smoking on my friends roof. upwards of 30 days
  9. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    Wow. I don't think i could do 30 days. I just realized that its really really important to keep yourself busy during a t-break. I had enough self restraint to keep from smoking this time, but I'm never letting myself get bored on a t-break again. It was painful for a few minutes there.
  10. High

    High as a kite

    Start working out! Iv read stories of people getting high from working out because they are burning fat, THC absorbs into fat and is then slowly released from the fat cells over a 30 day time period. I'm sure it would lower your tolerance drastically too if you burnt off some THC infested fat :p not to mention keep ya healthy!

    EDIT: Btw, how long you breaking for?
  11. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    exercising will help but the only buzz you would get is from endorphins NOT from thc
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  12. gogreen420

    gogreen420 Sr. Member

    Exercising will indeed help you to burn off the THC that your liver has stored in your fat cells, however you will not get high from it. After THC is oxidized into it's two primary metabolites it is still psychoactive but it never makes it back up to the brain since it's all excreted.

    Tolerance won't be lowered either from this, since tolerance has to do with returning overstimulated cannabinoid receptors back to their previously natural state - something that happens whether you exercise or not.

    However, as the poster pointed out above me, you could exercise to keep your mind off smoking, and you get to have fun with those little things called Endorphins :)

    Endorphin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  13. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    Lol 1 week or even 1 month is nothing. Try going 5 months because the fucking government is drug testing you. Now that sucks and I hated every minute of it! But finally I'm done with testing and have been blazing everyday.:blazed:
  14. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    Your right one week is nothing. I have barely even thought about weed all day. Its getting really easy. its gonna be friday before i know it:)
  15. yoshi31

    yoshi31 New Member

    its been 6 months since I smoked. I plan to smoke asap and get blasted
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  16. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    Nobody mentioned that rat studies have found exercise to increase the sensitivity of CB receptors.

    Also, sugar does as well.

    I'm working on tapering down on my usage myself. I'm seeing weed, honestly, as being similar to an antidepressant. You've got a big shift in neurochemistry that will take time to normalize.

    I've been working on a sort of formula of supplements and foods, as well as a dosage tapering schedule, to allow for seamless transitions between smoking a lot and nonsmoking. I think it's important to have breaks from smoking, research does indeed show many negative physical and mental side effects from smoking a lot chronically. However it is also reversible from what it seems. So that obviously means you probably shouldn't be smoking all the time for just months and years on end.

    At the same time though going back and forth between smoking and non smoking is kinda stressful, and could be a serious problem for med patients who want to take breaks.

    For example, there is a lot of evidence thats come out that shows promise from lithium. Unfortunately lithium gets a bad name, but it's actually healthy as long as the dosing isn't extreme.

    I'm also working with things like l-theanine, chamomile, huperzine, valerian, st johns wort

    theanine, chamo, and valerian all increase GABA levels. I think a lot of pot smokers can agree that quitting can increase stress levels and GABA helps. St Johns Wort inhibits reuptake of basically all the main neurochemicals, though with a bit extra for serotonin if I remember. Either way its a good OTC herbal antidepressant that can help with any drug withdrawal. Huperzine is one that I haven't done anything with mostly because I've seen reports of some bad possible side effects.

    god this post went forever, time to get some munchies
  17. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    Yeah, Well I would love to be able to quit smoking and still be able to sleep and eat. I mean i guess I dont have it that bad since I had only been smoking daily for a week. I wanted to try smoking daily and see how it was. I hated it. It seemed like a total waist of time, I would much rather get fucked up every time I smoke and have a lot of fun. That's why I started my break. Just to get back to my usual smoking schedule. If it wasn't for the sleeplessness I could easily quit smoking whenever I want. I just hate not being able to sleep. It really makes the next day a drag. And I have lost about a pound and a half in the five days that I have been breaking. It's really lame. Oh well. Friday me and my buds are gonna get wrecked and its gonna be a blast
  18. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    I'm actually a little bit worried about the weight loss. I just weighed myself and I'm about 123, but the other day I was like 127. Will I put it back on when I start smoking again?? I don't want to get skinny and unhealthy. That would suck
  19. jacjak

    jacjak Sr. Member

    Did you use a different scale this time? It seems like every scale says something different for me. One day I tried 3 different scales, one was 148, 155, and 157.
  20. 5-0

    5-0 New Member

    Lol, nevermind about the weight loss. I ate a little bit today and it says I'm almost 126. I have been using the same scale the whole time. Its just my stomach was completely empty when I weighed myself, and I wasn't hydrated enough

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