Deaths From Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by TopEkoms, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. TopEkoms

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    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    There Aren't any .
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  2. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    You challenge me to smoke 15,000 joints in 20 minutes?

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  3. nmt8855

    nmt8855 New Member

    does this also apply to someone who is allergic? or is it possible for like your throat to close up or something? b/c if they say no deaths that sound like it means NONE what so ever
  4. TopEkoms

    TopEkoms New Member

    Ive read that marijuana allergies usually only occur after long periods of exposure to it. Occasiolally long time growers will start developing slight rashes watery eyes and sneezing fits. in extreme cases you might feel like you have a bad cold. And what they should be saying in the video instead of marijuana is THC. its much more likely that a person would be allergic to the combusted plant matter or something else in it besides the THC.
  5. Pheromone

    Pheromone New Member

    This clip was taken from the documentary "the union: the business behind getting high", if you liked this clip you will love the documentary, it is very well made and you can view it online. ill post a link for the google video version below, check it out

    The Union
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  6. B-Man

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    He still hasn't returned... I think he might be dead :eek:
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  7. elgro3

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  8. 024

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    or after smoking about 20 he fell asleep.
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  9. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

    what in the flying fuck?! There's no such thing as marijuana deaths,what kind of bull shitting ass hole came up with that lie?
  10. Aztek

    Aztek New Member

    Actually death from Marijuana is very possible for someone like me who has a neurological condition (Autonomic Dysfunction) and chemical sensitivity.

    The reason I came on these forums was to enquire ways I can start smoking again without ending up with complications. I can certainly say that in my current situation if I was to smoke a gram of strong bud I would most likely be dead due to the cardiovasular effects and blood presure problems which I already struggle with on a daily basis without even using substances...

    If you guys still have any doubts you can read my topic which pre-dates this, however my situation is exteremely rare so I understand deaths from Marijuana is highly unlikly for the general population but not impossible.....
  11. TopEkoms

    TopEkoms New Member

    If you live in a state where marijuana is available via perscription maybe you should ask your doctor about Marinol. i dont know if that will work but its supposed to be artificial thc. the only reaon i question it is because your disability effects the same internal functions that thc would when injested or smoked. by that i mean your body temp appetite blood pressure ect. I dont think if you died from smoking pot it would be marijuanas fault, i think it would be your disease that technically killed you . And in this video they are reffering to marijuana effecting already healthy people. THC has never killed a healthy person . A healthy person Has never died just from smoking pot.
  12. Aztek

    Aztek New Member

    yea good point, I would agree that if I died then it would actually be a result of my medical condition only worsened by the pot.

    Thanks for the suggestion on Marinol, I know about it but unfortunately here in Australia all by-products of cannabis are also illegal. Our government sucks :(
  13. otown

    otown New Member

    Also marinol is not as enjoyable as pot, pot has many other chemicals that give you the good feeling you get, pure synthetic THC ,marinol, actually can give some people a lot more of the bad side effects of THC, like extreme paranoia which in some cases leads to panic attacks
  14. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    I used to know this chick that was deathly allergic to marijuana (or something that it was sprayed with). I didn't believe her story at first but later on I learned that it was fact. She smoked when she was a teenager one time and ended up in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction. She hated the herb with a passion.

    A person can be allergic to any organic or non-organic substance so there are people out there that are severely allergic to the herb.
  15. nmt8855

    nmt8855 New Member

    Is it possible for someone to just randomly become allergic after a year or two of smoking it?
  16. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    You can develop allergies to things almost over night so I would think it is possible.
  17. nmt8855

    nmt8855 New Member

    well i have had difficulty breathing when i do smoke. I have taken about a 10 month break from it and would love to start up again...but i dont think im allergic b/c i was goin thru a rough time w/ panic attcks and stuff like that during that time and i am around it all the time and i never experience any problems
  18. Aztek

    Aztek New Member

    Im living proof of that, I used to go outto raves every weekend and take a mixture of ectsacy, amphetamines, lsd and smoke myself silly with pot afterwards. One day I overdosed on coctail of ecstacy and meth and woke up in hospital with severe hyperthermia that damaged my Autonomic system and left me with a rare and unusual Neurological Illness and chemical sensitivity to all sedatives, anelgesics, stimulants and opiates. Its now been 10 years since my overdose and Im pretty much live a disabled life requiring supervision and asistance even with basic activities. So you see ironacialy my bodis way of punishing my drug abuse was to actually develop a drug sensitivity which now prevents me from being able to ever enjoy or take drugs again.
  19. NoSoupForYou

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    its not exactly your government, its ours (the U.S.) paying your government to enforce our drug policy. God damn the prudes.
  20. 024

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