Debating on getting a bubbler

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by Lenko, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Lenko

    Lenko New Member

    Hey guys. I've never owned, or even hit a bubbler before. I'm debating getting one, cause hitting the pipe all the time is getting a bit stale, and I haven't had a bong since summer.

    So, what are the pros of a bubbler? Cons?
  2. Live2last

    Live2last New Member

    I would advise against it. I have one and its the biggest pain in the ass. Its hard to clear the bowl, uses alot of weed, it clogs, smells like shit and gettin water in there is a bitch. Its cool every now and then but i would recommend a mini bong of some sort that has a removable bowl. If you feel like keepin up with the maintenence then i guess they are alright but definately a pain in the ass.
  3. GunCow

    GunCow Sr. Member

    I like my bubbler. The only problem's you'll have is the frequent refill of water.

    Its not difficult to put in water, at all. You just need a method.

    I cover the bowl with my thumb, making an airtight seal.

    I then go to the faucet. I tilt the bubbler, and let water fill up through the carb hole, and let excess water run down the side of the glass. I then take my bathroom towel and wipe off the side. This takes me 5-6 seconds.

    I would say to go for it. You'll have a new piece, which is always fun, and you'll get a portable water pipe. Some of the bubbler hits i've taken have rivaled the smoothness of a bong.

    They don't have the volume of a bong though, so the smoke doesn't build up like a bong would. They are still a lot of fun. Its better to load small bowls in my opinion. Loading smaller bowls gives you more hits. Bigger bowls burn to fast, and since the smoke accumulation differs, it just wastes. Same thing happens with bongs, but the space inside helps to even it out.

    I would not recommend a bubbler if you have to be sneaky about getting high. It can become a pain in the ass to try and refill the water and shit.

    If your free from that, go right on ahead, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Its nice and portable for around the house tokage.

    I have no problem clearing my bowl. It depends on where you are. Since its a water pipe, you can't tip it over and blow the ash out. With a little practice, it will take very little effort to tip the bubbler a bit, and then remove the ash from the bubbler.

    A lot of the time, I'll just blow it out and load another bowl. If that isn't convenient, or you need your house to be spotless, then I would just hit the sink, tip it, and blow it out gently or wipe it out with a pokey.

    You can also choose to use a screen. That helps keep your water clean for a long period of time. It makes it harder to load and clean out though, because you can disrupt the screen with a pokey. There is a sweet spot. Smoke with your bubbler until it builds a sheen of residue. That will make the screen stay in place, and your water will stay clean. If you choose not to use a screen, little bits of ash and bud will go into the water, and will make it get dirty faster.

    I don't usually put in a screen. I'll smoke a couple bowls out of the water I have, and if some has sucked through, then I will get new water, if it doesn't I won't. I keep it that simple.

    I do really enjoy smoking out of it though. It gives the comfortability of a water pipe, with the mobility of a dry glass pipe. You will find yourself smoking more comfortably. When you have a bong, its not really mobile or handleable. Using one makes me want to sit down in one place and smoke out. With a bubbler, you have a bit more freedom.

    Sometimes I like to heat some water up, fairly very hot, in the microwave, and pour it into my bubbler. Hot ass water in the bubbler is a nice treat sometimes, if you feel like it. It adds some steam to the smoke, and makes it very cool on the throat, a lot of times even more cool than with cold water. Hot water gives a steamy-smooth hit. Cold water gives a cooler hit in regards to air, it seems more fresh cold.
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  4. Lenko

    Lenko New Member

    Very helpful. Thank you.

    I just might go out and buy a bubbler tomorrow :D
  5. Maow

    Maow New Member

    Yeah I love my bubbler. It has the greatest aspects of both a pipe and a bong, and they have such great designs. I just use a bent paper clip to scoop out the ashes.
  6. ThatCreativeStoner

    ThatCreativeStoner New Member

    I love my bubbler man! :) it's great for me. I keep it in this little box that I carry around and I get the effects of a bong wherever I smoke at. To clear the bowl all I do is suck the ash into the water then it all comes out later when I wash it out a few times. I like it cause it's actually smaller than most glass pipes and changes color. I think bubblers are good for portable outside smoke seshes where you need to be discreet. If you're actually having a good smoke sesh at a house or something, I recommend a bong. I recommend a bubbler if you want the cooling effects of a bong in the portable size of a pipe. Note that it can be used as a pipe as well if you have no water, that's obvious but just stating it in case. You can also get some really cool bubblers too. Once you get to the multichambered and percolator bubblers, and there are some with shotgun-style mouthpieces for almost bong sized hits. You can get some funky multicolored, or twisted bubblers, or color changing. Mine changes color and that just adds to the fun cause you want to always use it to add more color.
  7. ThatCreativeStoner

    ThatCreativeStoner New Member

    Also the way it hits, it's like hitting a pipe but much cooler and smoother.
  8. gman0179

    gman0179 New Member

    I'm sure you've already bought one by now but get it if you haven't . Their amazing. You can milk it up a lot and get nice big smooth hits. Only problem is mine is so fucking dirty its insane. Its very nasty. Only con is their kinda hard to clean but that's it

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