Decorating a stoner bedroom

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by munky135, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Yaznaki

    Yaznaki New Member

    I worked at Taco Bell back then too... I drank Fountain Mt Dew all day at work on top of the 24 pack....I'm really not proud of this now...I usually drink 2-6 a day now.. usually more like 2....

    Back on topic.. I ust to keep the cans stacked up to see how long it took for them to topple... but I was so lazy back then I'd just keep stacking them after they fell.. I always had cans everywhere :(

    Can ya tell i'm NOT a neat freak yet? lmao

    Hmm.. 1 more post to go to 100... I better make it count....
  2. BubbsGarcia

    BubbsGarcia Sr. Member

    a while back before i started smoking i got a bunch of cool lights, i have a blacklight, a disco light, one of those flame lights, a traffic light, and a rotation spaceship thing. then i got a couple cool blacklight posters, a marley poster, and a huge (5 foot by 6 foot) pink floyd poster. all this and my mom has not caught/mentioned anything to me about smoking... :dance:
  3. vvacko

    vvacko New Member

    my room at home isnt nearly as cool as i had my dorm room over the school year. had microwave, fridge, tons of food, 27"tv, surround sound, xbox, ps2, walls were completely covered with band posters/vivid girls and a playboy see thru tapestrie over the window that looked pimp as hell during the day time. Also had my loft with a futon under it and two big ass beanbag type chair things. everyone always wanted to chill in my room.
  4. littlehandegan

    littlehandegan New Member

    Definatley need one of those bottle incense holders and u light the incense and it poors out the bottle cool as hell! also you shoud check out for some cool posters, blacklight etc. Shag Carpet in orange and of course some kind of game system.
    john Doe
  5. midgetgothigh

    midgetgothigh New Member

    hey all lets bring this thread back to life but, also lets add some online shops that we know of that are great for getting stuff to decorate a stoner room. since its against rules to post commercial links just put the name of the online store ie. hippyshop or if the mods let us. put [Admin Note: No commercial links! :nono:] since its not smoking related. its just a site to buy stuff for decoration off of.
  6. munky135

    munky135 New Member

    Well, I can't really find any other real online stores, but I found a couple e-bay shops that have cool stuff.


    both sell cool stuff for stoner types to hang on their walls
  7. midgetgothigh

    midgetgothigh New Member

    ya i couldnt seem to find any others but i know there out there.
  8. Illuminati420

    Illuminati420 Banned

    a mini fridge next to the bed...blacklights/posters...a trippy incense burner...a marijuana decorated box to store bud/pipes/papers etc.....some kind of unique statue...a marijuana tray to break up the weed/roll blunts
  9. o8poa8o

    o8poa8o New Member

    i like my bedroom, i got a bed (dont forget one of those), a like aqua/green couch, a normal lamp, and a green light bulb lamp, two like unc kinda foldable chairs, and little fridge (only holds 8 cans), then every street sign that use to be on my road (haha me and a friend drove around one night before they paved my road and took all the street signs, cause the trucks had just knocked them down when grating the road to get it ready to pave), then a couple globe/element posters (use to skate), tv, vhs <lol, dvd and a gamecube, and then an old stereo with two cheap ebay 10's hooked up to it, and a ceiling fan, and two other fans that i keep in there (ones i can put in the windows or just set them on the ground, one blowing out the window, and one sucking in fresh air makes the perfect smoking enviorment cause it pulls all the smoke right out)........

    but with both fans in the windows it makes like a constant jet stream, and me and a friend or two can just chill on the couch tokin and just blow it all out into the fan and it takes the smell right out.
  10. freemaryjane

    freemaryjane New Member

    in our bedroom i like to put cool dark blankets/throwons over the windows to keep all the light out and i have some dimmer lights in my bedroom. i have a white leather recliner/vibrating love seat in our bedroom with a leather dark green rocker with the foot stand thingy. i have this nice cabinet that hold all my bud and bongs, pipes, blunts.... etc
  11. GreensTHC

    GreensTHC New Member

    you guys drink too much soda lol

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