Dellusional, evil true story of my life.

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Kohen Blendizzy, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Kohen Blendizzy

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    Okay let me start off with introducing myself, my name is Kohen. I am 17 and im native that lives in Canada.
    Now this story im about to tell you, is real, true. And also a bit freaky, I warned you.
    Now, about 3 years ago.. I started to smoke weed, experimenting it, going out with friends and smoking it everyday.
    I know alot about marijuana, so I know what im talking about and such.
    Ive been hanging with these kids, about grade 10. Met them recently about 2 years ago. Theres 2 of them, ill make up the names. One is tall, little brown. Good looking kid, he is about 15. Name I will give him is Roy.
    Now the second friend, is white. Not short but normal size, very good looking kid. Gets the girls bla bla. Named Kyle.
    Now these kids are cool with me, im like the best friends with them.. now this story your going to read will change the perspective of view. Now everytime ive been hanging with them has been kinda cool, I fuck up a few times with situations, like coughing when taking hits. No biggy but it is to me, they are hardcore smokers.. now.. holy shit this is going to be a long story.
    Now time to time, I would have this feeling.. that these kids can hear my thoughts, now when im high.. I always think about my secrets, talk to myself.. now these kids can hear them, BTW were allways super baked... now it feels like they can hear my thoughts, they laugh when its total silence, they laugh at the exact same time I think about my secrets..
    Coincedental? NO.. it happens all the fucking time, they can hear them.. now this pisses me off, last week, when we were smoking.. Kyle talks, and says yeah its real.. out of no where, im sitting there like. WTF.. no.. cant be..
    The kid is talking to me and telling me its real.. yet me standing there like wtf.. Now ive been writting evil lyrics and making songs about them, rap of course.. got them scared.. recently Roys grandma died.. I think it was my fault, I told the demon thats inside me to do something to these kids.. and that happend.. now ive rapped about that, and hoped they would finally come out the cage and tell me this whole shit is real.. they keep it secret, but there still scared..
    Now the kids are totally weird around me, still hearing my thoughts.. now this is real, believe it or not.. YOU CAN HEAR THOUGHTS.. if you read this and the topic is gone, they dont want you to see this.. its so real I might kill these kids.. this is how serious this is. My eyes are open, so might be yours if you smoke weed, there is demons.. angels, evil kids.. this.. marijuana..
    Alot of people know this secret, but they keep in underground.. for obvious reasons, power over others..
    I have plenty more of these stories.. but thats all I gotta say to see the comments go to help me out..
  2. Buzzby

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    I can't tell if you're joking or if you're serious. If you're serious, you should go see a psychiatrist because you are delusional and paranoid. Or you should go see a exorcist because you have been possessed by demons.
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  3. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    "it's so real i might kill them" that statement scares me dude. if you're being serious please seek some professional help, these are not normal thoughts...
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  4. Your not smoking real weed because if you knew anything about weed you would know GOD gave use weed if your dealing with real demons all you need to do if you believe in Jesus is tell them to get out in the name of Jesus that simple you smoke weed and listen to what GOD has to tell you, Moses used it in the original text GOD comes to him in a cloud of smoke :) Be careful what doors you open up! GOD Bless
    PS I am not trying to force you into Christianity just trying to help you I have been through fights with demons!
  5. Darkehawk

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    But! Unfortunately what God makes/gives Satan can and will pervert. Seek professional help, lay off what ever you are smoking and get your life rite with God! It matters not what you call 'Him' you believe in Him? Get rite with Him. and again man get some help.
  6. RedPepper

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    I agree with everyone here, you need to get off whatever it is you're smoking and get some help, friend. Weed can open doors sometimes, i've gone through some of them, but some doors aren't meant to be opened. If you're serious, then please, for the love of whatever god you pray to, get some professional help.

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