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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Insaneteacher, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    This is a funny story that happened to me at Denny's the other night that i wanted to share with you guys. so i'm sitting there with my brother in law eating some dinner and the restaurant's pretty dead except for this one guy sitting alone at a table behind us. we notice that the guy is sort of half eavesdropping on our convo so we decide to have a little fun. about midway through i start talking loudly about counterfeiting money as well as being able to get 10 pounds of off topic to my house at any given time. we pretty much just weave this whole story making us out to be bad ass criminals when in reality we're just a couple of regular guys.

    so anyway, this goes on for about ten minutes at which point the guy at the table behind us actually approaches our table. he apologizes for eavesdropping and then goes on to tell us that he is a retired DEA agent! he didn't mention too much about our conversation but did actually tell us a little bit about the different government agencies and the interactions he had with him. he had such cool stories that we actually invited him to sit down with us, he went and got his plate and sat down at our booth and talked to us for probably an hour about the DEA and just about the government in general. i don't think he was bullshitting us because he seemed to have alot of inside information and everything about him down to his body language just seemed very coppish.

    anyway i was really glad that we got the opportunity to talk to this guy. personally i'm fascinated by the DEA, FBI, CIA, NSA and other agencies like that. i'm always intensely curious about the way they operate and this guy answered alot of my questions.

    Just goes to show ya, you never know who might be sitting behind you at Denny's!
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  2. A Stoner

    A Stoner New Member

    Haha, I hope you said you were joking!
  3. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    actually he didn't mention anything about me and my bro's fake convo so i just kind of left it at that and hoped a swarm of DEA agents didn't bust in the door :laugh:
  4. Nuclear666

    Nuclear666 Banned

    Ahh yes, the Denny's. Truly a magical place where the strangest walks of life congregate. I've had my fair share of interesting times at Denny's myself. Usually they involve me and a group of friends being incredibly drunk, accosting fellow patrons and hitting on the waitress... yes, good times.
  5. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    dude share your Denny's stories here, i swear denny's is the setting for so many good stories. i mean you gotta figure if a restaurant's open 24/7 there's gonna be some interesting shit going on in there.
  6. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    If that guy truly was a DEA agent, I'm sure he could tell you guys weren't being serious. Good post, man.

    The night I graduated high school I ended up at a Denny's with a few friends. Needless to say we were all wasted. We order and our food takes forever to arrive. Being trashed, we start half yelling "table 10 needs some service". We had no idea what our table number was, we were just pulling it out of our asses. After a minute some other equally trashed people start doing the same thing and we're all getting a laugh out of it. I guess we managed to piss off some rednecks that were there, because they started talkin trash. About that time we get our food and things calm down. Then my buddy, who was much more wasted than the rest of us, heard the redneck say something. He starts yelling across the booth at these guys holding up his right and left fists respectively saying "You want some thunder? I got lightning right here!" I laughed so hard I started choking on my eggs.

    Long story short, after that the cops showed up and nothing happened at Denny's. The rednecks had called some friends who were in the parking lot waiting for us, the cops followed us out and we all left at the same time. The rednecks chased us for a little while, but we lost them on the interstate.

    Dumb as hell doing what we did (driving as trashed as we were, especially on the interstate), but it was pretty fun and makes for a good laugh whenever we bring it up..
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  7. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    vvicked that is an epic denny's story i love it! damn hillbillies always trying to ruin a good time :laugh: glad ya made it home safe though man i find that interstate driving to be a challenge sometimes sober i can't imagine it trashed!
  8. I'mwithweed

    I'mwithweed New Member

    That's pretty awesome.
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  9. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    I was in Michigan earlier and was drinking at this bar with my buddy who invited me out. We got pretty wasted with this ex soldier or off duty solider (can't quite remember). Anyway he turned out to be such a nice guy. First off he smoked me up some medical grade that he had a blunt of then he took us to Denny's - we didn't really know what it was being from England lol. Anyway it turns out it's a 24 hours breakfast joint where dreams are made. I ate most of the menu as I had drunk and weed munchies. Anyway when we got up to pay he had already settled the tab. What a nice guy. We returned the favour by dropping him off at home in the cab we ordered.

    Good times and Denny's
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  10. A Stoner

    A Stoner New Member

    First place I went in Colorado was Denny's, it was fucking bangin'! Made me shit up a storm though.... but did I mention it was delicious? I want to go back to Co! Love that place.
  11. Sierra Twist 11

    Sierra Twist 11 Active Member

    I realize this is very random but I'm going to say it anyways...Denny's is good but IHOP is better. Thus, IHOP > Denny's.
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  12. A Stoner

    A Stoner New Member

    Insane and I have this planned out. Stoner cafe + 24/7 muchies approved food + all the weed/hash you want + clones + big awesome chairs and warm things. Donate towards the cause!
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  13. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    It was so humid today that the Grand Slam breakfast I ordered this morning at Denny's was still warm!
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  14. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Will there be hookas so everyone at the table can smoke? And will there be menu of different dank strains? If so then im in.
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  15. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    hell yeah or like it could be setup like an old school diner with big ass booths you get your regular food menu with dank ass bacon cheeseburgers and milk shakes then the weed menu, and you could have the option of adding cannabudder to menu items. live music, like aliens playing horns ala star wars, fuckin hookas bongs blunts anything you could ask for. we'd have a full bar and even get stripper poles on the weekends and fuckin throw down
  16. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    IHOP's definitely got the lockdown on pancakes
  17. Nuclear666

    Nuclear666 Banned

    [ame=""]Star Wars - Cantina Song ! - YouTube[/ame]
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  18. MrIMStoned

    MrIMStoned |BIG BROTHER|

    Anything we should know?
  19. Sierra Twist 11

    Sierra Twist 11 Active Member

    Good call on that one dude! :thumb:
  20. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    i asked him some questions about cars getting searched and he basically went into saying that there isn't any hiding place in any vehicle that they can't find. from the simple ones to the more complex ones like compartments that only open when the windshield wipers are turned on low, or the AC button is on or something like that.

    he was also saying how strict the agency is about shit like integrity. he was saying he had a friend who dented his government issued car and then got it fixed at a body shop without reporting it. he ended up losing his job because the higher ups didn't get informed about the dent. he was also saying that the academy for the DEA was very strict, but being in the actual agency was pretty laid back, as long as you were extremely up front with your superiors. he said he knew alot of agents that had long hair and tattoos and shit like that because you have to fit the part of someone involved in narcotics. he said the opposite was true for the FBI, where the academy was laid back and more of a frat type atmosphere but actually being in the agency was extremely regimented and strict.

    that's most of what i remember from the convo
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