Depression after smoking

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  1. AlliDoisSmokeWeed

    AlliDoisSmokeWeed New Member

    Does anyone else get a little depressed after smoking? Like as it's wearing down. It's like a combination of guilt and depression more so depression though i think. Mids is all i smoke atm
  2. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    I do feel a little bad when I'm coming down from my high because I would love for it to last longer.
  3. TokinSteve

    TokinSteve New Member

    I've never felt depressed after smoking. Only time I dont feel good is when I have no more left :(
  4. mrsuperstereo

    mrsuperstereo New Member

    hmmmm... in my case, sometimes i become a little disappointed (only rarely) after coming down, but i wouldnt call it sadness or depression. as for becoming depressed soon after smoking, i cant say that happens to me. when i used to smoke about an eigth a day last summer, sometimes getting high was a bit dissapointing since i was so adjusted to being high that i wouldnt feel much of a head change. i wouldnt call that depression since i just see that as my tolerance being too high to achieve the desired head change. that stops happening to me when i lower my tolerance... of course.

    something you should keep in mind is weed provides a very psychadelic high. this means all the guidelines for enjoying psychadelic drugs applies to weed too, though it may not be as obvious to some. often times, a negative mindset/setting will provide for a bit of a "negative" high. this is when i believe people "think too much" on weed, slowly spiraling into negative thought after negaive thought. if you find yourself becoming depressed after smoking, you should ask yourself, ""why am i smoking?" if it's to avoid what is already a negative mindset, getting high wont always take u where u want. if you often find yourself high in uncomfortable places, smoke where your mind can be at peace since the confusion the arises from being out and about isnt worth it for some people.

    finally, it could be your weed. if mids was all i smoked, i definitely wouldnt be a 24/7 toker. in fact, if mids was all that existed, i doubt i would even smoke regularly. the high from anything less than the best pot is NOTHING like the high from good weed, and i think it's cheap weed that makes people forget just how psychadelic cannabis can be. in other words, i think regs are a pretty boring smoke, and i wouldnt expect myself to enjoy a high off just regs.
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  5. Desperado

    Desperado New Member

    true my good sir.

    What I want to add to Mr. S.S.'s post is: I think weed makes you realize things about your life easyer, or with more strength. I think that When you smoke weed whatever is on your mind will be amplified so yo simply cannot think about somethign else untill you satisfie the thoughts.

    I never, ever knew what people were talkign about when they said weed had side effects, when I started smoking. It was only untill after I was in the midst of my "fighting the bad thoughts" that side effects took place, or I recognized them as "side effects". THe weed would cause me to see something about myself, or my life situation and I would not like what It made me realize. I would fight the realization and become depressed (like the TP said). I would smoke and then bad feeling were all I could think about, It got to the point where I forgot what i was depressed about and I just becamse depressed. It took a while to get the realzation back, and I had to satisfie it. The two years of hiding (fighting) the realization and enduring the bad feelings made an impression on me, I had to convince myself that nothign is wrong anymore (I have not smoked since I "satisfied" the realization, SO i do not know it I will be depressed again, But I am not depressed now, So I think I wont be when I smoke either.)

    My point is this: The weed makes you think about yourself, And If you feel bad when you smoke most likely there is something you gotta do (or whatever) untill you will feel better. The weed is not causing you to feel bad, You are causing you to feel bad, The weed is just making you stronger.
  6. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    This doesn't happen for me, but it does lift me up and put me in a better mood. This is why I like to smoke when im mad/angry and/or stressed.
  7. uhmilyuh

    uhmilyuh New Member

    every once in a while i get a little depressed when i'm coming down. i think i just realize how upset my parents would be, but that's about it.
  8. Kushy

    Kushy down

    This exact thing happened to me yesterday. Lately I've been smokin less with friends and going overboard with MJ to cover it up :/ I got off work yesterday in one of the shittiest moods of my life, came back vaped 2 bowls, smoked 2 bowls (too much for me), the rest of the day was a hellish introspective and guilt ridden experience in which I regarded myself as nothing but a piece of shit. Instead of smoking another bowl to cover up my depressed mood I took a shower, got a good nights sleep and I feel better. i def suggest showers as you're coming down. Takes away the pounding blood in your head and gives you another shot of energy.
  9. Vapist

    Vapist New Member

    I think weed amplifies your mood. If you're happy, you'll be happier after getting high. If your sad, you may become sadder. If your depressed, you may feel more down. The only emotions that it doesn't seem to amplify for me are anger and stress. I usually get calmed down by smoking weed.
  10. TYSM

    TYSM New Member


    Are you sure you were not depressed before you smoked?
    Dont blame it on bein high just yet.
  11. BigMac1337

    BigMac1337 Banned

    I just smoke weed and I'm thankful for it.
  12. Ygdonmir

    Ygdonmir New Member

    The only time I ever felt bad about smoking was the time when I needed a job a few years ago. Even though I magically passed the urine test, it wasn't cool. But I've never done that stunt again nor have I felt depressed after smoking at all other then that. I guess it just affects everyone differently. I'm always mellow as usual.

    My advice though, like it was mentioned before in the thread, is to never do any psychedelic substances in a 'bad' mood. Usually it just ends up intensifying negative feelings that are occupying your mind.
  13. bre420

    bre420 New Member

    no that doesn't happen to me usually when i don't smoke for like a few days is when i start feeling a little down, i wouldn't say depressed! but when i am in a bad mood or sad or mad and i smoke i feel like a million bucks!! it just lifts my spirits!!
  14. Medicalifornication

    Medicalifornication New Member

    Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened.

    Thats how ive always felt after a good smoke. Sort of an "That was a really fun night" feeling.
  15. Chillout

    Chillout New Member

    Well if I smoke when I'm haven't slept, the first hour is kinda high but when it wears off I feel so tired and a little depressed. But usualy when it wears off I have this calm feeling, like everything is Ok and I'm cool with everything
  16. AlliDoisSmokeWeed

    AlliDoisSmokeWeed New Member

    your right, it makes me realize things that i didn't want to admit to myself, and that makes me depressed
  17. UpInFlames

    UpInFlames Sr. Member

    I suggest try smoking danker weed. A lot of the low grade shit usually leaves you with a kinda burned out tired feeling when you're done. But with some good quality weed you usually are a lot less burned out if at all.

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