depression after smoking?

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  1. Renagade

    Renagade New Member

    Ive been feeling depressed after I come down from my high and it happens all the time

    Ive been smoking for 4 years and ive never had this problem idk what to do

    someone please help me i hate feeling this way
  2. newone4444

    newone4444 New Member

    hi there, i had the smilar experience, just much more intense(depression-wise). I ve been pretty heavy smoker(from morning-till-morning) for a long time and never had any problems, actually it always helped me. Then from one time, after smoking i started to feel really confused, depressed and it went just worst and worst. after time of getting in to the serious bad state of mind (anxious, strong depression, extreme insomnia etc.) i decided to quit smoking. i had no other choise, was feeling near to death. 6 month has passed now. Some symptoms like panic attacks, anxious, insomnia has gone (i was also on SSRi coz that) but now im feeling very empty, no motivation, no emotions, no interest. I m still off weed, but thinking to get back to it, and try whats gonna happen(no need to underline how much i miss it right now). Yes, weed can bring to this feelings of depression coz it brings you up, but after you jump down. If you repeat this for long time, your mind get use to high and when off, it just sucks. Of course, this is very much depending on individual personality. There are thousands guys who never had any problems like that. The fact is, i know a lot of them (including myself) who felt into these dark-phase of thinking, even they ve been heavy smokers for years. It can just happen, from day-to-day, anytime, to anybody. i would suggest to make a break, at least try to minimalize your "income" and you ll see. If youre still feeling f´d up, then let it be, till there is harmless escape. wishing all the best broo
  3. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Speaking from experience, I have battled depression for many years. Even at times when I feel I have moved past it, I somehow fall right back into it under certain circumstances, even if not for long. It was something that started in my childhood, namely my early teenage years, long before I even knew what pot looked like. Having a difficult & abusive upbringing left me with significant emotional damage, and time & understanding has helped me slowly heal over the years. With or without marijuana, there are existing conditions that I live with everyday. My only advantage is having a full self-awareness of how and why I feel the way I do at times.

    The point is, although marijuana may be a catalyst to both positive or negative feelings, the heart of the problem lies within. Of the various reasons I smoke, treatment of depression and insomnia are high on the list. But these were disorders that existed long before my use of cannabis. Even though I am treating symptoms by self-medicating with cannabis, I am not curing my own depression through any such means. It's something that I work on and progressively grow stronger at, and find that many days I can be functional and all-around "happy" at times where I don't use marijuana, even for a daily toker.

    The psychoactive properties of cannabis affect everyone in a different way. If used heavily or improperly, it can have an undesirable effect on your emotions and thought process. But the continued feeling of depression after smoking or when not smoking is most likely an indication that there is a psychological and/or emotional issue that needs to be addressed. It's difficult to be aware of one's own emotional and psychological state, especially when that person is medicating themselves. But, it is the first step to wellness:

    "Knowing is half the battle."

    TL;DR - Depression is usually a symptom of a larger-rooted emotional issue. Marijuana itself is not to blame, even if it's use (or lack thereof) incites these feelings. Depending on the individual user, cannabis may affect you differently than it will to others. Best of luck, and hope things look up for you soon. :)
  4. newone4444

    newone4444 New Member

    Hi Keith,

    i could also noticed some of my present difficulties started in very young ages, just not in this strong form. It all fell off on me after my heavy smoking period. now idk if i can smoke a bit to overcome this feelings..When you ve been experiencing depression, did you quit weed and get back when you were better? Or i dont need to be affraid to smoke to get "happier" and that it can make my depression even worst (even i know it can not be said in general). thanks for your opinion, best

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