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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by AintLifeGrand, May 30, 2005.

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    So heres my story:

    After each probation meeting, I usually smoke for a couple of days and then stay clean for the rest of the month. The last couple of months, I have tested myself after 5-7 of smoking, and after 14 days, I have been clean on the first sample of the day.

    So this month was no different. I smoked for about 5 days and quit. Then the 14th of May rolled around and I had a few too many drinks. After consuming those drinks, I puffed on 1 bowl with a friend. I immediately regretted it afterwards, but theres no use dwelling on mistakes of the past, just moving forward.

    So I tested myself on the 27th, 13 days after that night, and passed with my first sample of the day, although with a very faint line.

    So my meeting is coming up this Thursday, and I just cant seem to find my peace of mind. Theres a chance I could be tested, although I havent been tested the last 3 times Ive met my PO. Ive come to the realization, although probaly a few months later than I should have, that its just not worth it to smoke on probation. I love to puff the herb as much as the next guy, but ultimately, my freedom and relationships with friends and family are much more important to me than being able to smoke a couple of times a month. So for the remaining year and a half of my probation, I will be refraining from smoking. I mean its just a year and a half out of the rest of my life.

    So after all that background information (probaly a bit too much), I need some opinions. My friend bought me a detox drink(Naturally Klean Herbal Tea, your standard 6 hour masking drink, Double money back gurantee deal), thats been sitting in my bathroom for the last couple of months. Now my question is, with already testing clean, is it worth it to drink this before my meeting? Ive heard of some labs testing for these things, and I dont really want to risk drinking it if thats the case. Opinions will be appreciated.

    I apoligize for the length of the post. Thanks to those who were able to make it all the way through, and for being part of such a great forum. Bless you all.
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    If you're already clean, why bother with a detox drink? Besides, detox drinks don't really get rid of THC metabolites or mask them, they all work by dilution. Take a look at

    Fooling the Bladder Cops

    Just be sure you're well hydrated so you can pee and to reduce the concentration of any residual THCA left in your urine. If you passed a home test with the first pee of the day a week before your probation test I don't know how your could fail.

    Stop worrying and have a good Memorial Day!

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