Detox Tips for Cold Sweats?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by tokedtoomuch, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. tokedtoomuch

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    The only way I can quit is cold turkey and throwing out my pipe, because I'll scrape resin for days trying to get high. I haven't smoked in about a week now (aside from the resin hits about 5 days ago).. I'm on the upside now.. I don't plan to start again... Appetite is back to normal almost, sleeping is much better, no anxiety, nothin.. sucked for about a week, but now I'm back to normal.. I bet my urine is "clean" in another week or so.. (doing this for jobs and saving money)...
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    rubbish...was a h addict 15 I know my shit...I beat H.But as for the weed,,,sweats sweats,,,flushes,,,,,sleeplessness,,,feel like im tripping badly!
  3. mattrules0

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    I'm currently experiencing cold sweats myself, 24/7 at the minute, last joint I had was 2 days ago and i woke up soaked this morning and am currently sat on my heater trying to get warm while shiverring and sweating stupid amounts. I started smoking weed back on november 2011 and since then i was smoking about 10 grams a day, i was very stupid to smoke quite that much I know, and there were a good 3 or 4 times i smoked a quart with my friend in about a day and a half just refusing to go to sleep.
    Found this and I've got to thank you tokedtoomuch, i felt like i was alone with the cold sweats, you give me hope that it will be over soon, if you have any tips however I would really appreciate it. My girlfriend isnt aware that ive beeb smoking weed up until and I feel so disgusting sleeping next to her because I leave a giant sweat patch on her bed everytime im there
  4. tokedtoomuch

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    Wow, I posted this almost 3 years ago. I quit smoking weed over 9 months ago (due to it amplifying psychological problems I have) and feel better, I don't miss it. Although, I still want to smoke weed from time to time, but it puts me in situations where I don't want to be (i.e., the shitheads who sell it are mostly scumbags, at least where I live).

    I will note that I was a "heavy" drinker at the time (6-8 beers a night) and I believe that accounted for the sweats after my own personal analysis. I didn't know it at the time, but it was probably a combination of withdrawl symptoms. If anyone tells you marijuana isn't addictive, they are full of shit. Long-term use of potent weed causes psychological issues for some people. I am pro-legalization/usage, I just had problems controlling how much I used.

    Anyway, for anyone wanting to quit using any drug, I found exercise and vitamins to be the best way. There are some really good whole food multivitamins out there that provide you with the essentials for life. Instead of smoking a bowl, go swimming for an hour, you'll live longer and you will feel better.
  5. BelialTempter

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    Well done for getting off of the weed, mate! I'm currently going through the exact same thing, and I've lost count of how many times I've gone through it :(

    I am what you would consider a heavy smoker (1.5 - 3g per day at least, more on weekends, and I work 9-5 during which time I dont smoke). I have been for at nearly 15 years. Every time I have quit (I don't do any other drugs, don't even drink except very occasionally at special occasions) I have horrible withdrawl. I wake up from cold sweats, get them at work during the day (literally soaked shirt, have to wear a jacket to cover it) and severe irritability and mood swings. Plus of course the listlessness (if that's the right word for not wanting to do anything at all) and horrible insomnia. Ever seen a grown man cry out of frustration? Not a pretty sight.

    The worst of it is I'm not a stupid person (lol ok, in some areas :p). I KNOW that it's mostly psychological. I have tried everything, cutting down slowly, signing up to a gym, finding a new hobby..walking, even tried using Valium and sleeping tablets..nothing worked, same symptoms, sometimes to a lesser extent (Valium helped insomnia, but not sweats or irritability during the day at work for example, when I cant take it for obvious reasons). Cutting down sort of works, though I find it just feels like I'm drawing out less severe symptoms over a longer time period. Back to the old "Would you rather suffer a little for a long time, or a lot for a short time?" dilemma, I guess :p

    What doesn't help is my entire social circle after this length of time are smokers, so to remove temptation I have to cut out everyone important in my life!

    The REAL stupidity comes about 6 - 12 months AFTER I quit. I don't always like who I am when not a stoner (easy to anger, VERY argumentative), so my mind conveniently downplays the withdrawal and I end up convincing myself that I miss my friends and smoking weed in general, and I end up straight back on it.

    It's a horrible, vicious cycle, hopefully the news of mine and my partners IVF treatment being successful will give me the kick I need to STAY off this time though :)

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