Diablo Fuzion scale calibration

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    I bought a diablo fuzion scale from Gram Precision Scales Inc. This thing has never worked for me and I don't have my receipt so I can't return it. Right now when I turn it on the display reads "out2", which means I need to recalibrate it. There are special instructions when "out2" dispalys. Like it says in the instructions, immediately after "out2" displays I press mode and tare at the same time until a random number displays. The instructions say to press mode again and "CAL" will flash a few times and then after a few seconds "50.0" will display (this is when one would put the calibration weight on the scale). My problem is the "50.0" never displays. It just flashes "CAL" forever. Does anybody have one of these scales or knows what I'm doing wrong? This company seems to be unreachable. I left voicemails to employees and I have not received any phone calls back.

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