Dialated Pupils

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by thewestwind, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. thewestwind

    thewestwind New Member

    Bother the crap out of me. If my mom ever saw my pupils while i was high she would instantly know... Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep your pupils normal..
  2. Kushy

    Kushy down

    I've heard that pupil dilation when high is a myth, but I noticed the other night that my pupils were unusually large. I'd like to know as well
  3. PBS Nashy

    PBS Nashy New Member

    i know that when im doin certain off topics my pupils turn all balck no colour there so dialated
  4. jwall09

    jwall09 New Member

    You usely cant tell there dialated unless you got a flashlight and know what your looking for. So I wouldnt really worry about it as your Mom probly has no clue what to look for. Now if shes a cop then you might be worried.
  5. Bodhi1976

    Bodhi1976 New Member

    Marijuana doesn't dilate your pupils. It actually constricts them slightly. Being in dark places dilates your pupils and most people like smoking in dim lighting. Squinting against too much light when it's not that bright is a sign of marijuana use.

    If you shine a flashlight in someone's eyes, their pupils will contract unless they are brain dead. Don't you ever watch medical shows on TV? :D
  6. jwall09

    jwall09 New Member

    Ha ha to answer your question: Nope dont watch medical shows.:split:
    But when your pupils dilate it can mean there bigger in the light then there suppose to be. So say if your in the dark in your pupills or really big the cop can flash a light into your eyes to see if your eye constricts if they dont then he might be wondering why.
    But Its kinda hard to tell if they dilate your pupils because some site say yes weed does and others say no.
  7. jdogg2112

    jdogg2112 Sr. Member

    So if I read this correctly, you're suggesting that marijuana smokers get dilated pupils due to smoking in dimly lit environments? If weed really doesn't dilate your pupils, "squinting against too much light when it's not that bright" would not be a sign of marijuana use, it would be a sign of having just been in a dark room! :doh:

    The first time I had a brownie, having never smoked before, I didn't get high, but my pupils were enormous. I think there is some connection between weed and dilated pupils, but I by no means get dilated pupils every time I smoke. It's rare now.
  8. echolalia

    echolalia New Member

    i've never noticed dilated pupils from smoking weed. off topics, yeah, weed, no

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Damn, thought this was a Dialated Peoples thread hahah.
  10. Bodhi1976

    Bodhi1976 New Member

    Nope. Weed makes your eyes more sensitive to light, which is why people prefer to consume it in dimly lit places. Squinting for a few seconds after you walk out of a dark room is one thing. Squinting continuously ("chinese eyes") in normal lighting is a sign of marijuana use or uncorrected myopia. (Squinting increases depth-of-field.)
  11. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect New Member

    i got no idea how to make them smaller, i'm not even sure if there is a way. i think maybe pupil size might be out of our control (even when start using chemicals and shit). as said, yeah, sunlight seems to be quite a big factor. but i have been told many, many times throughout my life i have huge pupils. I'm almost 'known' for it, haha. Even when it's not too dark. I just get huge pupils, even when not smoking.

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