Different things to do with resin.

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  1. Raven6t9

    Raven6t9 New Member

    I will update this original post once we get some good ideas going to maybe use as a reference, but I was just wondering what else you could do with resin instead of smoking it? I have about 3 grams of resin built up and Ive never really heard of exciting things to do with it other than smoke it.
    All ideas are welcome but Im probably only going to put the better and more practical on the list.

    1)Smoke it!:blazed:



  2. PowDawg

    PowDawg New Member

    Taste it
  3. Raven6t9

    Raven6t9 New Member

    Im not sure thats quite what Im looking for but at least someone's thinking; I think.

    I wonder how many people will read that and then actually taste their resin.

    Im not judging, but either way, have fun tasting your resin.
  4. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    Only main use for it would be to smoke it. I couldn't really imagine what else you could do with it, maybe cooking with it?
  5. walk_man

    walk_man New Member

    couldn't think what else to do with it.
  6. zombi

    zombi New Member

    i once paid a kid 20 bucks to eat about a gram ball of res. i was kinda disappointed he did it cause i didnt want to pay. but hell he earned it.
  7. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    you can watch it for a few hours
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  8. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    Chuck it out? thats what I tend to do.

    FATHERPARIS Sr. Member

    Scrape it... Roll it into a ball... Squeeze it.
  10. Raven6t9

    Raven6t9 New Member

    See I thought of that too, but Im not sure how well it would turn out since Im sure it owuld give the food a bit of a burnt taste and its not really quite as potent so youd have to use a bit more than if you were to use grind or kief.
    But yeah, if I cant find anything else to do with it and I dont want to smoke it, I might as well throw it in some food.:shrug:

    Its just weird that potheads can think of a million and one things to do with weed, thousands of things to do with kief, but no ideas for resin.:(
  11. Raven6t9

    Raven6t9 New Member

    Ive done that, but in the end, I still didnt know what to do with it.:D
  12. Raven6t9

    Raven6t9 New Member

    Thats how it sits right now, its like a clay marble right now. I scrape it all out, warm it up so it gets all sticky, roll it into a ball and then just keep adding to it, then when it dries out its like a clay marble.
    Hey! I could make resin pottery!!!!!
  13. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    hah i tend to ignore my resin and just wash it down the sink in a waterfall of salty rubbing alcohol...its pretty nasty stuff (smells bad, tastes bad, looks bad) and it's not worth making my bowl smell gross.though if i were to use it id prob just smoke it. maybe you could resell? hah i dont rly know.
  14. Raven6t9

    Raven6t9 New Member

    Haha, Ive honestly thought about reselling it but then I thought "I dont really know anyone who would want to buy my balls of resin. lol"
    My girl likes it, cus she likes getting stoned but doesnt like being stoned for a long time, so it works well for her. lol. I just figured with all the stoners in the world, that there were a bunch of ideas about what to do with resin that I hadnt heard of.
    I usually scrape my pipes out and then boil them in water and the resin tends to seperate to the bottom of the boiling pot, then I remove the clean pipe, dump out 90-95% of the water leaving the resin sitting in the bottom in some water, then I dry it out and make the resin into a ball. But thats where I get stuck.
  15. Raven6t9

    Raven6t9 New Member

    BUMP! Any more ideas? So far we have:

    1)Smoke it!

  16. Doc Mitch

    Doc Mitch Sr. Member

    I don't know of any ways to get high off of it other than smoking it, but I have a friend that uses resin as a glue for his broken bowl pieces.
  17. Raven6t9

    Raven6t9 New Member

    Actually, thats very resourceful! Not a bad idea at all. The only downside would be using it for a part that gets hot and having it melt and not hold, but as long as heat stays away, it should work great! Thanks for the input.
  18. MXM

    MXM Sr. Member

    lets roll & smoke dude
  19. oddball724

    oddball724 New Member

    we clean out about 5 pipes every week, take all the res and put it in with the weed we have thats already broke up... it doesnt taste bad at all and im pretty sure you can feel the difference
  20. Thedayoudied

    Thedayoudied New Member

    read it a bed time story and tuck it in.
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