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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by pipe, Jun 21, 2001.

  1. pipe

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    Until recently, I wasn't even aware that are different strains/types of marijuana, and I'm interesting in learning how to identify the different types. From what I understand, some strains are a lot more potent than others, so help on this would be appreciated.
  2. Bailey1138

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    You can't really identify a type of marijuana just by looking. Well, most people can't, anyway. I've known some older potheads who can by looking at it and smoking it, or at least who think they can. You basically have to trust your dealer.

    Aside from that are just ways of telling schwag from middies from kind. Which I will describe in case anyone isn't aware, and I'm sure different people classify them using different terms.

    Schwag is the bottom of the barrel, it's usually a dull green or brown, and real compressed because it most likely came from a brick. It'll probably taste bad in a pipe, best smoked in a joint or in a bong.

    Next up you have midgrades or middies. The greens start to get more vibrant and the hairs start getting brighter, more red than brown. It'll also start tasting and smelling better. Middies and schwag will both be referred to by commersh, which just means it's commercially grown and fairly common.

    Next you have kind, kindbud, dank, the bomb diggity, there's a million different terms but it's all good herb. It'll be real bright green and the hairs will be bright red, white, yellow, orange, or purple. These are the different strains that have names. One or 2 hits of this stuff will get average users ripped, and, with some strains, it'll just take a hit for even the biggest potheads. It'll probably either smell skunky, or really sweet, a lot of times it'll smell and taste like a vegetable or something.

    I hope that helps at least a little.
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  3. Huge

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    If you want to know see the different strains, go to a seed website. I wouldn't be able to tell you one though. Or go to www.overgrow.com . I havn't registered on their forum, but I just like to look at all of the pictures, and learn how MJ does what it does, and why it does so.
  4. potheadreturns2

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  5. Psycho Donkey

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    Not many ways to ID the strain

    There are some ways to identify strains but you have to know what to look for. Example: Northern Lights, this stuff smells, I mean really strongly, it can take up to 3 bags just to contain the smell.

    Trust your dealer, if you know him, if he gives you crap don't use him again, simple as that. Good signs of good weed are: Trichomes (crystally things), red/orange hairs, nice green coloration.
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  6. why is it that everytime the topic of good bud comes up, someone almost always says red/organe hairs are good.

    what about purple hairs? wheres the love for the purple hairs?

    and, anyone else ever notice that in every bag they get, theres always that black piece of hair?? anyone else have that problem??

  7. lxl Ash lxl

    lxl Ash lxl New Member

    i usually always find an actual hair in my bag. lol

    and the bud we get usually has orange hairs, though its quite compacted with alot of stems and seeds..
  8. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    no stems or seeds and lack of compression in the buds are also usually good signs for good herb
  9. potheadreturns2

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    Actually, no seeds and stems are a sign of a good deal. All stems mean is that the grower of the pot left a light cycle going to long, or something like that. All the lack of seeds means is that the plant wasn't polenated, or something. But there are plenty of good plants that have seeds in 'em, it's just having lots of seeds and stems in your sack is bad.
  10. potprincess

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    over here is different...

    the pakalolo we have here is like so sweet and sticky skunky smell...I had to freeze it with plastic bag and foil wrap it otherwise it skunks up the whole place! and one hit with the bong gives a whammy! :) furry white yellowish and reddish hairs all lots of baby buddies are great to have as its so soft to cut up! not dry or too wet just darn heavenly!
  11. Kazekage

    Kazekage New Member

    I get some pretty good buds that are usually compressed, purple, red, angel hair, most eiter lime green or dark greens but then:

    that's what it all comes down to. The only REAL reason you would need to know more about buds than basic quality assurance, is if you plan on cultivating your own private stock. If that's the case then you might want to pay more attention to strains and how to identify them, so you know what you're growing.
  12. 716writer

    716writer New Member

    someone was trying to sell me 'white dro' how good is this and how much should 4 grams of this cost? haha, I am kinda new to buying weed so :( . thanks yall
  13. sugratefulldime

    sugratefulldime New Member

    nvr heard of it, remember, names mean nothing
  14. shaggy2dope

    shaggy2dope New Member

    it could be another way for callin it white rhino. where im at it goes $15 for one blunt which is a little more than a gram
  15. shaggy2dope

    shaggy2dope New Member

    im tryin to get that good good and for a good price if any one can do that i can have yall a lifetime customer....i mean that good good
  16. bubba259

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    what does it mean when weed is in "brick form" or comes from a brick?
  17. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    First let me note this is an OLD ASS THREAD. Anyway, when weed comes in "bricks", it usually means bulk of regs or schwagg. Sometimes good weed comes in brick form, but usually not. They brick it up for big time dealing and transportation. Just think, when you see big busts and cops standing in front of tons of bricks of weed, that is brick weed. Pretty self explanatory.
  18. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    brick weed almost always mean that the weed is crap, when it is compressed it ruins it, and as far as being able to tell what a strain is without knowing its genetics and growing it yourself than you can make a good guess but rarely be right
  19. infinityxxx

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    i think every one should smoke some super fluff, i love dat shit, its so light, lime, white, fluffy, yumm :)
  20. infinityxxx

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    ohhhhh, and i always wondered, if g-13 even was real, wouldnt by now there be better strands?, idk, but i guess no way of knowing

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