Differnt types of weed and highs

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by weedsmoker420, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. im wondering about all the different types of weed like hydro, regs please name as many as u can and the highs that they produce
  2. IndoorGanja

    IndoorGanja New Member


    Schwag...real lazy high. Makes you real burnt the next day.

    Comerche(sp?) A bit better than schwag...its harsh going down.

    KB: Its OK...not what its hyped to be. WARNING:Sometimes people lace Commerche with PCP and sell it as KB....you'll know this is the case when you start thinking real f|_|cked up thoughts... PCP kills your brain... tastes like sh|t too.

    Indoor: Good stuff...nice relaxing high.

    Hydro: Amazing stuff....potent as hell 1-2 hits until you are gone. Most strains of Hydro will give you a relaxing mental high...mostly maming you feel great and at peace with your surroundings. (N. Lights, BC Bud are hydro strains)

    G13: Supposedly the best you can get...still haven't found if its real, or if its just a stoners "Holy Grail"
  3. mirage

    mirage Guest

    here is the basics

    indoor vs outdoor

    planted or hydro grown( hydro IS NOT A STRAIN) its how its grown

    types of herb

    the main 2 are

    sativa- this is the mind high

    indica- this is the body high

    the 3rd is not common its starts with a "R" i cant member it off hand.
  4. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    The answer is...

  5. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    What about bud grown from sensi seeds??

    Also Isn't KB another name for hyrdo. Since KB is hydroponicaly grown.
  6. mirage

    mirage Guest

    thanks pan

    i could not for the life of me remember the 3rd one.
  7. mars_R69

    mars_R69 Guest

    Its my beleif, that Indica is the head-trip and Sativa is the body-trip. i also read that the CSRs - the dopey part - (party-favor mother-nature supplies along with THC) are what causes the 'fog/cloud', and the body-trip; and that THC makes you euphoric (seratonin), and collected [(sp)dopamine], and tripping (kinda).
  8. Ganjx

    Ganjx Guest

    ig how do you pronounce schwag and comerche? oh yah g13, thats that government grown sh*t huh? i hear the same thing, its like the best. it sounds like it might be a hoax, but still so many people know about it...that'd be a pretty big rumor. i still want to try some kind buds. it never seems to be around here, i may have smoked someone else's kind, but i wasnt aware of it. it's supposed to be the best high other than that g13 stuff. i think ive smoked just about everything else. :D
  9. IndoorGanja

    IndoorGanja New Member



    comerche= Comerce

    I prefer Northern Lights over KB
  10. Ganjx

    Ganjx Guest

    oh, thanks for clearing that up. never heard either expression. hell yah northern lights are the bomb. among my favorites with seisi and blueberry.
  11. mirage

    mirage Guest


    try bubble berry

    its a cross of blueberry and bubble gum
  12. RIP JMorrison

    RIP JMorrison New Member

    Sativa and Indica and G13

    From the hempcultivation.com site (which is in some way joined with this site, maybe by rick or something):

    Sativa = Mind/Trippy High
    Indica = Body/Stoned High

    G13 IS A REAL STRAIN, according to some strain bases like Heavens Stair way, I think and Direct Seeds.
  13. FourTwenty

    FourTwenty Guest

    Re: Budz

    I've got a question. I've been smoking for years and I've never been positive about exactly what I'm smoking. The guy who supplies me usually has sensimillia, which he refers to Kind Bud. I've always been under the impression they are the same. As to, for example, Northern Lights, how do you know the strain? Did you purchase it or did you grow your own? I'd like to try the different varieties, but until my situation changes (if ever) I'm not able to grow.

    I'm assuming I am just not that sophisticated when it comes to the strains
  14. IndoorGanja

    IndoorGanja New Member


    You can tell different strains apart if you look at the buds in detail under a bright light.

    Ask your dealer what kind of weed he is giving you ....and if for some reason you don't trust him get a double check from someone who knows his stuff.

    Good stuff is full of hairs (red, orange, purple...) crystalized to the max, and fuzzy...smell is also important in determening what kind of bud you've got, but I can't really put describe a smell in words. N Lights in general has very little smell.
  15. Chilli_Beanz

    Chilli_Beanz Guest

    sativindiruderaaaa aallhuu

    ok, panama, help me out on this cause i trust what you say, i know you are very experienced and wise, and therefore what you say shall be the correct answer :p

    Sativa has pointy leaves and a mind high
    Indica has fat leaves and a body high
    Ruderalis has leaves and a high what types of leaves and high, i have now idea
    so, am i right about the sativa and indica, and tell me about ruderalis pahleez

    thanx pannama
  16. mars_R69

    mars_R69 Guest

    Originally posted by IndoorGanja

    I prefer Northern Lights over KB

    i think that basically all budz with the dignity of a name can be sold as kind-budz, but should be priced according to quality and avalibility. ex - Northern Lights and BubbleBerry are strains of kind budz, and something named 'flame' or 'happy weed' is sold as commercial.
  17. i'm pretty sure cannabis ruderalis isn't usually smoked recreationally, as it doesn't contain nearly the same amount of THC as a sativa or indica plant does. i believe it's only used for cultivation of hemp, if that.
  18. sticky_bud

    sticky_bud Guest


    Cannabis ruderalis is a hempy plant and in my knowledge has a very low potency...BUT if you cross Ruderalis with something like Skunk it will be quite potent but not as potent as skunk by itself(of course..)
    Ruderalis is a short plant like the indica and has been confused with indica a few times....Cannabis Ruderalis is different from cannabis Idica and Sativa in that it flowers under age not under photoperiod....I dont know very much about this strain But I WILL be getting a nice load of Ruder skunk seeds and become a mad scientist for a while...hehe:)
  19. FourTwenty

    FourTwenty Guest

    Re: strains

    I mostly buy only kind, and I know kind when I see it. My point was I never really cared about whether it was Northern or Bubbleberry, as long as it works. As to asking my connection, he only knows it's kind-bud, not it's strain, as he feels the same as I do. I've asked him to see if he can find out though, I'll let you know...
  20. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    Re: sativindiruderaaaa aallhuu

    Sorry, man, I haven't checked this forum in ages. :)

    Ruderalis looks a lot like the indica variety of marijuana, but it's pretty much useless if you want to get high. Sticky_bud pointed out that ruderalis can be crossed with other varieties, but I don't for the life of me understand why anyone would want to because you'll just end up with a weaker strain of whatever you crossed it with. :)

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