Dilution - How long will my piss stay "clean" for?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Blunnted, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    What's smokin' everybody?

    First of all, all of you are very helpful and kind for your input on the threads here - and I apologize if I'm repeating a question, but I can't find the answer I'm looking for, and I've been looking for awhile.

    I plan on using the dilution method, as it's been about 3 weeks since my last use. My question is this... If I follow the dilution technique, and take an at-home test once I start urinating every 20 mins or so, HOW LONG will I have before I will come up positive for the UA? I wouldn't think it would take me more than an hour, maybe a touch longer but probably not, to get from my house to the diagnostic testing center and pee. Any advice/thoughts?

    Thanks for your input.
  2. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    If your body is still in the "oh shit, too many fluids" stage it will be about as clean, but if you stop drinking fluids when you head to the test you risk becoming more dirty. In all honesty there's isn't a set time frame as everyone's body reacts differently. If I were you, when I pass the home test I would keep drinking, pee again, and then sip on some gatorade or something on the way to the clinic. If you have to pull over at a gas station to drain the vein again, grab a drink there if you don't have some left in the car.
  3. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    Oh ya.. my stats, sorry, I forgot.

    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 215
    Metabolism: Average
    Smoking history: About 3 weeks clean - only smoked a few times and was 3 weeks clean prior to that
    Workout regimen: I weight-lift occasionally, and my 215 build is mostly muscle, but I've been kinda lazy last month or so =)

    My test is for pre-employment. That being said, they told me I can "take the test anytime before your start date," but I'm not sure if waiting until the last minute will count against me. As in would they think I am delaying on purpose? Would they no long offer me the job for waiting, or think anything else negative about it?

    Pleaseee help, as I am considering taking the test tomorrow, I have been taking creatine monohydrate once or twice a day for the last few days (about a 5mg scoop). <----- Is that enough to boost my creatine levels?
  4. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    So essentially if I don't stop drinking water/gatorade, I should be ok? And are you aware of how much creatine I should be ingesting? Lastly, when should I drop the B-vitamin, like on the way to the clinic? or before?.. and is B2 better than the B-complex, or about the same?

    Thanks for the reply :)
  5. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    Dude, you sound just like me (same height and weight) but I was smoking heavily until about 4 weeks ago, then I had the bright idea of smoking again a few days after I stopped so I'm hardly 3 weeks clean today. Company even has a similar policy on my pre-employment, except they recommended I get it taken care of before the end of the month, not my start date.

    I can't say if the creatine is going to matter. I've read many conflicting posts about it helping and it also not doing a damn thing, so I can't say if you're doing it right. Drinking stuff like gatorade will help with your specific gravity though as it replenishes salts and electrolytes that water alone will flush out of your system.

    If you can pass a piss test with your first or second piss of the day, dilute some, then you'll be good to go. From your smoking history it sounds like you may be good, just test yourself.
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  6. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    Don't overdo the B vitamins honestly. A quickly delivered sample that is bright yellow might raise some questions. Drinking a redbull or something similar during your dilution will add some yellow. If they do ask about the color just mention you had an energy drink to help things come out because you have trouble pissing on command.
  7. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    Thing is, this employer completely fucked me, and I blame them for smoking haha. Like I posted earlier, I was 3 weeks clean when THIS SAME EMPLOYER called to tell me they filled the position, and then I go on vacation and smoke a few times, and when I get back, those f*ckers call me and tell me to come in for a second interview. GD it... I would have been 6 weeks or so clean by now and probably been fine, but nooo, they had to f*ck with me.

    Anyway, I've been reading your post, and you seem to know about what I know as far as first piss of the day being the dirtiest, catching the piss mid-stream for the cleanest sample, and exercising to clean out the system. Just be sure to STOP EXERCISING at least a few days prior to when you're going to test, because you'll just be burning fat, and therefore putting more THC metabolites into your blood/urine which wouldn't be there if you didn't work out. I don't think I can really give you much advice beyond that. Best of luck!!
  8. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    Do you think it's a big deal if I wait as long as possible or should I just get it over with IF I can pass an at-home test?
  9. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    In my situation I can't wait to get it out of the way to lock down this job, but I don't want to risk peeing dirty. I would wait until the first piss of the day comes up clean, then dilute some and go knock it out. Waiting until the very last day may seem suspicious, but if they're suspicious they could just spring a second test on you a week or two later to make sure. I would try to put at least a week between your test and your start date if you can, and if they contact you about what's taking so long say you've been busy and will take care of it soon (tomorrow morning, later this week, etc). Better safe than sorry.

    For my last test I did it only a few days before my start date. Granted I was looking for an apartment and moving in the week preceding so I had a pretty valid excuse why I couldn't take care of it sooner. So long as you are not arguing with HR about it it should not be an issue.
  10. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    I'm confused because somewhere in here you say you have only smoked three times? Do you mean in your whole life? Because if that's the case, then I think you are way overdoing the dilution and vitamins. Are you testing positive at home on your first urine of the day?

  11. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    Ok let me clear that up then.

    I used to be an avid smoker, then I quit for 3 months because of the need to find a job. After that 3 month period, one of my friends passed away and I gave in to the herb. That lasted for about 2 weeks. I was then clean for 3 weeks, at which point I toked about 3 times, and have abstained since then. It has been roughly 3 weeks since that "3 time" use.

    I took at at home test a few days ago and the line way BARELY distinguishable, at best. No where near a comfort negative result.
    My biggest worry is if I dilute with gatorade/water, and pass an at-home test, how long will I have between then and the time of the actual test before I test positive again? Does that go by time, or by amount of urinations? Should I be ok as long as I keep drinking fluid on the way to the test? (it shouldn't take more than an hour to go from at-home negative result to the diagnostic center).

    Please help! Thanks.
  12. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    It goes by both time and urinations, so you will need to stay hydrated just as colakoala outlined in the above post.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. No fun at all.

    Make sure you know what you are doing with the dilution--sounds like some key elements might be missing. Check N2's method to include all the goodies you need or check out a cleanser for ease of use if you want.

    Based on your use I can see how you got the faint/barely visible line. Do you know if your test is a 20ng or 50ng cutoff? Check your paperwork if you don't know for sure.
  13. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    I'm pretty sure I'm following N2's procedure correctly, I'm only on the creatine ingestion portion thus far as I'm not actually taking the test yet. The at-home test is 50 ng/ml. Do you think I'm ok as long as the at-home test says I'm negative & I keep drinking liquid? Also, do you think my hopefully-soon-to-be employer will get suspicious and/or take away the job offer if I don't take the test sooner rather than later? Again, thanks for your advice.
  14. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    OH and does smoking cigarettes have any effect on this process? Random but curious. I saw I should stay away from sugary drinks which I'm doing but yeah.
  15. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    I would hope they'll bug you about doing your drug test before they terminate your offer. If they did extend you an offer it means they like you.
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  16. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    OK so here's an update:

    They got back to me today and I was cleared on the background check (no surprise there).
    She asked when I'd come in for the drug screening, and I said later this week or this coming Monday. I plan on going in Monday.

    If I test over the weekend, should I use my first urination of the day or should I drink say 1 bottle of gatorade and test?

    This is again hypothetical, but if I were to get a faint line, should I just dilute some, or is a faint negative on a 50 ng/ml test still going to pass at the diagnostic center?
  17. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    I would grab two tests--I would take one with my first urine of the day to see how that is as a baseline (the actual truth) and then based upon that do dilution as needed (light or heavy depending on results) and take another test after completing that.

    Let us know how you do :)

  18. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    Good idea... I'll check in SUNDAY, you seem to be on almost everyday, but if you could be on later in the day that'd be awesome.. I feel like your my unofficial doctor lololl. Anyway, about the 50 ng/ml test I have.. is that the equivalent of the testing center, or is it a lower value they are looking for?
  19. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Your paperwork should tell you, but typically these types of tests are 50ng and if not, it would be 20ng and that would be specified on your paperwork. But it's almost always 50ng.
  20. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    So just to double check, over the weekend, is there anything I should be doing for the test I plan on taking Monday besides:

    -Eating fatty foods (fast food aka mcdonalds n whatnot)
    -Taking a creatine supplement
    -NOTT exercising

    Am I missing anything??

    I should be roughly 4 weeks clean after minor use, so I'm HOPINGG (fingers crossed and legitimately praying) that I am clean by now, but we'll see.

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