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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 10, 2004.

  1. IamN2pot

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    Unfortunantly, 1 week - 3 month is right. I'll give you some generalities. A young, thin, arobic dance teacher was below cutoff levels in 9 days while a 350lb inactive couch potato can take 90+ days to get below cutoff levels. You're young and skinny. With a good excersize routine for the next 15-18 days, you have a very good chance of passing without diluting. But you'll need to home test yourself and if you are still hot 2-3 days before your court ordered test, then use dilution.
    Hope that helps.
  2. needtolearn

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    so are you saying that the detox drinks like the "Absolute Detox", etc.. don't work? that only dillution a few hours before the test works?

    what if you have like a week or two before the test to prepare, what is the best thing to do during this time to get the thc out of your system fast?
  3. «°Ñøvã°»

    «°Ñøvã°» New Member

    excersize !!!excersize!!! sweat it out as much as possible during the next 2 weeks then a few hours before your test do N2's dilution technique. Cleaning out ur system with liquids a day or more before your test doesnt do anything just makes ya bloated. You need to dilute a few hrs before your test to have it be effective. Those drinks IMHO does exactly what N2's method does....dilute ur system. The difference is N2's method is a hell of a lot cheaper
  4. GWBisahypocrite

    GWBisahypocrite New Member

    Any thoughts on if using N2's dilution method along with a drink like Strip EC would work? Or is that just overdoing it?
  5. needtolearn

    needtolearn New Member

    I heard those drinks are a ripoff..
  6. «°Ñøvã°»

    «°Ñøvã°» New Member

    I second that motion
  7. mover

    mover New Member


    I have not smoked in over a year until June of this year. For over 10 days I went on a bing. Mid Grade stuff. When I did somke it was only 2hits. In all I believe I had about 14 hits. Istopped on the 22 june. I had a piss test on the 12 july. I am active. I played tennis, drank alot of water, coffee and sweated my butt off. the morning of the ua I voided first then i drank 1 quart of water,voided again then drank some more water. Piss came out clear. no vitamins just water. After I did athome self test and it came back neg. The next morning i did another one and it came back neg. Is safe to assume my piss will come back neg. also.
    I was active during the bing.
  8. ILuvMary

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    Awesome website.

    I was just curious why aspirin is suggested in the dilution method. How does it help in dilution? Oh and why not the two mentioned brands of aspirin?

    I'll be taking a test this week.

  9. «°Ñøvã°»

    «°Ñøvã°» New Member

    It has masking abilities in certain drug screens
  10. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    Mover, you should be fine. Good luck with your test.

    Iluvmary, like Nova said, on the EMIT test it can intefere with the test and cause a false negitive.

  11. hobbes99

    hobbes99 Banned

    HELP!! will i pass???

    Hey, I'm 16 year old

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  12. bong-ho

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    Thanks for clearing up the dilution dilemma. In my stressed state I had been reading the "S2" technique thinking it was also by you.

    Much obliged. Bong-ho
  13. NervousNellie

    NervousNellie New Member


    Unless the physical is job related, I think you're freaking out over nothing.
  14. bobraker1

    bobraker1 New Member

    A little nervous

    I failed a random urinalysis at my job on June 28. (Daily heavy smoker average bulid 5' 9" 180 lbs.) Smoked up my remaining supply by July 2 and abstained since. Today (July 26) I took a home test and it came up positive. My test to return to work is Monday (August 1). I have used the dilution before to get a job and it worked. I will try this method again Sunday morning. I will reply with the results then. Wish me luck!!
  15. partyhigh

    partyhigh New Member

    Still Nervous, need opinion.

    I took the physical/drug test today. I passed the physical, but the urine was sent to a lab, so I don't know if I passed or not. This is pre-hire. The drug test to be preformed says 35536H SAP 10-50/300 GC/ and (either HS or MS or IIS). I can't read the first letter due to it being a carbon copy. It does say non-DOT. The sample will be sent by a Quest Diagnostic Courier. I passed the "First Check" home drug test yesterday morning. I did the dilution method today. My urine was bright yellow(B complex), so I hope it doesn't bring on suspicion.
    I thought the drug test was going to be done then and there. Is this normal procedure to send it to a lab? Is the above described drug test normal or is it more intense? Am I screwed? I have a bad feeling.
    Please give me an opinion.
    Date: Thursday, July 28, 2005
  16. bobraker1

    bobraker1 New Member

    good to go

    totally passed urinalysis...it was an advanced cup with gv and ph spots that would show any tampering...passed with no problem. Back to work tonight. Thanks for all the excellent info N2.
  17. Gritter

    Gritter New Member

    i was informed by my probation officer that if i pissed a diluted sample it would be the same as a dirty drop.. would this mean i should not try this method? I've been clean for almost 3 weeks now i drink about 1-1/2 gallons of water a day. Test is wendsday how do you think i'll do?
  18. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Home Test

    Did you try a home test? That should help you :wave:
  19. shlongbong

    shlongbong New Member

    Another pothead saved, Thanks N2!

    I'm a 25 year Network Administrator and I just recieved a new job that I had been praying to get, I got my notice that a drug test was needed and I freaked. I have been smoking off and on for the past 12 years, only time I would take breaks from smoking was when I was forced to for upcoming drug tests (months in advance if I was lucky). I have always up to this point had a good month notice to get clean before testing until now. For the past few months I have been smoking every night after work lightly, maybe a joint at the most, but on weekends it's been smokefest '05 up in here :) Anyway, once I got the "get clean now you dirty hippie" memo from the employer I had only 4 days to detox. I had been going nuts because I knew from past experiences and reading that a month is usually time period it takes to clean the system out and I had read all about how dilluting is almost impossible to keep the testers from detecting. To sum this up the best i can, I followed N2's dilluting advice as best I could, the ONLY thing I didn't follow correct was that I didn't have creatine until the day before the test, I bought some fast acting creatine pills from a health store. The owner claimed they didn't require you load up days before for them to start their magic.

    I did nothing the days prior to the day of testing except that I ate lighter meals. I am 6'2" 195lbs and I have a moderate metabolism. I eat very healthy and exercise sometimes but not often, mostly stretch and do chores after work. I had already purchased Qcarbo oneShot days before (which by the way tastes like ****, turns your mouth black and makes you wanna puke after drinking half of it). The night before the test I started my routine to ready my body, remember, I did nothing before that to ready myself and I smoked 2 joints of regular KC bud and a bowl of cotton candy 3 days prior. Anyway, the night before the test I took 6 cranberry tabs, and crushed up and took 3 1000mg creatine tabs. I drank plenty of water, enough to where I was pissing clear all night about every 15 minutes. I also did some heavy exercise, which I later read that is the wrong thing to do (but maybe not?) The next morning I kicked it into gear, I woke up at 6:30, my test was at 10:30. I drank a protein shake with a bananna for breakfast, (no fat), another mistake from what I've read. I then took a multivitamin (which I take regularly) and started drinking plenty of water, I also took 2 B100's which is like 8000% B2 for the both of them and 2 asprins. I didn't crush the B100's though, I left them time released since I was going to crush some up later and take those too. Once I got to work at 8:00 I drank that Qcarbo Grapeape**** which took me like 20minutes because it's so damn gross. After that I drank more water, crushed up a couple more creatines and took those. I drank water after that every 15 minutes until about 9:45. I had pissed probably 8 or 9 times. I then crushed up 2 B100's and took those and this time instead of water I drank about 24oz's of Gatorade with added salt. By about the time I was going to leave I was pissing regularly every 10 or 15 minutes and it was a greenish-yellow. I started feeling sick for a second until I drank the gatorade, the electrolytes helped I guess. Well anyway, after saying all that I passed with flying colors. They did the dipstick test which I was happy about, I might not have passed with some of the better more expensive tests but in any case I have confidence that if I would have taken creatine a few days before I would be ready for any test. Oh btw I'm home from work now and I'm now back together with my 18" doublebowl dynamo! Thanks everyone for such great info!!
  20. rodparsley

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    Test Run

    6'1" 175 lbs. I've been checking this site out for quite a while, wondering if the methods posted could actually work in the event of getting tested randomly at my job, which is the protocol that's recently been added to agency guidelines. Bummer for me, but, of course, not a problem to all the drunks out there who get lit up the moment they get home. It's been about 90 hours since I've toked on the sticky-icky and I decided to follow the dilution method posted by N2 to see if I could pass the home test. Before the 90 hours, I probably used an eighth or so in the past three weeks, almost daily. Began loading creatine on Tuesday (4x), then Wednesday and Thursday (4x both days), and then a couple of times on Friday (today) while beginning the dilution process. Took the aspirin at the suggested times, drank a mixture of water and Gatorade in the four hour window leading to the self-test (as well as the B vitamin). Also made sure that I bought the "Athome" test that's available at CVS, Walgreens, whatever.
    And what do you know.
    It came out negative. No "preliminary", no "inconclusive"; a resounding NEGATIVE. To be honest, the reason that I hadn't tried the method earlier was because I was quite skeptical that such a method could actually work. Even though there's testimony after testimony on this particular thread, it just seems somewhat sketchy, you know? You don't know for sure until you do it yourself.
    I don't think it gives me the green light to fire it up until my brain explodes, because there certainly is a "little" more to life than being stoned every waking minute. But it's nice to know that N2's got my back and has put in the legwork to see that I can continue with my form of recreation at home while the alcoholics out there are busy crashing into innocent people.
    Thanks, bro. I should have known that there are people out there who know how I feel about this. We all owe you.

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