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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 10, 2004.

  1. philosophy234

    philosophy234 New Member

    SO i just took my test... I woke up this morning, peed, and then drank a little but apparently not enough because I gave basically exactly 30 ml. I tried to take it mid stream but i just missed the beginning because all of a sudden i couldnt pee anymore! I got nervous!

    AH i will post the results when i find out... Does anyone know how long it should be till I find out? It is for an internship, and they have all my other forms except for this now... I would assume they will call me if i DONT get it? Now i'm just nervous that maybe i'll fail.. paranoia always sets in!
  2. stonerswife

    stonerswife New Member

    I came to this thread to thank everyone for their tips. Only now I think I am on the wrong forum. When I was researching the dilution method for my husband I was in a forum that stated to drink water and gatorade. That was what I had him do. He failed the home test so he bought a product.

    He passed the test for work. :) I wrote in more detail in another thread if anyone is interested.

    Anyways I feel like an idiot because I know I am in the wrong forum only I am going to have a hell of time trying to find the one that stated the water/gatorade method. I didn't have him take aspirin, vitamins, or creatine <sp> because I didn't know about them. If I had come here, I would have had him do these things as well. I guess it doesn't matter because he passed.

    Now I have to try to find the correct forum so I can thank them. Good luck to everyone. Commence laughing your asses off at me.
  3. philosophy234

    philosophy234 New Member

    Okay i'm sorry to post again, but i'm getting really paranoid after read tons of things on this forum. I took the test last wed (the 16th).. It was a quest test that I believe was sent the to the lab via courier. Tomorrow will be one week with not hearing anything, and i'm getting nervous.

    I had taken two home tests and passed both first thing in the morning... I had been abstaining for 2 weeks, but don't smoke too much. I already have my start date for the internship, and I am assuming that the more time passes, the better things are looking? Would the MRO definitly call me if I tested positive? When should I call the company to follow up, maybe ask about an orientation or something else without seeming paranoid?
  4. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Well, I think you can begin to relax. IF the MRO doesn't call today, you can pretty much rest assured that you passed.
  5. dwphilli

    dwphilli New Member

    What to do

    I took a test for work last week, and today got a call that it was too dilluted and I have to come back in Friday morning, which will give me roughly 2.5 days clean, but I didnt smoke much and it was mids at best.

    So I went to GNC and bought Strip NC on my way home, before I looked on here.

    So my question is: if I dillute again but with less water, take aspirin, take some b2, and load creatine, should I still take the strip NC a few hours before the test? I dont want to get too dilluted again or it will be counted as a positive.

    Any other suggestions would be helpful

    Thanks for the help
  6. uhohspagettio

    uhohspagettio New Member

    It is Thursday, April, 24 and I have a pre-employment drug test tomorrow at any time I want. I have read N2's tips, tricks and guidelines and plan on following them today for a practice run with a home test from wallgreens. I have also bought a product from gnc called Strip NC which I plan to take tomorrow approximately 4hrs before I go test. My last smoke was Tuesday night, April 22. I have a few questions though:

    1. How many mg of Asprin should I take? The guideline just says to take 4.

    2. Should I still drink water/gatorade since I will be consuming 32oz of Strip? As of now I plan to drink 32oz of Strip 4hrs before and then 8oz of water/tea every 15min. for the next hour. This would eqaul 64oz in the first hour.

    3. I was going to go sit in the steam room/run/workout today but I have read in various places that you should not do this a day prior to a test, why? I don't understand why it would hurt to get rid of more toxins.

    4. Does niacin even do anything? I've been taking it as well.

    5. I am taking a product called cell-tech (advanced creatine formula). Should I double my intake of this tomorrow and when should I do it? Before I start my 4hour process or before i go test. 1 serving=10g of Creatine monohydrate. As of now I plan on taking a regular serving when I wake up and a double serving when I take my vitamin B2 1-2 hours before testing.

    6. In the guideline it says to take about 10x the daily recomended amount of vitamin b2 or b complex. I take mega men vitamins which has 30mg B-1, 30mg B-2, 30mg B-6, and 30mcg B-12. (along with plenty other vitamins) My question here is this; Is the intake of vitamins just for color of urine or does it serve another purpose as well? I take one of these vitamins daily and it always turns my urine an intense yellow.

    Very high matabolism

    Thank you very much for all the helpfull information. I hope to be posting of a passing drug test tomorrow.
  7. rocafella3

    rocafella3 New Member

    Quick question

    Hello all,

    I plan on following the dillution method and have been clean for 12 days now exercising and eating healthier. I have two questions (if somewhat unrelated I am sorry but I did not want to create a new thread):

    I am prescribed 10mg of Adderal but rarely take it besides during exam weeks. I am not concerned with it showing up on the test as I have a legal prescription and regardless of that it is out of your system quickly.

    I am more concerned with how it is affecting my metabolism. As you all know, you tend to be very satiated with regards to food so I have only been eating one meal a day, max two if I can force feed it to myself. I also know it raises your body temperature and heart rate (cannot really exercise). How is this affecting my metabolism and detox speed (if at all). I only plan on taking it maximum two times for my last exams, next week.

    Second, on top of running 2 miles each day, I just totaled the amount of miles I walk each day and from class and back and it is roughly 4.8 average a day. I spoke to a few people that told me walking can often be as good as jogging for fat loss. Any truth to this?

    Any advice is welcome and thank you in advance!
  8. fluttrby689

    fluttrby689 New Member

    My husband has hair and UA tests in 6 days. He will be trying the macujo method for hair, but would love to know if any of the drinks or pills on the market work. A friend told us about some pills used to clean to fish tanks. Has anyone heard of this before? He will have abstained for 11 days at the time of his test. He is 6' and 225lbs. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. BunnywhoSmokes

    BunnywhoSmokes New Member

    On Monday I'm going to be 25 days clean. I've done a practice diluted test I want a week ago (I was 19 days sober), and took a home drug test and the second line did appear but it was faint. Tomorrow I'm going to be purchasing some QF (as a back up), and I'm going to be using the diluted method; here's what I'm going to do:

    Night before the test I'll be eating a huge fatty rib-eye steak. And most likely 12 hours before the test I'll be taking 4 asprine every four hours.

    4 hours before test
    : Drink 1 quart of Gatorade; 4 asprine; 4 B-12; 2 multi-vitamins.

    3 hours before test: Drink 1 quart of Gatorade; 3 garlic pills; 2 creatine pills.

    2 hours before test: Drink 1 quart of Gatorade; 2 asprine; 4 Rolaids; 3 B-12; 2 multi-vitamins.

    1 hour before test: 1 quart of Gatorade; 2 Rolaids; 2 Tums; 3 B-12; 2 Apsrine (and maybe another multi-vitamin--depending on how yellow my urine is.)

    I'm not sure if this is completely over kill. I'm a female, 5'3; size 12. If there is any advice that someone could give me would be appriciated.
  10. xxluckycharm17xx

    xxluckycharm17xx New Member

    hey N2 thanks for the helpful hints.

    just to clarify, the dilution method, if done correctly, should produce negative results... correct? if one dilutes enough but fails to make the necessary adjustments to pass the integrity test (ie. creatine loading, b2, aspirin,...), the results will simply be negative--dilute, which results in a re-test.. correct?

    also, for a "Quest 30496N SAP 10-50/300 W/DPI," what does the "W/DPI" stand for? will this type of test screen for masking products? this is a pre-employment drug/alcohol test so i don't know if they will get that complex... thanks for the help!
  11. BunnywhoSmokes

    BunnywhoSmokes New Member

    I have a question. I took B-12 instead of taking B2. Did I fuck up?
  12. MonarchX

    MonarchX New Member

    I would recommend taking salt with water.... 6 cups in 1 hour can lead to a mild water poisoning...plus you have to keep drinking even more afterwards!
  13. BunnywhoSmokes

    BunnywhoSmokes New Member

    FYI...I passed my drug test. They're just waiting for my medical records and then they'll give ma hiring date. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  14. ditka

    ditka New Member

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find it.

    How much creatine should I take per day? Daily dosage varies from 5-20 grams. So would 15-20 be a safe bet?
  15. Secs

    Secs New Member

    If you get the shits, back off, you are taking too much. Other than that, there are no upper limits on creatine or creatinine levels in urine.
  16. jspiffey

    jspiffey New Member

    i got caught with my peice by my parents. my mom said that since thc stays detictable in my urine for 30 days that in prob 2 to 3 weeks im going to be tested, and i will be tested randomly a few times after this one. i smoked at least once a day untill this last wednesday, may 15. what do i need to do to get clear for that test? and i would like to keep smoking after the first one, i have read about these drinks that can pass you after an hour of drinking them, are these for real or not?
  17. jspiffey

    jspiffey New Member

    i had also heard of synthetic urine.

    i also forgot to mention, my mom said she was going to send off the urine for testing, also i weigh approx 150lbs
  18. anxious

    anxious New Member

    Passed -

    34 yr old female
    5'7" 130 lbs
    work out 4 times a week - long duration (45 mins - 1 hour), low intensity (65% of heart rate) exercise

    clean 60 days - testing (-) on day 39 with regular drinking
    5 hits on day 60 of KB
    negative with first void of day 7 days later, faint line

    4 Bayer asprin 4 hours prior to test

    20 oz of gatorade 3 hours before test + tums (with sodium) + ramen noodles + 2 B2 viatmins

    Tums 2.5 hours before test

    20 oz gatorade + tums 1.5 hours before test

    voided 1 hour before test

    negative, relieved, and massively educated about this process.

    thanks to everyone here for sharing stories and tips. i will be sticking around to help others and dispell the myths out there.
  19. RubberDucky2002

    RubberDucky2002 New Member

    Smoked half a blunt on Wednesday [not a regular smoker], then of course got my first callback for a working interview for Monday. :rolleyes:
    Was hired today, and told I needed to take the drug test either today/tomorrow [Monday/Tuesday].

    4:00-Passed the at home test bought at CVS for $15. :)

    5:00-Heading to be tested...will let y'all know the results. [It's one of the 15 minute ones]
  20. beavis_mcgraw

    beavis_mcgraw Member

    just to add to the info above.
    the reasons for taking aspirin is that it thins the blood and the kidneys will not filter as much.

    solid vitamins take longer to dissolve in your body than a capsule or crushed. this will allow it to enter the bloodstream faster.

    excessive creatine will give you the shits and may cause cramping. (thanks sec)

    watch your aspirin intake as it thins your blood. Not sure how long it takes to leave your system. if you get a cut or something, your platelets might not react as fast. may cause excessive bleeding and the last time, i took 5 325mg aspirin, i felt like i had a hangover the next day.

    Gatorade keeps the metabolites in your system up, for the urine examine.

    the items listed below can cause a false pos, but are hard to use as an excuse unless you alot of it
    like poppy seeds, you would need to use(eat) alot of it to use the excuse in place of the actual drug..

    things that cause a false positive

    THC - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives
    Dronabinol (Marinol)
    Ibuprofen; (Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Excedrin IB etc)
    Ketoprofen (Orudis KT)
    Kidney infection (Kidney disease, diabetes) Liver Disease
    Naproxen (Aleve)
    Promethazine (Phenergan, Promethegan)
    Riboflavin (B2, Hempseed Oil)

    Amphetamines - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives
    Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, propylephedrine, phenylephrine, or desoxyephedrine
    (Nyquil, Contact, Sudafed, Allerest, Tavist-D, Dimetapp, etc)
    Phenegan-D, Robitussin Cold and Flu, Vicks Nyquil
    Over-the-counter diet aids with phenylpropanolamine (Dexatrim, Accutrim)
    Over-the-counter nasal sprays (Vicks inhaler, Afrin)
    Asthma medications (Marax, Bronkaid tablets, Primatine Tablets)
    Prescription medications (Amfepramone, Cathne, Etafediabe, Morazone,phendimetrazine, phenmetrazine, benzphetamine, fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine,dexdenfluramine,Redux, mephentermine, Mesocarb, methoxyphenamine, phentermine,amineptine, Pholedrine, hydroymethamphetamine, Dexedrine, amifepramone, clobenzorex,fenproyorex, mefenorex, fenelylline, Didrex, dextroamphetamine, methphenidate, Ritalin,pemoline, Cylert, selegiline, Deprenyl, Eldepryl, Famprofazone) Kidney infection, kidney disease, Liver disease, diabetes

    Opiates - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives
    Poppy Seeds
    Tylenol with codeine
    Most prescription pain medications
    Cough suppressants with Dextromethorphan (DXM)
    Kidney infection, Kidney Disease
    Diabetes, Liver Disease

    Ecstacy - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives
    Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, propylephedrine, phenylephrine, or desoxyephedrine
    (Nyquil, Contact, Sudafed, Allerest, Tavist-D, Dimetapp, etc)
    Phenegan-D, Robitussin Cold and Flu, Vicks Nyquil
    Over-the-counter diet aids with phenylpropanolamine (Dexatrim, Accutrim)
    Over-the-counter nasal sprays (Vicks inhaler, Afrin)
    Asthma medications (Marax, Bronkaid tablets, Primatine Tablets)
    Prescription medications (Amfepramone, Cathne, Etafediabe, Morazone,phendimetrazine, phenmetrazine, benzphetamine, fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine, dexdenfluramine,Redux, mephentermine, Mesocarb, methoxyphenamine, phentermine, amineptine, Pholedrine, hydroymethamphetamine, Dexedrine, amifepramone, clobenzorex, fenproyorex, mefenorex, fenelylline, Didrex, dextroamphetamine, methphenidate, Ritalin, pemoline, Cylert, selegiline, Deprenyl, Eldepryl, Famprofazone) Kidney infection, kidney disease
    Liver disease, diabetes

    Cocaine - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives
    Kidney infection (kidney disease)
    Liver infection (liver disease)
    Amoxicillin, tonic water
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