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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 10, 2004.

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    You should count on the person you live with to help you with money. You should also think of the stress this put on your Mom.
    My baby does drugs.
    Your Father Will Be Next!
    Get your Act Together!
    Your parents didn't plan on supporting you after you started your own family!
    You Are 40! They should have cut you off years ago. Now they feel they are helping you go a the wrong path.
    They probably don't like your roommate either!
    This is the reason I didn't have Children!
    That this message as a way of thinking the way they might think.
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    Any possible way i can be clean?

    ok..I smoked a blunt on Thursday August 4th..that was the first one in a month..and before that i hadn't smoked in over a year..i got a call from probation on monday the 15th..11 days later...i drink alot of water anyways because i really don't drink pop very often so i use the bathroom alot on a regular anyways..i took the test about 430 pm and i drank have a bottle of water(big bottle) before i went it..when i peed it was pretty light colored like lemonade maybe lighter...my friends keep tellin me that it only takes 48-72 hours for someones system who smoked as little as i did to clean out..and that since i drink so much water anyways that i should be clean..but i'm worried..yeah it's too late now but i'm stressin bad and i just wanna know if there is anyway possible that it came back clean??? i just need some peace of mind..can you please tell me what you think?
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    Your situation sound similar to mine. Right down to time frames and all. I think you'd be OK. If you can, try home testing for peace of mind.

    I did one today..and it was negative. Since your not chronic, all the indicators I have seen say should be out in the time frame you mentioned.

    And also being able to drink extra fluids I am sure helped.

    I know about the worry...I take my official test tomorrow...but now what is done for you is done.

    I think you should be OK. As for myself..a few tokes here and there has DEFINETELY not been worth the worry I am going thru.

    How soon will you know? I'd think that for prob. you'd know right away if not good.

    Keep posting. Try to relax and definetely abstain. But I think your friends are right on the money..and I would think your fine given what you posted.
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    Good Luck with your new job.
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    Aspirin/pH/food intake questions

    1--Any evidence that aspirin no longer works as a masking agent? I notice that the study cited was about 2 years old. Don't ya think "they" would've found a work around for that by now? I ask because I'm doing my test run (N2's dilution method) and the aspirin has my stomach rockin. I feel bad.

    2--Any advice on increasing urine pH? I did some research...dilution therapy will decrease urine pH making urine more acidic. The opposite affect would be to increase the pH making it more alkaline. There are prescription medications that will do this (to help prevent kidney stones), but I've found several resources that say "diet high in citrus fruits, vegetables, dairy products" will produce more alkaline urine. Anyone have any experience with this? Does anyone think drinking a bunch of orange juice day before/day of test will help?

    3--What about eating during the dilution process? Any thoughts/advice?
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    Dilution retest

    If your sample is diluted and they need you to retest, will they let you know on the spot or will you have to wait to hear from them later. I ask only because i plan on taking it this afternoon and while two home tests with the first piss of the day show a very (must emphasize the very) faint line to show negative, i am still paranoid and once i leave the test, i would obviously like to partake.
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    I am testing tomorrow!

    :) Hi, I have been reading this site for about a week trying to figure out what to do. I have been a smoker for as long as I can remember. I only smoke a few hits of average quality usually once or twice a day missing a day here and there. I got a job and need to be tested tomorrow. I have been clean since last Monday so it will be 8 days when I go in. It is with Labcorp. I am about 5'2" and around 140 pounds. I have no idea about my metabolism. I have lost about 25 pounds in the last year or so. I swim alot now that I live in a warm climate.

    I just took a home test for THC after drinking about 5 glasses of water, 2 cups of coffee and taking 5 aspirins this morning spead out over 4 hours. Also started taking B-12 (2 2x a day), cranberry pills (same), 2 daily vitamins once a day, and detox-7 package. On the 4th day of that now. I passed the home test with 2 dark pink lines. The test line was the same as the control. Tomorrow before the test I am going to add salt, tums and sure-jell just to be sure. I also always eat alot of red meat but making sure I do now with every meal. Meat and potatoes kind of gal..lol

    Do you think my chances are good and should I do anything differently? I dont want to be diluted but I need to pass. Lost my old job out of the blue with no reason given at all. This one is much better and thinking they did me a favor. Cant fail because I need this job and it would embarrass me immensely. Seriously considering quitting smoking just because of this kind of hassle. Not fair!! Too honset of a person to try and sub. I would give myself away from nervousness. Please help make me feel better.

    They said they get results in 24-48 hours so should be able to post my results soon. Wish me luck!!
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    You Got It

    Try drinking Gatorade.
  9. jeanie_49er

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    very nervous.

    I got a job interview with Sears the other day and September 4th, the day before the interview, I smoked a tiny bit of pot. I think I got one good hit. The manager at Sears said that they were going to call me in a couple days to set up a drug test so I am freaking out. I've been looking at diffrent sites and my friend reccomended this one to me.

    I'm 16 years old, 125 lbs, 5'5, pretty good metabolism I guess.

    I've been exercizing like crazy and I can't get a hold of a creatine supplement right now but I just ate some fish and I plan on eating some more food with creatine in it tomorrow. Will I be clean by Thursday? o_o
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    You are about to be banned. Checkout the posting guidelines. We are not allowed to give minors advice on how to pass a test nor are we allowed to help you deceive your parents, and I understand that your parents have nothing to do with this. Sorry.
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    Posting Guidlines

    29 Year Toker is right read our guidelines
    In reference to Drug Testing: We are here to help; however, we will not knowingly direct or help minors pass drug tests. In addition, we will not help users to deceive parents. If these posts are made, the threads will be closed and responses to any of these threads will be deleted.
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    Sorry, minors are not allowed on this board, gonna have to ban you.
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    I passed!!!!

    :D :wave:

    I passed and I start on Wednesday!! Thank you and I did do the gatorade!!
  14. mrjigglyfly

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    failed test, need help pls!

    i am an accountant for a major clothing company in NYC.
    i took a drug test last wed (09/07) and was informed this morning (mon 09/12) that i had failed. any advice for this situation would be greatly appreciated, I could really use some.

    in more detail:
    i am a heavy smoker, everyday, usually at least 1/4 a week.
    i passed the test when first hired about a year ago, that time i was clean for about 2 weeks and took CHF detox ($50) from gnc and it worked at the time (or at least, i never heard about the test again).
    i am 5'7" 150lb and i dun exercise

    i had to leave the country and return and be re-hired, long-story but it required another test. i was clean for only 24-36 hours before the test.

    last friday, 2 days after the test i had a msg from the testing place but they were closed by the time i got it. I called them this morning and they informed me that i had "tested positive for marijuana", and that they would be informing the company. incredibly, the entire HR dept. was out for the day. unbelievable. i had no one to go to, and no one came to me, so i emailed and left msgs but otherwise just worked for the rest of the day.

    i have so many questions and concerns.
    i'm not sure what to expect from hr. our drug policy implies that u won't be fired but sent to 6 months of rehab. i am hoping they will allow me to pay for a re-test. anybody working for a large company have any problems with their test?

    if they do allow a re-test,
    what does 'tested positive for marijuana' mean? would it be possible that they ran a gc/ms after a positive EMIT? if so then would it be useless for me to start diluting? will they give me another EMIT test this time or something more effective? if it is the same test, what are my chances with dilution given that if they ask me to test first thing tomorrow morning, that would only be about 36 hours of clean time.

    i plan to dilute and go and talk to hr first thing tomorrow morning, absolutely outraged that a false positive has been connected to my name, and demand a re-test.

    not quite sure what other options I have. calling in sick tomorrow would be too suspicious, and since they left a msg on friday, HR could already know about the positive test. i can't think of anybody i know who's clean and tho i would prefer to substitute i don't think it's an option for me

    please, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.. thanks so much
  15. 29yeartoker

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    Get quick fix 4.0. You should be able to get it at a head shop. See N2's thread at the following link.


    This should help you pass your test. Make sure you practice as much as you can. N2 even tells you how you can store it and keep it at the right temperature.

    I wish you lots of luck and let us know how it went.
  16. mjnyc

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    3rd times a charm (hopefully w/your advice)

    Ok, so I am in desperate need of help! I have my 3rd drug test on Tuesday (6 days from today) and need to pass! The first test I prepared by not puffing for 2 weeks, drinking a gallon of water from dinner the night before up until the test and ReadyClean the day of the test. The test came back diluted so I had to go in for another test. This time I called the 800 # on one of the websites and they told me I overdosed on water. So I took the ReadyClean that day and my test came back diluted yet again. The problem now is that I smoked inbetween the 2 tests so it will only be 2 weeks pot free when I take the test. Is there something I can do for the next week that will detoxify my body (all 97lbs of me) that will not show up diluted (is there a way to prepare without diluting my urine the day of the exame?) Also, since I've already had 2 tests would they know if I substitute my urine with someone else's urine??? HELP PLEASE!!! I really want this job!!!
  17. FranzJosef

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    Hello All

    Hey there...well, I've got a drug test coming up for employment, just got the call today. Now, I only just started smoking again the past couple months (After about 2 years), and I've been smoking just on Friday and Saturday nights (just a few hits, I'm a lightweight now...) Anyways, the last time I smoked was about 2 weeks ago. I weigh 240 pounds, and I'm 6'1". My metabolism is pretty average. I drink a fair amount of water naturally and eat a diet with a lot of grains and vegetables. Now, this test will probably be in 5 to 7 days...any advice on how to pass it with dilution?
  18. Medusa

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    Hey Toast, Those at home kits will detect if there is THC in your system, but be careful...The test doesn't tell you if you get a positive result. It just shows a very faint lin in the "T" region of the dipstick. I saw the line, it was barely visible, so I thought it was negative. I had stopped smokin for 8 weeks, and guess what? My test came back positive !!! :( Stupid me, I should have taken something with me to the test. I might be able to retest, so I am going to use Quick-fix, and the dilution method as a back up. Good luck to you on your test!!
  19. Powdered_Toast

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    thanks man and gl to you as well... so do u think the dilution is a good idea? i have a cold so if anyone asks i could just say hey man i need to drink lots of liquids because of my cold... lol
  20. rainbowguy

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    Need Advice PLEASE!!!

    :eek: Hi there. Firstly, THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE... I have spent the last 4 hours reading and it is the only thing that has calmed me down since I started my job 5 days ago and was told I had to have a drug test.

    I am 29 yrs old, 13 stone, medium metabolism (starting to slow down with age!) I have been smoking daily (hash and or weed) for the last 10 years. I have about 1.5 - 2 weeks till my urine test (i am still delaying making the booking) and have not smoked for 6 days.

    I plan to follow the dilution method when the test date arrives. In mean time I plan to increase exercise and of course totaly abstain from smoking. I have home testing kits which I will try out a few days before the test in line with the suggestions posted here.

    ??? Can you recomend what kind of diet I should be following for the next week or so (have been starving myself for the last 5 days because too worried to eat...)
    Any other tips welcome as well....

    Thanks a lot

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