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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 10, 2004.

  1. NewtPooter

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    I've been eating lots of fatty red meat (arby's, mcD), and shall continue to do so. My test is at 3 Tomorrow. I have been drinking a fair bit of liquids, and plan on snagging some 5 hour energy early tomorrow morning. Is there anything else I can do/should worry about? They told me a diluted test is seen as a dirty test (which smells like BS to me).
  2. namtrab

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    Could 72-80 oz of liquid from 8am to about 4pm register as diluted? 5-6 voids in that time period.
  3. NewtPooter

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    It's possible. I think it's a pretty shady rule to treat diluted as a fail. Some people drink a lot of water naturally (I'm a distance runner, so I know I drink a fair bit). Unfortunately I've only been able to run maybe 4 times in the last month due to the freezing cold weather. Yeah, I'm a wuss like that.
  4. namtrab

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    Actually I want amend my last post.

    I had 48 oz Gatorade, 8 oz Fiber drink, 4 oz OJ between 10am and 4pm the day of my test (test was at 4pm). If anything I was only lightly diluting but not really intending to b/c I felt I was clean (101 days).

    Just wondering if anyone though this could have come back as a negative-dilute. Sample was naturally yellow but not dark or light.

    I had voided at least 6 times before my test and stopped drinking when I twice had a clear void and got worried about being too diluted. Tested myself negative on a void where color had returned and took my real test about 1 hour after that.
  5. SeeWatHaHappen

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    Taking a test tomorrow, planning on using the dilution method. Sophomore college student, smoked pretty much every day during the semester and most of christmas break but took a couple weeks off for my wisdom teeth surgery, picked it up after that and my last smoke was last Thursday. My internship for the semester sprung the test on me last minute and I'm going in tomorrow. Did a test run of this dilution method tonight with a home test and got a negative, but a weak one. (i.e. one of the tests in which 2 lines is negative, and I got 1 and 1 faint line). Pretty nervous about the whole thing but I will report back after the test.
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    b complex

    i see there are different b complex pills.. b complex 50, 100 etc.. any difference?? i was planning on purchasing the 50.. THANK YOU
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  8. choosen_shaman

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    This method has worked for me 3 times so far, THANK YOU !!!
  9. kgreyy

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    Created an account just to write that this guide helped me pass my test!

    Thanks a ton!
  10. DeaconOfJah

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    Info please

    Hey guys, I just wanted an opinion as I'm freaking out. I took a drug test a couple of days ago after smoking 3 days straight.
    In the last 12 hours before the test:
    - I drank about 1.5 gallons of water over the course
    - 32 ounces of Cranberry Juice
    - 32 ounces of QCarbo32 with Eliminex (2 hours before the test)
    - Took 3 500mg pills of Niacin (2 at night, 1 in the morning)
    - Went into the sauna with sweatshirts and sweatpants for 45 minutes
    - ran
    - didn't eat (didn't want to retain anything, wanted to flush it all out)

    I took an At Home Marijuana test (From Rite Aid) and passed that right after I took my actual test, I was wondering if you guys thought I would pass my urine test. I'm pretty sure I find out tomorrow, but I don't know if they will tell me if I'm negative. Please send me your opinions, I need to figure out how to relax without smoking some ganja for once. Thank you for any and all honest opinions. I'd appreciate a reply so I get the email. Really wish I would have seen this before hand, hope I passed.
  11. margat12

    margat12 New Member

    I'm sorry, I know a lot of people have asked these questions but I am just incredibly paranoid. I got this great internship opportunity but I found out I need a drug test to get it. The latest I can probably take it is on Friday. I smoked last Tuesday (my friend just broke up with his girlfriend and was kind of depressed for valentines day. ) I only took about two hits. The Saturday before that (so it would be 13 days before the test) I had a brownie that was really strong. Before that I had only smoked one other time this semester (about 3 weeks before this Friday. I am 5'5 about 140 pounds and I am athletic. Since finding out I had to take this I have been working out even more and going to the sauna. I also have been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice (I know people say this doesn't help but at least it speeds up my metabolism a bit.) Anyways, my question is, will dilution alone work or should I take a detox pill/drink? If you think I should take a detox then which one is best? I have been trying to look for one on other threads but have been having problems. I almost never smoke so I will actually cry if I fail this test. Anyways, thank you guys so much for your responses!
  12. Tboogie

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    Whats smoking everybody,

    I want to post my results of the dilution method provided by N2 and my background

    Age: 20's

    Height: Less than 6 feet

    Weight: 130- 150

    Metabolism: good - great

    2 years of daily smoking atleast 2-3 times a day. Potency of bud was a mixture of headies, mid/reg, kush (medical) for the last to years.

    Stop smoking 8 days before the first test Sunday-Sunday. ran/jogged 7.6 miles total the first week with a 2 hour roller skating date with girlfriend on day 7.

    Ate: Ate regular throughout the week, I eat healthy oatmeal in morning, lunch consisted of turkey sandwich with chips, dinners meat (chicken, ground beef, steak) with starch (mac-cheese, mash potatoes, noodles,) and a veggie.

    1st test was around 9pm on the 8th day and didn't do anything but drink some ice tea to make myself urinate nothing extra ( 10 oz). Results was extremely faint you had to study the test about 1 foot away from face to see a half of a line.

    2nd test was taken on day 10 at 10pm and followed N2's dilution method

    Dinner: Baked chicken, spinach, mac-cheese and drink 10-16 oz of water not approximate

    1. Drink 16 oz of water with 4 crushed multi-vitamins, 4 aspirin

    2. Continued to drink 8 oz water every 15 minutes for 1 hour

    3. Urinated

    4. Every time I urinated I drink 4 oz of water repeated 5-6 times

    5. took 4 more multivitamins 2 crushed 2 whole within 1 hour from start

    6. Drink 8 oz of orange soda

    7. Test at 12:38 pm check results at 12:42pm

    Total: 76-80 oz of water/liquid

    ** urine was the color of water down lemonade but smelled like urine, girlfriend confirm smell

    Got to do a lab test within the next few days. I wrote this because I'm like all you guys/gals out there worried about that test. I hope I can help you sleep better ( I know I can) knowing what others results are.

    Good luck, God bless the bud

  13. skyjohn

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    I have a pre-employment screen at the local medical clinic, coming up (pretty much whenever I want to in the next week:fish:) For my own peace of mind, I took a high quality, 10 panel, dip test from my wife's employer (my mom's rehab center), diluted like usual and checked it. My results were all negative on the front panels. Then my wife (who would probably turn me in for a dirty UA) took it, turned it over and just about lost her F#@KING mind! The "tamper" test as she called it was positive.
    I recently ordered a "kre-Alkalyn" product called "ripped muscle x" but it says it's a breakthrough buffered creatine supplement that is absorbed better than monohydrate "before it turns into creatinine." Will this product be useless for raising my creatinine levels? I had taken a couple of sparratic doses in the week before my pre-test, which obviously did not help, but I am wondering if I should just take more of this, or go buy the cheap-o creatine supplement from my local wally-world (walmart).
    My stats;
    33 yrs old, 5'8", 190 lbs. I think my metabolism is fair to high because I eat a horrible diet and only recently broke 175lbs (which I was at since high school). But then my ease of dilution makes me wonder if my metabolism is fair to slow, I once passed a UA on like 20 minutes notice on site (even though the test was sent to a lab) It did come back dilute and I was retested, but passed again on an hour notice. (at the time I was smoking and snorting oxy 3-5x daily)
    Anyway, I have learned much from this thread, just wondering about the creatine supplement that I have.
    Pretty sure as long as I can pass on the test for dilution, I'll be GOLDEN!
  14. skyjohn

    skyjohn New Member

    If you have a test coming up in, say a month and a half, then diet and exercise may help, but that's risky. I have heard of positive results from people who have not smoked weed for over a year, when they began losing weight. It's stored in the fat cells (as discussed earlier in this thread) and If you hang onto your fat for a long time, you're likely hanging onto your last bowl or joint. I love dilution,. and with this thread I have learned what I needed to feel confident.
    In my experience, dilution can work VERY quickly, as long as you don't get caught for diluting.
  15. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Anybody else stoked to see the dilution sticky back up? Woohoo!!
  16. lil shorty

    lil shorty New Member

    i quit smokin about 3 weeks ago but fukd up and smoked a joint on monday then the roach yesterday......i have an appointment with pain clinic on friday ia m 4 11 and weigh 105 i have no body fat except in my booty lol i have to pass this test whf should i do? please help
  17. rhinocarnut

    rhinocarnut New Member

    got a new job offer so will be trying this soon i am from Australia and smoke everyday from wen i get up till wen i go too sleep, been reading this thread for last 2 hrs and looks like the solution 4 me :)

    was just wondering about the aspirin? why do u need the aspirin?
    i read a recent study that shows aspirin helps burn fat so wouldnt that be bad?
    please read article below and let me no :)


    ill still be doing it just wana no about the aspirin thing cheers guys
  18. langstgrump

    langstgrump New Member

    Hey, guys! I need your help and advice, because i'm really stressed.
    First, excuse my English, i'm from Europe and this summer I'm on a student brigade in USA, Alaska. Actually i'm starting work in 10 days, and I just found out that there was a requirement for a drug test.
    Here is my case.
    I'm 5'11 ft, 145 lbs (181 cm, 66 kg).
    I think my metabolism is kind of fast.
    I don't really exercise, but I walk a lot. 2.5 miles every day on avarage.
    I am a tea lover so I drink 2-3-4 teas a day, also some water. I eat generally healthy.
    I have NEVER been a heavysmoker. I'm 22, I "discovered" weed 2 years ago, and since then I smoke once or twice a month, let's say 1.5-2 grams maximum per month.
    Last time I smoked was on april, 3 ( may, 13 now) more than a month ago.
    I also smoked 3-4 times in march.
    Do I have to worry?
    Please, tell me, do you think I'll pass, compared to your cases or other cases you know.
    It's extremely stressed situation , because my parents payed some 2000 euro(3000 $) to go work in Alaska for the summer and failure is not an option here. I must pass this test and if you think I can't be sure I'll pass it I''ll start thinking for some options to pass it. So please tell me your opinion!

    P.S. This testing in USA is complete madness. I really sorry for you, guys..!
  19. nadelph39

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    B complex will for sure
  20. I passed my urine test using N2's dilution method. I am 5'11, about 170 pounds. I am fairly active, and increased my activity level the week prior to my test. I eat kind of healthy, but I could eat better. My metabolism is average. I smoked heavily for the better part of 8 months, at least 3 gravity bong rips a day, sometimes with a bowl or two, and maybe a blunt. I smoked every single day without fail. I went to apply for a job, and was told to take a drug test. When I took the test, I had only been clean for 9 days. The week leading up to the test, I ran 2 miles a day, and drank at least a gallon to a gallon and a half of water and cranberry juice a day. I was ''voiding'' at least 10-15 times a day. I also took 2-3 niacin pills (the non-flush kind), and cranberry extract pills daily leading up to the test. I did not really change my diet, except I cut out a little bit of the fatty foods. I eat a lot of red meat anyway, so I wasn't worried about my creatine levels. The day before the test, I bought a jar of creatine, and took about five grams, washing it down in a milkshake. I also bought some regular multivitamins, two 32 ounce Gatorade, and 81 mg aspirin. The morning of my test, I woke up at 10 am, and drank 16 ounces of Gatorade, took 1 vitamin, some cranberry pills, and a gram of creatine. I also took 4 aspirin. I drank the rest of the Gatorade over a 15 minute span. I drank the next gatorade, over 20-30 minutes. I took my first ''void'' at this point, and it was dark yellow. About 20 minutes later, I began urinating clear. I continued to drink regular water bottles until 30 minutes before my test. I didn't eat anything prior to my test. About an hour before my test, I bought a red bull, and took one and a half multivitamins. I then ate 4 Tums, and waited to urinate. My last void at home was yellow, but not too yellow. I held it in until I took the test at 2:25. I used the midstream urine as recommended, and my urine was the same shade of yellow as before. The collector commented that my sample smelled like urine, and I wasn't sure if that was a good sign or not. I hoped that was what the red bull would do. I was in and out of Quest in 15 minutes. A week later, I got hired. I have no idea what my levels were, but I passed the 50 ng/mL standard employment test. I had also taken 2 20 mg adderal about 10-11 days before, but I think they just cleared out naturally. Basically, I smoked everyday for 8 months, abstained for 9 days, used the dilution method, and passed. I never took a home test either. I probably won't smoke like that ever again, but hey, I passed. Thanks to everyone who posted good info for me here! Good luck to everyone testing soon, and stay schemin.

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