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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 10, 2004.

  1. buddytoya123

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    If my test is in 3 days and i weigh 300 lbs,
    how can i piss clean?
  2. ToxicJimTHC

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    The time since you quite and time of the drug test is about 31 days. This is good for you and helps big time. Just do all the things you are doing now until the test. Day of test follow N2's guidelines. I give you a very good chance of passing your test. Just don't smoke until then. Use gatoraid if possible day of test.
  3. greatness88

    greatness88 New Member

    Im 22 years old 5 11 and 195 pounds. the last time i smoked was 5 days ago but before that i was pretty consistent. daily. alot. ive already started your routine and i bought a detox drink (pointless i know but im stressing.) im probly gonna drink that too i was just wondering if taking creatine this late (probly 13-14 hours before the test) would still make a difference. this test is only a dipstick test that only tests for weed but it says on it that its possible to come up inconclusive or whatnot. if anyone could answer this asap i would greatly greatly appreciate it.
  4. ToxicJimTHC

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    Sorry for late reply. Yes it's very possible for you to pass or have passed the DDT if you followed N2's dilution metheod. Your age is good and height and weight are with-eh normal paramters of body height size. Up too your soul now hope you won 1 for the team.
  5. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member

    Welcome souls!

    Please keep reviewing the thread and post questions they will get answered ASAP! We are here to help and relax shit happens just learn to step around it? Vast amounts of trial/error have gone into N2's secret recipe. Read the past threads starting at 1 and go the end. This is advice that holds the answer to """how to beat a urine drug test for mary-jane""" type into your search engines.
  6. rimda

    rimda New Member


    I think Jim can help me with this question.

    Im 170 cm 70 kg and been smoking for 7 years everyday. I stopped smoking 28 Oct and have a test 3 or 4th December. I don't think i will get clean just by waiting.. I have read the thread.. But do i have to start the whole process with dulation? I hope I can get some help from you guys.
  7. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member


    Pretty sure you will still be positive on your first pee of the morning till the end of December soul. You have 7 years of build up. The great news is Oct to Dec clean will give you about 34 days NICE for you. Don't smoke until after your DT and you will pass with no problems. 3-4 days before the test load up on creatine. Either creatine monohydrate 3-4 days or cooked meat raw to medium raw 3-7 days. Day of test go with gatoraid for flued intact and follow N2's volume intact to the letter no more or less. You will already be close to passing on your on but why take a chance? Make sure you get 3-4 good pee's out before the test. Stay clean until test and I give you a 96% of passing it.

    Hope this helps and relax soul your days clean almost 100% chance of passing!
  8. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member


    Follow up just stay clean until the day of your test. Relax and follow the advice in the threads. Don't smoke! Do your normal activies or get some new ones until then. Your height and weight are within normal ranges so your body is working in cleaning mode now. Don't interupt it with idiot thinking ya I can smoke a little or take a head shop magic drink before then.
  9. Tokekin

    Tokekin New Member


    First of all, thank you very much for your and N2's advice. I got a call for an interview last Sunday. I stopped smoking immediately and read everything I could about clearing my system. Hence, here I am.

    A little background: I'm 6'2" weigh about 160 pounds and I believe my metabolism is very very high. I quit smoking for over a year due to probation, and started again in late July. Since then I've smoked about 1-2 small bowls of dank a night. It takes me a little over a month to go through a quarter, but I smoke pretty consistently.

    The Story Thusfar: I got my first call for the interview last Sunday. I quit smoking and started loading up on water (was peeing about 12-15 times a day I think?) Monday evening I started taking creatine pills, and continued up until Friday morning. I took the actual drug test Friday afternoon. On Friday I woke up (~9AM,) drank a cup of coffee and took another 3 creatine pills. I then drank the 48oz of water and I was pissing clear. After the first 48oz, I swapped to gatorade (16oz bottles with a teaspoon of salt in each.) I used the gatorade to replace fluids each time I voided (~4oz.) I did my last interview (finished at 1PM) but continued to pee and reload about every 20-30 mins. I went home and took 4 aspirin and ate 5 tums. At 3PM I ate the 10x B Complex and at 4PM my pee turned yellow. I ran a home test on my first yellow piss and it came back with a VERY faint broken line (meaning I barely passed?) This made me nervous, but I had to do the drug test that day so I finished my half-bottle of gatorade, chugged a bottle of water, and went to the test site. I took my test at 5PM.

    I just received word that the lab received my sample tonight, and I'm really nervous. I really want this job. I guess I'm hoping for some reassurance that I might have passed, but really I just wanted to inform people of what I did. Hopefully I'll be back on here tomorrow with good news!


    Edit: A few more things I wanted to add. I collected the sample midstream as recommended. Also, I've been keeping track of my specimen on the lab's website. The time between when it was received and when it was "reported" was just 3 hours. Is this a reasonable indication that I passed the initial test (I don't remember what that test is called. EMIT?) And that my sample never even went in for a GC/MS? I still haven't heard from the testing agency or the potential employer as of Tues 3PM CST. This is a little worrying because I was told they should hear about the results today...
  10. rimda

    rimda New Member

    Thank you Jim for the fast answer. Actually I will not smoke for SURE because this test is so important for me to pass so I can not smoke for sure.

    I start doing spinning 1.5 - 2 hours a day with wetsuit on and will stop 2 days before.

    But I also start eating fish, meat and salad and try to keep carbohydrates away. Should I in any point change my food habits and eat fat food? I read about that you should just eat fat food like a couple of days before the test to refill something. I'm sorry for my bad English but i live in Europe and not really fluent. Just ask me if its something you don't understand.

    But if I do as it's written in the sticky here, for sure I will pass?

    But what do you think about me passing normal without dilution? Yesterday I order some thing that can see how many ng you have in your urin, I will get back to let you know how much ng in the urin as soon as i get them.

    I'm really stressing out, it's nothing else i can think about because i really have to pass this test.

    Thank you so much for the help!
  11. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member


    I say your chances are really good. A quarter a month is not very much spreadout like you do. Very casual smoker you are. But you will test postive for now from your first pee for at least a month or month half. Your program for the test looks right on. Pretty sure your ok soul. Looking at your weight/height ration your pretty skinny and not carying much fat context which helps big time in your favor. I can't see how you would fail with your program you covered creatinie, specific gravity too big things on a test. The small amount you smoke should well be diluted to forsure pass to pass levels.

    For a faint line most tests no matter if you smoke mj or do any hard core drugs means nothing really. People who have never smoke or done drugs and take the test get a faint line also. As long as line is showing no matter how faint it's a pass. Good luck soul and give-em hell in your new job.
  12. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member


    Hard to do but relax you are going to pass! The amount of time you have before the test and by stopping smoking in this time your golden soul. No matter you been smoking on 7 years. Try not to stress out it's impedes your Metabolism and will cause high blood pressure which dosen't help. Try hot baths and add bath salts like epson salts. This should help you relax and get some good sleep. Sleep is very important this is when the body attackes most of the toxin's in your body. First pee/shat of the morning gets rid. Put extra blankets to cover you when you go to bed in about 3 hours you will wake up sweating and blankets will be soaked. Change them out. Your wet suit idea is ok in a limited fashion but only do it till you start to sweat then stop use this idea for about 30 min a day or less. Just be normal and don't go overboard on things your body is working now give it chance.

    Most people have no understanding of what fat cells are. Fat cells are always with us they never go away you are born with a certian amount. By excersising and eating right we only shrink them and they do not turn to muscle always with us ready to go. They just get smaller and nothing attaches itself to them.

    No don't change your eating habits and settle down on your excercise routine. Just do light excercise. No don't worry about eating fat foods a few days before your test to store THC this is BS.

    What do I mean about you not passing without dilution you smoked for 7 years straight and this is the first time your body is looking at going without mj for an extended period of time? No matter what you will be postive for at least 2 months on your first or second pee. Each day the ng cut-off levels will get lower. Time only gets rid of this.
  13. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member


    Follow up in the end and to make sure dilute day of your test just follow the advice and you will be golden with the amount of days clean soul. For your situation as mentioned you have a 96% of passing.
  14. rimda

    rimda New Member

    Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it!

    But I don't know if I can take that risk, because I know for sure that no one will watch me while i do the test because it's for a new employment and its a health test and then they let you go to toilet. Like i think i wrote before, I ordered something so you can see how many nano grams you have in the pie so I will see if its possible for me to get clean before if not. I will get som grin from my friend not syntethic just to be 110% sure I will pass that test, its like my whole future is depending on this shit! HAHa..

    Thanks once again, you get me feel better at least! :D ..
  15. Tsunnamie

    Tsunnamie New Member

    Hello all,
    6'00" 265 40 years old. Smoked everyday for about 4 months after retiring from the military after 20 years. Stopped smoking (Ran Out) Oct 19th. Found a very small amount in my toolbox and smoked it 18 Nov maybe 4-6 hits.
    Found out yesterday I have a Drug test with Quest Diagnosticts 35190N SAP 10-50/2000 W/NIT on 26 Nov mid afternoon. I read through the threads and got all the ingredients needed posted by N2. I also got Niacen 500mg for once a day for the heck of it. Started the Creatine today just for the hell of it. Did a dry run today with First Check THC kit and I was negative (light line but it is definatly there). I also plan on doing another dry run on sunday with first check
    Im asking for anyones thoughts or ideas.
    Anything else I should add?
    Is something with electrolights better than water for example Gatorade Peidalyte?
    I also read about roliads or tums should I add that?
    I also read about people using Certo should I add?
    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice in advance I am a worry wort.

    I read above the gaotrade with 1/4-1/2 salt versus the water regiment.
    I also purchased 1 bottle of a drink from a head shop Should I add that the morning of also?
  16. Uncle Brody

    Uncle Brody New Member

    When I found out I had 3 days to get clean I knew I was fucked, until I started googling around and I found this thread. I read the whole thing and decided I'd give it a shot. I got all I needed, creatine tabs ($11 at walmart) and vitamin b complex (with Vitamin B2-B6-B12 and others, NO NIACIN. At walmart for ~$5) I did the procedure, take the creatine, I did 5 a day (recommended was 3) and the day before I began to dilute my system a little (I Had to be up early so I did it before I went to bed and woke up 3 hours before and drank more.) I also found out about this stuff called fruit gel-pectin, it's in the jello aisle. I poured a whole pack in gatorade and drank it 2 hours before (They say this is when you need to do it) I took the vitamin B complex along with some 325mg aspirin. I checked my pee with 2 test kits from walgreens ($18) and came up negative. Regardless, I didn't get tested. But hey, it worked, I know I was dirty and this might be able to pick up some more info.

    Thanks N2 for the dilution solution, I can smoke free :D
  17. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member

    This thread is alive and well just ask if you have a question? Get good truth advice souls!
  18. QuantumGirl

    QuantumGirl New Member

    Hi there :) I wasn't quite sure where to post, but this seems like a good enough place.

    Short story, I'm 5'9", 140 lbs., 26 years old, former marathon runner so still fit and fairly slim but curvy. First time EVER smoking on Thursday, and didn't know that my fantastic new job required a drug screen. So naive that if I HAD known, I wouldn't have connected the two dots. These're uncharted waters to me!

    So I took 4 kinda-hits...two on my own of very mild bud, and two transferred to me via kissing by my man. My perception was barely altered. I was unaware of the drug screening at work until I showed up on my first day -- today-- and they said, "Whoops! Looks like we forgot the drug test." And I went in a few hours later to take the test. I suck at duplicity. All I can trust is the fact that I eat a lot of red meat, and I drink a good amount of water. Also went on a decent hike around the New Mexican desert yesterday. Fingers crossed. Gentlemen, any guesses to ease my troubled mind?
  19. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member

    How much smoking each day in 1 gram = 0.03527 ounces? What's a small amount in the toolbox nice find or what :) Soul you are going way overboard settle down.ith electrolights better than water for example Gatorade Peidalyte?
  20. Tsunnamie

    Tsunnamie New Member

    Well I took the test today at the medical center who is sending it to quest Diag.
    I did the Dilution method. Here is how it all went down. I am looking for some reasurment because I am freaking out. I did dilution methed as per the instructions. Instead of water I used 32oz gatorade bottles with 2 teaspoons of salt each. I took 1 multi vitamin and a few time reased B12 every hour for five hours prior to test, my urine started to turn yellow about 90 minutes prior to test and looked great at test. I tested myself with a first check at home test and had two super solid lines and my urine was a normal color yellow. I took my drug test on my next void 28.5 minutes later and urine still looked nice and yellow. 60 minutes after test and on my second void after test urine still great color yellow, I did another first check test at home and had solid lines again. So I am hopeful that I my sample was clean. I am just concerned about the result comming back Dillute. I also took 2 - 3 times the recommended dose of creatine tablets from a health store each day for 5 days prior to and including the test. My total fluid intake today from when I woke till the test was one can diet coke, 6 32oz bottles of gatorade (5 with 2 teas salt) and 20 ozs of water mixed in. ToxicJimTHC what do you think? I just need to be able to sleep tonight let. I need your thoughts.

    I am wondering if my test comes back Dilute I can subsitute right. I have been practicing all day and the place I went to was very relaxed shut the door had 4 minutes and girl stayed down the hall. I got a military buddy I tested lastnight just to be sure he is clean been in the Armed forces for 16 years. He is going to drive down with me. give me sample and ill be in and out in 10 minutes. I am wondering other than temp and getting caught should I worry about them treating me different because of the Dilutte and or will they test the sample against yesterdays sample to see if its me?
    Please some one respond

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