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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 10, 2004.

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    Sorry soul you took the test before could talk to you. Reading your past posts and thinking? If your Creatinin and Specific Gravity are good. You John Wayned this test soul!!!! Means you passed solid in my opinion with no dilute. Little late to answer your questions but here go:else I should add?
    Is something with electrolights better than water for example Gatorade Peidalyte?
    I also read about roliads or tums should I add that?
    I also read about people using Certo should I add?
    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice in advance I am a worry wort.
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    1. You take Gatoraid (electrolights), Tums (Calcium) and Salt (Salt) to keep up your Specific Gravity levels in your urine. Like mentioned use a breaker and Hydrometer to measure your urine SG.

    2. As long as the rolaids or tums have lots of Calcium. As mentioned this helps with SG.

    3. Certo? No you would be an idiot. Never proven to do anything.

    Look you have a very good chance if you follow the logic? Looks like you did and will be good to go ok soul!
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    Hey Jim,
    I am wondering if I get a Neg-Dilute I want to sub. I have a friend who is going to go with me and at the mcdonalds next door he is going to suppy sample. I have practicing all day maintaining temp for 2+ hours between 96 and 97. So I am good. I tested him this AM with a at home test he is good. I am wondering other than getting caught and temp is there anything else to worry about?
    1. Will they treat me different at the collection center cause of the dilutte? They where very laxed.
    2. Will they compare the sample between the new and the one yesterday?
    3. Can I go to a different collection site (they are just generic) the one i went to was near my home. The other guys went to one by my work and said it was even more relaxed?
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    To get a dilute two tests must fail. They pass or fail you on these two for dilute. The two are Creatinine levels and Specific Gravity in your urine. Both are always in your urine. By using water in the dilute meothod you flush both of these out or very close too being diluted out. This is why you use the Creatine Monohydrate or Raw cooked beef 3-7 days before your test. It coverts to Creatinine in about 48 hours and builds the levels up in your liver/urine. The Gatoraide, Tums and Salt give weight to your urine to pass the Specific Gravity Test. Read the past post about SG with water meothod most people are in the range of SG 1.003- 1.005 a pass but iffy (Water 1.000 SG). Normal urine is 1.20 in the morning and losing it's weight the more water you consume in the day. By using the Gatoraide, Tums and Salt your SG no matter who you will be in the range of 1.10 a solid pass.

    Questions answered:

    1. NO you are a human being with a soul they will ask you to come back for a re-test very rare. Don't worry you will not dilute. Just tell them you drink a lot of water each day.
    2. NO useless it's sent to a lab they will tell you within 15 minutes if you pass or fail the whole Drug Test.
    3. Yes do research on the lab if the Company is not sending you to the one they use?

    You will pass with days clean and following N2's method and my advice. Do a few test and see.
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    Sorry Creatine Monohydrate can be found in any Supplement Store or Weight Lifter Body Builder Store. I perfer it over eating lots of meat. Make sure it's 100% pure Creatine Monohydrate any nothing else. If they are out of CM they will try to sell you something similiar with Creatine in it. Don't Buy on Buy the C-Monohydrate.
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    Dammit Souls I should charge you money for on how to pass a urine drug test. Read the thread we have given you the knowledge, advice, tools, hints and tips up to you souls. Relax and follow up shit happens learn to step around it :) Very rare I step in dog shat these days> WE are here to help you and hopefully you teach and help us on your adventures!
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    Hey All, (Especially N2 and ToxicJim)

    I promised I would check back in after I found the results of my drug test. Annnnnnnnddddd.....I just got the job today!!!!!! I owe you all a lot of thanks for this (Especially N2 and ToxicJim, I would smoke you guys out if I could.) If someone told me I could pass a drug test less than 5 days after smoking last (and without substitution or spending $100) I woulda called BS. This process is amazing!

    For anyone who wants to see what I did, my post is on Page 81, maybe 2/3rds down the page.

    [Now a rant; Please ignore if you wish]
    First, Props to Colorado and Washington State for legalizing Marijuana. I hope other states follow suit (my state will probably be the last to do it.) My big problem however, is drug testing. It is nearly unbelievable that truly dangerous drugs like heroine, meth, oxy, etc... stay in your system for only a few days; while marijuana can take weeks! Nevermind the fact that it should be legal.. The fact that the least harmful drug stays in your system the longest for a drug test..
    /end boring rant

    This method works folks! just do what N2 and ToxicJim have compiled, quit smoking as soon as you start the job hunt, and you have nothing to worry about (even though it is a very nerve-wracking experience.)

    Thank you so much to all of you who helped, and good luck to those of you with a drug test in the future.
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    Way 2 Go Soul! Enjoy your new job and direction in life!
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    So a little background on me. 28yr old male, 230lbs, very slow metab. Smoke close to an 8th every day for 10yrs. I actually was smoking 100% hash oil extracted from really dank herbals using a C02 system almost daily. I HAVE NOT SMOKED ANYTHING in 70 DAYS AS OF TODAY. So as far as my upper levels of THC concentration, they were completely maxed out 70 days ago more than likely higher than most people on this forum. If this sounds like bragging, I assure you it is not, this is more like a taxicab confessional considering I'm now still freaking about a urine test day after tomorrow (5th of Dec).

    Last toke = Sept 18th
    Drug test = Dec 5th
    Aprox. 77 days total being clean

    I am still a little bit freaked out b/c I took an at home First Check test and the line was almost invisible 70 days in! I had not diluted and had actually been doing some fairly physical work earlier in the day. I kinda wanted to take the test as a sort of "worst case non-diluted" test to see if I would pass without dilution. There is no way I'm gonna take the screen w/out dilution now.

    So I am going to be using the N2 dilution method just to be sure. Been taking my creatine since Sunday afternoon (aprox. 10g/day). Been eating fatty foods and limiting exercise (no real change there;)). My urine screen is @ 4pm Wed.

    I know the cutoff for my test is going to be the standard Department of Transportation (DOT) 50ng/ml, so I am cautiously optimistic about my results. If there is anyone within my (75 days ago) same daily smoking regiment and marshmallow like physique, tell me your pass/fail result. Also, any recommended tips you guys would recommend outside the N2 dilution method (that won't effect urine to go off the scales with values), let me know.
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    Your golden soul you will pass easy with dilution and 70 days cleans. Just stick to the dilution metheod day of the test and don't go overboard at all. You are very close to passing without diluting but why take a chance! Give yourself another 25 days and THC would be gone from your body forsure. For your test just make sure Creatinine and Specific Gravity levels are good. Read up a few posts on my advice for SG you have the Creatinine levels covered.

    Relax I give you a 100% chance of passing soul.
  11. 75daysdown

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    Tomorrow is the big day, so I wanted to run another test just to get some rest tonight.

    Just got back from work and picked up a couple First Check tests from the drug store, just used one to see where I was at and it had a VERY SOLID line..Woo! I would likely have failed the specific gravity though. The void was "yellow-ish" I think it woulda been border line. I'm probly a bit over hydrated today and was drinking a lot of water and Poweraid during work. I'm gonna take a small amount of creatine right now (5:30pm). My test is 23 hrs from right now, so hopefully it will help out. Had some greasy chowmein for lunch too:) and I've got my vitamin B12/B Complex ready for the big day tomorrow. I will post my results of course, and thanks to everyone here (Toxic and N2 esp).
  12. Tsunnamie

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    Hello all,
    I PASSED!!!! Thank you all for the advice and support. I wanted to let you all know my result because I found it frustrating when I was reading all the people asking questions and never giving the reslt.
    Below is what I did.
    Thanks Again
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    Way To Go! Yes a lot of people come here in desperation looking for answers and we do try to help them out. When they pass they never come back until the next time facing a DT. Anyway so glad you passed I new you would! Stay free, healthy and strong and give them hell in your new job and direction in life. Enjoy it!
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    I posted on here about a month ago just figured Id come back to say that i did pass my test! It was just a stick test and the line was pretty light but my po didnt question it too hard so I was good. Future reference though (because im not bright enough to have stopped smoking) what mg of aspirin are we speaking when we say take however many pills? I only had 80 mg pills and was wondering that if they were higher they might be more effective, ut i also didnt want to take way too much. If anybody has taken stronger ones please let me know and thanks alot for all the help!
  15. ToxicJimTHC

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    Well done and thanks for sharing soul! I knew you would do it. For aspirin it must only be of the brand Bayer Aspirin Brand. No other. It comes in many strengths 100mg-200mg-250mg-325mg-500mg. For the amount of the day of your test 800-1000 mg would be good. The best thing to do is take 250-500 mg each day for a week leading up to you test date. This is not only healthy for you but also builds up during this time in your system. Saying this you can still pass easy enough without taking it in case you don't have access to it. But it helps a lot to take it. Read my pass posts on this. It also helps to take vits a week-twoweeks or threeweeks each day. You build the b-2-b12-multivitamin ect.. and color is good.
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    I need piece of mind, not sure if this is the proper thread but it seems most active. I was smoking low grade marijuana daily for over 10 yrs but stopped for 14 days at which point i smoked 1 blunt (1 gram or so). i went another 15 days and smoked 3 blunts (guessing 1 gram per blunt) between thanksgiving and the following day.

    I havent smoked since then.

    Every 3 days or so ive been taking AZO standard and niacin flush free 500 mg everyday.
    I am 36 yrs old 6'1 and 150lbs, i'm skinny and have high metabolism and i work out very little.
    I've always drank alot of water throughout the day for as many years as i can remember but recently even more to the point that clear urine is normal for me. Maybe 4-5 16.9 oz bottles of water throughout the day and a cup of coffee when i wake up 2 12 oz beers before bed. I feel i piss alot.

    I have to take a urine screen in 3 days (monday the 17th) for pre employment and i'm a little worried.
    I like the information here on dilution because i feel I am already there but I would like to know that I'm actually clean so I bought a $20 home test kit from cvs today that I plan to use on Sunday. I was also thinking not to drink too much water on Sunday because I want my urine to be naturally yellow. Maybe just coffee and soda or green tea.

    Can anyone give me some insight on the possibility of being clean in 25 days.

    Thank you to anyone who might reply to this.
  17. ToxicJimTHC

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    wishing all a merry christmas and long life and health/happyness souls. Ready to answer any 1's questions on how to pass a drug test? If you have a question concern please ask?
  18. ToxicJimTHC

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    25 days is very good and with the dilution method you will pass with no problems. Without diluting and your first pee of the morning, you would test postive for at least another month or so. After 10 years of build up takes a while for body to completly clean out. Don't waste a test on your first pee it will be postive for a while. Now your third- fourth pee's would be negative using dilution method and would stay that way for at least 2-3 hours after starting the dilution method day of your test. You should have no problems passing the test soul just stick to the method.
  19. Magnetman

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    Thank you for your response. After reading through this thread I am confident you and IamN2pot know
    what you're talking about.

    I can try the dilution method but a few things that concern me:

    I will not have any B vitamins in pill form, maybe i can eat something to replace that. Again, my urine is usually close to clear and I'm concerned that I will have trouble getting it to look yellow enough. I will not have any (bayer) aspirin. Also I've had one 16 .oz glass of water with 1 scoop of creatine in the early evenings for the past 2 days. The bottle says a scoop is 57g but I'm sure alot of that is sugar. The creatine I've been taking is Six Star Creatine x3.

    I have no way of checking my levels so I can just hope I'm taking enough.
    On the day of the test I will dilute, drink poweraid with some salt, and a 600 mg calcium supplement. The rest will be out of my hands I guess.

    I apologize for the rambling but the anticipation is getting the best of me. Thanks again I will continue to read through these boards and leave a response in the results thread as soon as I know how it went.
  20. Magnetman

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    24 hrs to approve a post is a nightmare in this situation although I do understand the reasoning to behind it.

    Anyway last night I had another 16 .oz water mixed with 1 scoop of the creatine I mentioned after which I had 1 more 16 .oz and a can of soda within 6hrs. I didnt want to drink too much water because I wanted my urine to get back to a darker yellow naturally.

    When I woke up I took my First Check home THC test with my very first void of the day, I made sure to get
    the first bit and as close to the last bit of the stream in as possible because I wanted to see where I stood.
    According to this test that supposed to be 99% accurate I aced it with 2 solid lines. I was amazed I even checked the date to be sure it wasnt expired because I couldnt believe my eyes.

    I will be taking my ecup test tomorrow paperwork says non dot pre-employment. I wil not be able to dilute completely for fear of the color of my urine but I will probably drink 1 coffee followed by 1 16 .oz water and a 32 .oz fruit punch poweraid and calcium supplements, void at least twice then take test.

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