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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 10, 2004.

  1. ToxicJimTHC

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    Don't worry about the B vits for colour. Not that important for the test. Creatinine and Specific Gravity very important keep those levels up. Don't worry about the bayer asperin either. It helps but not a critical piece of the dilute method formula. You will be fine just dilute and follow the method as close as you can. I give you 100% chance of passing soul!
  2. Mukumbi

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    Hey, Greets and love this site. I am from the UK and have a test coming up. It will be 45 days clean by the time I last had a joint when I take the test. Before then it was once maybe twice a week (sharing a joint with tobacco and weed). I am 30days clean now. I bought 50ng/l strips a week ago and passed those with my first void of the day. I managed to get some 25ng/l strips (are these accurate??) and I passed with first void of day today. So I have 15 days to go. My test is at the 25ng/l limit! I am 150pounds, slim and exercise a lot. 37 years old. Any advice! I am planning on carrying sub urine and diluting as a plan B if I am observed. Any advice??
  3. ToxicJimTHC

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    No problems you will pass 100% with very little dilute. Don't smoke and just live life normally for next 15 days. Don't sub you don't need the worry you will pass with a simple dilute day of your test. Maybe do a couple of practice dilutes over the 15 days? You don't need much dilute to pass just stick to N2's method day of test no more. Make sure day of your test you get 3 good pee's out before test pee. 45 days clean soul you have no problems will John Wayne the test :)
  4. Mukumbi

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    Thank for the reassurance, I feel a bit more relaxed. I was just a little concerned because my urine test cut off will be 25ng/l and if fail that its the dreaded GC/MS :wasted: I managed to get some 25ng/l THC test strips which I have passed but was not sure whether to trust those....... This forum is great!
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    quick question...

    I am a 132lbs male 5'6 with a pretty fast metabolism and i havent been smoking in years until last week. 2 hit on the bong and half a blunt. I found out that i will have a ua for a job on monday morning and thought i blew it automatically. What should i do??
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    Hi im 5 feet 10 inches tall, I weigh 135 pounds, have a fast metabolism. I have been blazing twice a week for 2 months ussualy I smoke .2 grams each time I do of good weed. I stopped smoking 5 days ago. I am going to be tested with a pharmacy urine test randomly but I know it will not be for at least two more weeks, so at the very minimum it will be 19 days after my last smoke is this enough time to pass a drug test without diluting my urine
  7. ToxicJimTHC

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    Sorry all been away in Singapore setting up a power station. Back now to help and give advice!
  8. Mukumbi

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    Welcome back Jim. Thanks for all your advice. I passed my test! Understand what you are all going thrugh out there, this all put a bid downer on my X mas but I followed the dilution method to the letter and passed (25 ng/l test). Be strong, you can do it - N2's method working strong in 2012!
  9. Gil Smash

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    So I have a drug test coming up relatively soon that also includes a physical and from what I can find online it sounds like trying to do the substitution method would be really risky. My question now is it even remotely possible for me, 6'4" maybe ~240lbs, to pass with a week of not smoking? I smoked Sunday and I usually smoke a couple times on the weekends and then almost every night on the weekdays but only small amount. If it is possible is the aspirin method still recommended? Should I work out non stop? I might be able to get it pushed back farther as I have yet to accept the job and after I accept I assume it will be a couple days till they want to get tested but I could say that I'd rather start two weeks later or something.
  10. technical76

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    just went thru this a few years ago, but here i go again. i passed last time, and smoke less now.... but.... lol I bought a gram of some dank about 3 weeks ago on a whim, and slowly smoked it over a period of 15-16 days. like one or 2 small hits in the evening. Before that almost zero smoking in the last 8 or nine months. Then i get a call this morning for an interview, dream job scenario, mega bucks ( isent my resume almost 5 wks ago and gave up on them calling me). last smoked 2 days ago one hit. If the interview goes well, i will most likely have my UA on Friday which is in 4 days. I am 6' 185 pounds, in fairly good shape, 36 yrs old white male. I am picking up some creatine, tums, gatorade in a few hours. wish me luck, i will update when its over. gotta get thru the interview first i guess. any thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. ToxicJimTHC

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    Gil Smash,

    Yes it's very possible for you to pass. Stop smoking now until after test first. If you can delay the longer time the better if not then diluting will still work for you. No don't work out just do your normal activities during the day. Read some of the past posts also. Follow N2's dilute methoed to the tee. Make sure your Creatinine and SG levels are up read post on how this is done for day leading up and on test day. Yes the aspirin is stll good to use it still helps. You can dilute the metabolites by diluting using N2's meothod but you need to make sure you Creatinine and SG levels are up! If you follow the past posting advice and N2's method you have a very good chance of passing the test soul.
  12. ToxicJimTHC

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    You don't need luck you will pass with that small amount and using the N2's metheod No Problem! Don't go overboard you already are close to passing just don't use your first pee make sure it's your 3-4 pee of the day test day. Your still hot on your 1st pee at least for another 7-10 days. Follow N2's method to the tee day of your test and no problems soul for you soul!
  13. dv83

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    Hello to y'all first

    Second, from what I've been reading and the positive feedbacks I believe this
    Is the way to go. Plus how long this forum has been going on is to say the least is

    So I haven't smoked in maybe 2 years, friends put a goodbye party for me, she says take a puff, all in all 3 joints all mine and fair stuff
    ( I've had better) next morning it finally dawned at I've gotta take a pee test before heading to the oil rigs
    In 4 days! So I'm 27, 5' 11", 210lbs, aweful metabolism and I try to exercise but never
    Get into a routine, I wanted to ask if there's any chance of me even passing this thing or
    Do I have anything to worry about? $80,000 yr job is on the line and will be "blacklisted" if I fail.
    Obviously I will be taking N2's advice down to the T.
  14. ToxicJimTHC

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    Yes you have a pretty good chance of passing. You need to start today building your Creatinine Levels. Stop smoking until your test. Make sure your Creatinine Levels and Specific Gravity Levels are built up for day of the test. 4 days is pushing it but you should be ok as long as you don't smoke and read the advice posted. Diluting you will prob pass the test but they could get you on Creatinine and SG Levels. Very important for these to be within the limits right now for you! Make sure it's 3 or 4th pee you give the sample that day and take sample from mid stream. Good Luck Soul if i had a week to work with you NP but 4 days is borderline.
  15. ToxicJimTHC

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    Follow up sorry did not read your whole post just got home from work and read part before giving advice. If you have not smoked in 2 years and only the 3 jays now with dilution method you should be good to go and pass. Not enough build up in your body with only 3 jays in 2 years! Dilution will put you below the 50 ml metabolites level. But Creatinine and SG Levels if not built up might fail you. You have a really good chance of passing if you follow are advice read the first 6 pages and last 6 pages of the thread and follow what we say. Myself spent 16 years a rig pig worked my way up to Diretional Driller at the end and left. Hard Life son but G-luck!
  16. Mr420CO

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    So I am a pretty big guy 6ft, 340lb.. I only recently starting smoking, every night for a month, then I stopped for about 3 weeks. I found a baggie with a few hits in it and smoked it. Now as of today I have been clean again for almost 2 weeks. I have a phone interview on Feb 20th, and I imagine if that goes well I will have an in person interview and UA to follow. I know about the "30 day" rule, What are my chances of passing considering the couple of days in between when I smoked some. ]

    Sorry if I rambled on in this post, I'm a newb :)
  17. ToxicJimTHC

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    Make sure you don't smoke anymore until after your test! Looks like by the time of your test you will be 3-4 weeks clean? Very good for you. You will still need to dilute day of your test to be 100% sure you pass. Right now you will still be dirty for at least another 3-4 weeks without diluting. Not to worry with amount of days clean and diluting you will pass no problem. Just don't smoke until then! Read and follow N2's method leading up to and day of your test and read over what I have said in the past posts. If you don't smoke and dilute day of your test I give you a 90% chance of passing soul. G-Luck!
  18. Mr420CO

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    Thanx Toxic! I bought an at home test from walgreens, I rook it after a regular day, no dilution, and it was negative, so I think i'll be good diluting before the test.
  19. Mr420CO

    Mr420CO New Member

    I am a diabetic, can this affect anything levels in a UA? i had blood work done a few months ago and creatine was high, (i dont remember the level) :)
  20. rimda

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    I am 5.7 and 158lb. Ive not smoked for 3.5 month and now i smoked like 4 grams of good skunk within 5 days so my question is, how long time to I need to get clean? And also if I do the dilution after how long time do you guys think its safe?

    I just heard at work that we will do a test again don't know when yet. Maybe in 7-10 days. Do you guys have any ideas?

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