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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Smokey McPothea, Jul 15, 2005.

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    First question is: The "At Home Drug Tests" (www.athomedrugtest.com i believe is the site) . . Those are these "dip stick" drug tests I have been hearing about. No?

    Second Question. I got great news from one of those tests. After (counts the days) about 30-33 days of smoking, the test came out negative. Not a very faint line or anything. This was a definate negative. What my question is, is this: . . . What is the level of THC the dipstick tests detect? Does a gas spectromy (sp?) pass under the same amount? Is it less/more?

    I have a military drug test coming up when I go to MEPS and I have been holding off to going to MEPS until an at home test comes out negative. That happened so now I am wondering. Will the military's test have a chance of coming out an accurate positive, or am I good with the negative test of the dip stick test?

    I am wondering if maybe I am below the detectable amount for the dipstick test but over the limit of the gas spectromy test. Any chance of that happening? What are the odds?
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    Yes, they are dipstick type test.

    The Home test has a cutoff of 50ng/mL. A GC/MS test will have a cutoff of 15ng/mL. The different numbers are because the initial screen (Home test) is counting the total of all 31 THC metabolites and if the total amount of all 31 metabolites is 50 or more, the test is possitive and a gc/MS conformation test is needed. The GC/Ms is only counting 1 THC metabolite, THC-COOH. THC-COOH is roughly 1/3 of the total THC metabolites on marijuana, so a count of 15 THC-Cooh metabolites is roughly equal to a total count of 50 for ALL THC metabolites.

    Yes and while the odds are slim, they are equal that you could be possitive on the initial screen and negitive for the GC/MS. But since once a sample passes the initial sacrrn it will NOT be GC/MS tested, your senerio won't happen.
  3. Smokey McPothea

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    So what your saying is . . .

    Ok, so what your saying is that if I pass the dipstick test, I should pass the GC/MS test? Considering the dipstick test . . counts you said 31 different metabolites and the GC/MS test only tests for one, that you could have more in your system for the GC/MS test then for the dipstick test to test negative?

    Meaning, say I tested positive for the dipstick test (last test was a DEFINATE negative result, very solid line for both the C and T lines). There is a slim possibility of testing negative on the GC/MS test? Do i have that backwards or should i be feeling confident with the negative dip stick test?

    I would imagine that big honkin machine you showed a picture of in one of your posts would be able to detect much smaller amounts of THC since it's got all these functions that it goes through to filter out different chemicals etc.?

    Basically what I am saying is . . . while the dipstick came out negative is, it didnt find a noticeable amount of the 31 metabolites, which means I am apparently UNDER the 50ng/ml limit for that test. While the GC/MS test only tests for one, but is detectable at 15ng/ml correct? Would I be correct in assuming that because it only tests for one metabolite that you theoretically could have more THC in your system to test negatively for THC in the GC/MS test then in a dipstick test?
  4. IamN2pot

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    Yes. I am also saying that if you pass the initial test, there is no GC/MS. GC/MS is ONLY used to confirm a possitive initial test.


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