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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by maryjane33, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. maryjane33

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    First Ill thank everyone on this site for the great advice! Ive been passing DOT randoms for a year with sub method. Today however...i didnt have enough clean urine to fill the cup..i maybe got like 2 teaspoons of my own VERY dirty urine in the cup. What does anyone think of this? Ever happened to anyone? I hope it wasnt enough to affect my negative result..this would be devastating. Please respond with experience, advice, opinion??:confused:
  2. HempKnightUT

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    From my experience of taking a UA, you don't really need that much urine in a cup to be able to be tested. You only need like 1/3 full if even that. (At least that's what I've been instructed from taking UAs) You probably should not have mixed clean urine with dirty urine.. You may be lucky and get a diluted result and get a chance (if you're doing it for a job??) to take another, but you still need to get some clean urine.. I don't know a lot about lab tests and I'm guessing that's most likely what they will be doing, but from what I understand is it breaks down your urine and finds the chemical composure of what's inside of it.. (Someone with more knowledge please correct me if I'm wrong, or fix whatever errors there may be on this) I won't get too much into the lab test information, because I don't know enough about it yet, but you may be lucky and get diluted...
  3. lew scannon

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    How much clean urine did you have? DOT only requires 45 ml of urine sample.

    DOT tests check for 5 types of drugs plus a specimen validity test which consists of checking the creatinine, pH, specific gravity, excessive nitrites, certain oxidiants, and the presence of surfactants and other adulterants.
  4. maryjane33

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    this test was a random for DOT. I carry a fresh bottle of urine, heated with hand warmers. Today the guy asked for more than usual..i think he ended up dumping some out..it is a split test. I dont think i got much of my own urine in there but that would be my luck. Thanks for the advice, im hoping ill pass. Hardest part is the wait!!
  5. maryjane33

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    I had a 2 oz shampoo bottle..he asked me to fill cup almost half way and i didnt want to risk not enough and him dumping it out and making me go again....I Panicked and like I said ive done it soo many times with no problem:hail:
    Anyone ever heard of this happning? I am obsessing over this and will be for like days until i feel i wont be getting a call...what pisses me off the most (at Myself) is that i know they dont need that much but like i said for some reason today i panicked.
    any response will help..i tried getting on chat but wont work for me...wish i could smoke one
  6. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    In the future, keep in mind that if 45 ml is all you could submit, the collector must accept the sample, as per DOT regulations.

    DOT regulations also require that all collection cups must have graduated volume markings clearly noting 45 ml and above.
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  7. maryjane33

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    thanks lews...i guess ill just have to wait and see what happens. If I dont get a call by Thursday Id say im all set and will make sure i never make this mistake again. prob wont eat till then, lol

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