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    After reading extensively online about distilling maryjane with alcohol, I was just wondering if anyone here has their personal advice on the subject they could share. I was reading where some people swear you have to leave it distilling for several weeks for the booze to leach out all the THC from the bud, while others maintain that you should only leave it soaking for a few hours, and anything more will harm the compounds, and diminish the potency. Most things Ive read put the mix at the same level as making oil: 1g of buds to 1oz of booze. So just throwing a thread out there to see what the members here have tried. The one common thing Ive run across is that a lot of people insist that its the most efficient way to use your stuff, only needing an eyedropper full to do the trick...THANKS!!!
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    I always let mine soak as long as I can stand it. About 1-1.5 grams per oz of alcohol. I figure if I am going to smoke the weed until it is ash, soaking everything out of it isn't any worse, but I might be wrong. I buy tincture bottles at the local health food store. They come in 1 or 2 oz sizes and are brown to keep out light and come with an eyedropper built into the top.

    Grind/chop weed as fine as possible, put in bottle, let it soak as long as you can stand it. At least a month is my marker. but it might work earlier than that. I just leave the weed in the bottle and let it keep soaking even though I am consuming the tincture. What's it going to hurt. Worst thing that can happen is you get a little weed in your mouth, but it won't hurt you.

    I have had success with 190 proof alcohol, but equal success ( as far as I could tell)with 70 proof alcohol. I am not a chemist, but as I understand it the weed and alcohol will find each other and in terms of efficiency the stronger booze will just work quicker. It will also absorb more thc per oz, but at the described ratio the 70 proof stuff worked fine after 30 days.
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    more efficient than making oil?

    Thanks! Ive been distilling herbs (mullein, black walnut husks, red clover blossoms, etc.) with 100proof peppermint schnapps for quite a few years, so Im quite familiar with the process...and have plenty of eyedropper bottles. My next question is: have you found that it goes a longer way than making oil? What is your recommended doseage? Ive heard anywhere from 7-20drops. Quite a few 420ers swear its the best way to partake, maintaining its goes farther than any other way of ingesting (some even say it lasts longer this way than smoking or vaping). As a point of reference, in the past it was usually about 5-7 eyedroppers-full for a beautiful ride when I used the oil...thanks again!!!!!
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    I use about 1.5 grams per oz and have a very low tolerance. I usually use 1-2 ml which I believe is 1-2 eyedroppers full. I do plan on smoking when the tincture kicks in, so I guess more if your just wanting to try straight tincture. And/or have a high tolerance.
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    The process you're describing is alcohol extraction, not distillation. Distillation is a process in which heat or low pressure are used to cause part of a mixture to vaporize, after which it is reclaimed with a condenser.
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