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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by chronicpainmomma, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. chronicpainmomma

    chronicpainmomma New Member

    Ditch weed grows wild all over around here. I happened to smell it recently and wondering . . . would ditch weed flower before most outdoor growing does? :D I might need to go on a hunt . . .
  2. Parker1023

    Parker1023 New Member

    When I read this title, I thought you were gonna tell us a story about how you had to ditch your weed.
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  3. GetRondo'd

    GetRondo'd New Member

    Me too. I was bracing myself for the horrors of wasted bud lol
  4. chronicpainmomma

    chronicpainmomma New Member

    LOL, NO! :p

    I've been googling and reading about ditch weed since we drove by a huge patch yesterday. But I have to go back - I didn't SEE it, just smelled it! Not sure if it's ditch weed or seeds someone through out a window. BUT I know what I smelled!

    From what I've read so far, ditch weed isn't really smokable and that hemp farming back in the day created all this random ditch weed we have here. Some ppl say it won't get you high, others say it does.

    Consensus here?

    It's good ole Nebraska ditch weed.
  5. GetRondo'd

    GetRondo'd New Member

    I'm pretty sure there is too little THC in it for it to effect you too much. I wouldn't even bother with it if I were you, honestly.
  6. PolishPablo

    PolishPablo New Member

    Haha same here
  7. Metalhead1365

    Metalhead1365 New Member

    Me and my friends family found 3 plants in the alleyway behind their new house. There was a plant with no bud, a more mature one with small buds on the top, and a little wee one. My friends mom took a pic of it and threw it like it was nothing. :( It was heartbreaking. Idk if it was ditch weed or not but I hope to go back when it's more mature and pick it to see. :)
  8. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Ditch weed will infact flower.It has most likely been there for years, which means it has had time to get used to the local weather.So If you keep an eye on it all summer.Depending on variety, IT should be ready in october.And sooner if the variety is less sativa.IF the stuff has been there for years.It probbaly will resist a few frosts as well.Whatever the local climate is, it should handle the elements to a certain point.

    Only problem is.You need to go remove all of the males in order for the stuff not to be full of seeds, and actually usable.
    But then again, if it's 100 year old hemp.IT's not going to get you high either..
  9. FenceWalker

    FenceWalker Recluse

    Unless you happen to stumble across plants that are a result of somebody tossing seeds, the ditch weed will be useless for smoking. Like you posted, in Nebraska it is everywhere which is why I know of no successful sensi outdoor grows here. It always gets pollinated with ditch weed.

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