Dixie Elixirs Will Host Snoop Dogg On The “Green Carpet” at Opening Of Snoop’s Reincarnation

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    Dixie will co-host the exclusive “green carpet screening” of Snoop Lion’s upcoming “Reincarnated” movie premiere on Friday, April 19th, at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado. The premiere coincides with the “420 weekend” events that will take place during that time period.

    “The upcoming 420 events here in Colorado represent new opportunities for cannabis businesses including our Dixie brand” said Tripp Keber, CEO of Red Dice Holdings. “For the first time in our nation’s history, an adult twenty-one years and older can access this powerful plant for whatever purpose he or she deems appropriate. This creates a significant marketing opportunity for our company and Dixie’s alignment with the Snoop Lion brand positions us to take full advantage of what Amendment 64 now offers residents of the State of Colorado.”

    In the November 2012 general election, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64, which in effect legalized cannabis for adult use. Those 21 years or older can possess one ounce of cannabis. Further legislation enactment is likely to allow non-Colorado residents 21 and older to possess up to ¼ ounce.

    The Dixie Elixirs and Edibles brand is well positioned to serve both the medical cannabis and adult use markets as Amendment 64 continues to be implemented. Currently, the company offers 12 distinct product lines and delivery systems, featuring over 80 unique products, under the Dixie Classic, Dixie Botanicals and Dixie X umbrellas. Some products include Dixie Ginger Mango Dew Drops, Dixie Botanicals Hemp Salvation Balm and Dixie Elixirs Sparkling Pomegranate. Dixie products are found in the majority of Colorado’s 500+ Medical Marijuana Centers (MMCs).

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