Do banks drug test?

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    Hello Everyone! I'm looking to get a new job starting this August and have sincerely started considering becoming a bank teller at Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. I did a search to see if anyone else had asked this question and though there were a couple of threads the answers conflicted with one another. Does anyone with banking experience know whether or not any of these banks or any others do drug tests? If so is it pre-employment only, random drug testing during employment or both? Any experienced responses in this field would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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    According to Test Clear: Companies That Drug Test you might be looking at a urine test, for Wells Fargo.

    IDK how legit all the responses are , but the one I listed for my job is true. ;)
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    Man I wouldn't work for Chase. Those fuckers scammed the Marijuana Policy Project out of a win in a recent charity thing they did.

    Article link
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    Yeah I heard about that but in reality what company is really going to want to be associated with marijuana anyway, at least while it's still illegal. That would just cause so much negative advertisement towards Chase that it wouldn't even be close to worth donating in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I love marijuana and I believe in the cause, I just understand where Chase is coming from. At&t gets attacked just because they don't have coverage in unpopulated areas, I can only imagine the negative advertisement toward a company who donates a lot of money to an activist group for weed.
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    Yeah I totally agree. I, as a business owner, wouldn't go proudly displaying my pro-Cannabis views for fear of losing customers. It's a shame and I hope it finally dies in the arse over the next few years. I look forward to the day it's looked down on to be anti-Cannabis :)
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    YES they do

    I have experience at Chase, Wells Fargo, US Bank, and Key Bank. Chase and Key Bank drug test. Wells Fargo, and US Bank however do not, unless you enter a management position. None of them do routinely/surprise tests once you get employed. Just need to pass it the first initial time. Hope that helps!?
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    No, they don't

    I worked for Wells for a few months. No drug test at all, just a background check. Those people will hire just about anyone, unless you have theft in your background. First Niagra is where I'm starting tomorrow, so far I'm not expecting a drug test but i guess I'll find out in the morning (aaah!!)
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    I've worked for WF for about four years now and the call centers DO NOT drug test but the branches do (depending on what state you're in.. I'm in Texas and they do here). I don't know about BofA or Chase but wells does. Good luck!

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