Do high-end vaporizers conserve more bud?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JoHahn, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. JoHahn

    JoHahn New Member

    I've been tokin' for awhile and im looking to buy a vaporizer to save money on bud. I'm currently deciding between an easy vape ($100 at my local head shop) and a vapor brothers ($190). How much herb will one of these vapes actually save me (e.g. how much less herb used to get the same high vs. a pipe)? Would a more expensive vape be more efficient and conserve even more? I'm willing to order online or pay a lot more for a vape that's guaranteed to conserve more bud because it will pay for itself. If there is a noticeable difference, which vape will conserve the most bud on the market (besides the purple days)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Herbania

    Herbania Don't fear the reefer

    It's been my experience direct draw whip type (non motorized airflow) vaporizers use the least amount of weed . When you get your hit you can remove it from the heat then re-apply when you're ready for the next one. They are harder to get used too...I've only used the Vapolution(over priced today, i got mine cheap), the herbal air and the volcano. The vapolution, a direct draw whip vape, used less weed and produced a much better tasting hit. The only advantage to the bags and the motorized air flow ones are they are more friendly to multiple users and don't require a learning period. High end vapes seem to be easier to use and have more features, but then again it is just more stuff that can break...

    I'm sure 5-drive has better info about the brands you mentioned, he seems to be the resident vapologist....
  3. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Most use less with a vape. Vaporizing is more efficient than smoking. How much? Depends on the person, the vape, and most importantly, how you use it. Good convection models can all be efficient, but with a standard size whip bowl, you tend to load more and take bigger hits. A big hit usually means a bigger and quicker exhale, which lowers efficiency. You can load small and/or hit small, but it's not as enjoyable. Starting at a high temp is also inefficient. You'll go through a bowl quickly with high heat. It's better to start low to medium and move the temp up (if you want) when you stop getting significant vapor.

    Not really. At around the $300 level, you get digital that's accurate, and that may help a little with judging your temp, but getting the most out of your herb is mostly a matter of controlling your temp and your hits. In my experience you can't take a huge hit (especially at a higher temp, where the vapor turns harsh), exhale in a few seconds, and extract all the compounds. Your lung tissue isn't that much of a magnet for THC and cannabinoids.

    The PD is efficient because of the fixed temp and the small bowl. That's it. The iolite is just as efficient, due to the fixed temp, but with a much bigger bowl, you'll tend to load more, and you'll tend to vape the whole bowl. Do you have to vape the whole bowl? No, but that's the tendency, just like you'll be inclined to take a bigger hit with a full sized whip. A vape with a temp control is potentially more efficient, since you can gradually move the temp up and get more of the high temp cannabinoids. Efficiency is all about using discipline with the temp (if variable) and your hits.
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  4. dabuddhauser

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    I have a da buddha vape and I LOVE it. I was a blunt smoker before vapeing so yeah I conserve so much bud now. I also workout daily and my lungs feel like ive never smoked a day in my life. The thing I also love about da buddha is how simple its made, my dog has knocked it off my table a couple of times and it doesnt even have a scratch on it. It's made so be very durable and has a 3 year warrenty, I believe is much better that vape bros IMO. So many positives with only a few drawbacks. Drawbacks for me include, harder to vape in groups and the portability.
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  5. TastyBongWater

    TastyBongWater New Member

    My vaporizer does this extremely well. I have little money to spend and this HerbalAire vaporizer is amazing in saving bud. I smoked six people up with about a gram, little less. And after the first bowl half them didn't even want another. These people had medium to high tolerances too. I got mine on ebay good deal $180 brand new. It pays for it self very quickly and it's a claimed to be more efficient that any vaporizer out there now, including the volcano vaporizer. (a.v.b. from the Volcano has been used in the HerbalAire to get more bags)

    We need a vaporizing smilie.
  6. lwien123

    lwien123 New Member

    Yeah, the most efficient bag vape on the market, but not the most efficient vape. That, I believe, belongs in the domain of the Purple Days and the MyrtleZap, for they encourage efficiency like no other vape out there.
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  7. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    I have never used this system, but have heard many great reviews, and have read up a bit on the unit, but you should try the Vriptech heat wand+bong.... thats a nice big hitter, and fairly conservative to users in testamonials.

    I personally own a SSV, and I do believe it conserves, if you are in the situation when it is needed, however it is quite capable of using up alot of herb aswell, depending on user preference.
  8. some_stoner

    some_stoner New Member

    Yea, like LeOn, I have the SSV. I'm using about half of what I used to. The SSV has a learning curve, and I don't think I've hit the maximum efficiency quite yet, but am happy where I've started. For the SSV, the size of bowl you pack, temperature of the unit, ambient room temperature, and the speed of your draw are all major factors.
  9. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    My high-end machine is much more efficient than my low-end machine. I wouldn't consider a Vapor Brothers to be a "high-end" machine and $190 is way more than you should pay for a VB.

    My "high-end" vape is a VWT-Pro and VHW combination from Vriptech. My low-end vape is a VaporWarez, which is very much like the VB except that it has an on-off switch separate from the temperature knob. (I paid $120 for it, including shipping) My Vriptech system was out of action for 12 days recently while the VHW was in for repairs, so I switched back to the VW. It went through 50% more weed for the same amount of buzz.

    Part of it was due to the fact that it can't provide enough air at the correct temperature. To compensate for that, it has to produce a smaller volume of air at a temperature that is close to or over the combustion temperature. This produces a hot spot on the bowl that cooks to dark brown very quickly, which starts producing some of the partial-combustion chemicals that we vape to avoid.

    I gauge when to stop vaping a bowl by the color of the contents. The VW bowl gets brown on far fewer hits than the Vriptech.
  10. STi_G

    STi_G New Member

    I've got a V-Tower that my wife and I share together. We use significantly less. I would say half as much than rolling (single pape) joints.
  11. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I'm not sure if the vaporizer has to be high end to be more efficient. I have a Vapor Warez, (paid around $130.00 for it) and a Magic Flight Launch Box. (paid around 100.00 for it) In my personal experience, the MFLB is more efficient than the VW. I've been using 1/3 less than I normally use, so the MFLB has become my main vaporizer.
  12. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    thats true.

    Isnt like the PD (purple Days) good value for money AND a master of conservation?
  13. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I don't know because I don't have a Purple Days, but I think 5drive owns one.
  14. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    I've used a herbie for years and it does a great job of extracting everything out of your herb, but I end up using considerably more than with a fixed temp vape, especially one with a small bowl. In my experience you tend to use more with both bag vapes and whip vapes with standard size bowls. Aside from the fact that some vapes lose more to condensation than others, efficiency is determined by the user, assuming it's a good quality vape. Some vapes are just easier to use in an efficient manner.

    It conserves because after the 2nd, 3rd, whichever bowl (depends on the user), you just find yourself not loading another for a while. If it accepted a bowl big enough to hold the same amount as a typical whip vape, you'd probably vape a lot more, just as you tend to do with the bigger bowl on a standard size whip. If you have some tolerance and want to get really ripped in a hurry, a PD size bowl can be a little frustrating. It's best for measured dosing with high quality herb.
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