Do hotels drug test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by dude3333, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. dude3333

    dude3333 New Member

    im going for an interview tommorow at an upscale hotel. do you think that they drug test at this place?
  2. narc emery

    narc emery New Member

    It depends on their policy-like companies they all differ. If it is a large, well known hotel that is part of a chain and corporatly operated, than the chances just went up.

    If on the opposite hand it is a small, independantly owned place then you might slide.

    Check out this link in case they do.

    Good luck!!
  3. dude3333

    dude3333 New Member

    it's independently owned not a franchise like holiday inn or something like that. thanks for the info but um that link doesn't work?
  4. reggie_the_dog

    reggie_the_dog Sr. Member

    try to get work in another country

    try to get a job in another country, drug testing is less prevelant in Canada, less popular the UK than in Canada, and unheard of here in France and many other EU countries. As a former american who left the USA over 2 years ago I recommend leaving the USA to seek freedom and a higher standard of living.

    If you can get a job at a hotel in one of these countries it will ususally be enough to get you a work visa, with another added benefit of being in a first world country where the government would actually help you in a disaster situation instead of leaving you to die for 5 days without doing anything.
  5. 29yeartoker

    29yeartoker New Member

    McDonald's has even got on the wagon of testing. So, why wouldn't a hotel test. It really depends on thier policies. I would not take any chances. Be ready for it just in case. I would rather be upset because I could have smoked than be freaked out because they popped one on me.

    As far as the 5 day thing regarding Louisiana-THANK GOD FOR TEXAS!!! We stepped up to the plate and helped out. I'm proud to be a Texan for once. Since I am originally from California.
  6. narc emery

    narc emery New Member try the link :)
  7. Boonch24

    Boonch24 New Member

    hey man where r u interviewing at because Im going in for one too at a hotel tommorrow too, mabye its the same one?
  8. dude3333

    dude3333 New Member

    lol which one did you go to bro

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