Do you break up your buds or just leave them be??

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by funnymax4u, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. funnymax4u

    funnymax4u New Member

    so ive just started using a bong alot and was wondering if you break ur buds up to but them in ur bowl, i do when i use a pipe but not a bong.
  2. Swisha Blunts

    Swisha Blunts New Member

    i always break down my tree but i am trying to save some for later i will break down the buds i want to smoke and then leave the others alone until later.
  3. Biggie NZ

    Biggie NZ New Member

    yea bro get a cup and some scissors and chop uo all the bud into like a fine grain. gets you real high off a less amount.
  4. BuCk3t-h3aD

    BuCk3t-h3aD Sr. Member

    Here my two cents:

    1. Invest in a grinder.

    2. If you have a bowl with a big hole in the bottom, leave a little nug to put at the bottom to act as a screen to hold all that chopped up bud from falling down that hole on the first hit.

    I ABSOLUTELY hate big bowls packed to the brim on a bong, b/c if you're passing it around after the green on top is gone every hit tastes like shit.
    I do snaps and make sure all the weed is ash or just knock the ash out into the ashtray.
  5. DaKinePurple

    DaKinePurple New Member

    I agree with using a grinder.

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