Do you have to answer your door if there's a cop there?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Sproggs, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Sproggs

    Sproggs Sr. Member

    Do you? Even if they know you're home?

    I don't see how it would be illegal...but I could be wrong.
  2. klax

    klax New Member

    You don't have to answer you should treat police like you would anyone else, with respect. The only reason you would have to let them in is if they have a warrant. But even then you don't have to let them in, but if they do have a warrant make sure it's signed by a judge, look to see what kind of warrant they have. If it's an arrest warrant see who they're looking for, if it's a search warrant look to see what they're searching for and you can always deny them search. The only reason they could bust in is if they're in hot pursuit of a suspect or they hear someone inside screaming for help or something. Then there's always the thing where if they do come knocking, step outside to talk to them because if they see any illegal activity happening inside from outside on your porch, i.e. smoking marijuana, they have legal right to step inside and make arrests. hope that helps :)
  3. MrIMStoned

    MrIMStoned |BIG BROTHER|

    Nope. If they have a warrant though, don't make them break your door.
  4. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    My number one rule of smoking is to never open the door unless I know who it is.

    I'm dead serious, even if it isn't someone in a cop uniform I do not answer the door. If you have weed in your house and anyone else knows about it you could potentially be raided. Not trying to scare people but if someone gets busted and the cops pressure them into giving information, and say they freak out and tell the cops you sold them weed even if you didn't you could still easily end up in jail. If a cop comes to your house without a uniform to do a "knock and talk" you may answer your door thinking its someone trying to sell you magazines, only to have that guy turn out to be a cop who wriggles his way into your house under the claim of "smelling weed" and then you house gets searched and your're fucked.

    Don't answer the door. If the cops have the power to bust your door down they will. If they do not have that, they will go away. I recommend against even talking to them through your door/window. If you have cops pounding on your door take that time to grab all your shit and dispose of it before they come back with a real warrant.
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  5. Sproggs

    Sproggs Sr. Member

    Well, I don't have any cops knocking on my door. But I guess the mentality of most of my friends is "Oh shit there's a cop at the door I better answer it" whereas mine has always been "Get the fuck off my doorstep" lol. I don't answer...but my house has been raided because my friend answered it and they took all of our pieces :p That was a while back though, and I wasn't even home at the time.
  6. MetallicaFan495

    MetallicaFan495 New Member

    Well remember, unless they have a warrant you dont have to let them in the house. If your not doing anything wrong, just answer the door, step outside, and talk to them. If they ask to enter just say you cant let them in without a warrant. At that point its their choice whether they want to acquire one, but even then if you have something illegal in your house you'll have plenty of time to get it out of your house. But unless they have a warrant, no you dont have to answer your door.
  7. Cosmic_Smoke

    Cosmic_Smoke New Member

    Metallica fan is right. However, say your stoned off your ass, or your tripping, you definitely don't want to be answering the door, because if they smelled the weed, or see you acting weird, that could give them probable cause to search your house. When they come to the door, they will probably do one of three things. Just knock or ring the door bell, in which case you don't have to answer, as long as they don't see you through the window. They might yell something like "Police", in that case, you still shouldn't answer. They also might yell "Police, we have a warrent" and in that case you should open it, cus they'll come in one way or another. If a cop has a warrent, they have to say so. And btw I believe feds don't have to anounce they have a warrent.
  8. negaDuck

    negaDuck straight rollin'

    In KS they cannot come in your house if they smell weed or see you acting oddly, unless it's something violent or dangerous to others. I opened my door and stepped outside when they knocked on my door once, and a WAVE of smoky love slammed into their faces. They said "I smell marijuana....anyone inside smoking marijuana?" and I said "'s just incense. I burn alot."

    Subject dropped. No problems
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  9. Sproggs

    Sproggs Sr. Member

    How long does it take them to get a warrant? I've heard it can take anywhere between 10 mins to two weeks :p I live in Iowa if that means anything....
  10. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    After years of experience with law enforcement, let me give you some advice.........Be nice to the policeman and answer the door. If he's knocking, it's nothing major. I've seen then serve warrants for civil or municipal court. Around here, if they want to talk to you, you might as well talk to them. Be polite, say sir a lot and smile.......

    If you can find some training stuff on body language you can even learn how to beat them at that........;)

    Judges have to issue warrant's, so it's really not a ten minute job to get a judge to approve one.....

    Some one has already said if they see something thru the window or door, they might have reason for a "probable cause" search, meaning they can enter without your permission. I do believe that most cops would have to see a dead person thru the window to get a court to swallow kicking the door......

    Your home is still your castle in this country, and cause's for a search warrant are very thin at times. Don't sweat it until it happens......

    Some Where In Ded Land..............:wave:
  11. MetallicaFan495

    MetallicaFan495 New Member

    To the OP, what the above post is trying to say is that you just need to be polite and talk when your spoken to. Dont acknowledge the fact that your pissed cause a cops at your door, just act naturally happy but not "high" happy. And if you are high i wouldnt even answer the door because any little hint will make the cop think your high. Just be yourself and the cop shouldnt bug you.
  12. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I agree wityh t-1000. I don't answer my door for random knocks. The people I want to see, know to all before showing up on my doorstep. Those I don't care to see.....I don't care to see :shrug: If the cops are knocking, I'd ignore it. If they have a warrant, they're coming in regardless, and if they don't, I have nothing to say to them. Anytime the police have desired to talk to me, when I wasn't the subject of an investigation or whatever, they have called me, not shown up at my front door. The ONE time i had cops at my house and I answered the door, I got arrested :shrug: Unlike Nega, I answered the door to a cloud of smoke (didn't actually know they were there as they were getting ready to knock when I opened the door to leave). Between the smell, my appearence (high as a motherfucker) and the bong on the living room floor behind me, they had enough PC to enter, which resulted in my wife and I's arrest. Had I completely ignored their knock (and didn't have the dumb luck to walk out at that very second) theres not much they could have done. At that point, they had smell, but that alone likely wouldn't have been enough PC to search a residence (as opposed to a car where it would have been PC for a search). After that exerpience, I've sworn to never put myself in a situation where it can be repeated. That means, a cop at the door can pound all he wants, but until he has a warrant, he ain't gettin' acknowledged, let alone given access to my home. The cops seem to knbow how to contact me by phone if need be, so they can call. I ain't talking to a cop at my residence, without a warrant, ever again.
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  13. negaDuck

    negaDuck straight rollin'

    Totally. I was upstairs and all paraphernalia was downstairs in tha basement. If they had seen ONE piece of equipment, they would've come in and busted us all...there was around 9 lbs at that party and upwards of 50 people toking and tripping on mescaline. Looked like tha house was on fire we were smoking so many joints and blunts all at tha same time.

    If you DO answer tha door, never admit to anyone doing anything illegal in your house at any time. They tried to tell me I had to give up names of people in there but I called their bluff and won. Your house is, as ded said, your castle and homeowner is boss. Don't cross your arms, Don't be aggressive and Don't admit to shit!
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  14. upinacloud

    upinacloud New Member

    No you do not have to answer the door. I hardly even answer my door even if i don't know who it is, or if i do i don't care haha. They can't do anything you can come up with any excuse and they can't do shit. If they have a warrant then they'll come in one way or another. And here's a tip- it takes hours for them to get an arrest or even a search warrant signed.

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