do YOU use a screen?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by outerlimits, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. outerlimits

    outerlimits New Member

    Hey i just bought a beautiful glass pipe and was wondering if you guys use screens while toking yours.

    happy polling!
  2. imported_chan

    imported_chan Sr. Member

    no i dont use one on my glass pipe, but on my metal one i did
  3. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    It's unnecessary.
  4. DonkeyPunch

    DonkeyPunch Seasoned Activist

    I've always used glass pipes, and I had a screen in there for a total of one day. Didn't like the taste of the first few hits when I got near the screen, and realized I could just pack the bowl better in the first place and not need one.

    BTW, "ecenomic girly men"? You must have hit your pipe a few times before writing that... :)
  5. kissthesky

    kissthesky New Member

    Ahh, not necessarily. Just as glass spoons vary in shape and size, so do the holes at the bottom of the bowl (well, maybe not shape). With my glass pipe, as well as other pipes, with no screen its sort of like playin russian roulette. Somewhere along the line in a session, someone is going to get a mouthful of ash.

    I've also owned/smoked from glass pipes that don't need a screen, because the hole is small enough that ash doesn't get through. Those pipes i find don't hit as well though, you have to suck a lot harder.

    As for using a metal screen in a glass pipe, why have hot dog when you can have steak? A glass screen for a glass pipe.
  6. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    Or you can just suck harder. I had a bunch of glass screens for a while (three nice RooR ones that came with my bong) and I lost all of them, and realized that I didn't need them for any of my pieces. I lost them when I'd empty my bowl out the window or off my deck and the screen'd fall out due to my stoned stupidity.
  7. Colt45420

    Colt45420 New Member

    Nah... you don't really need a screen for a glass piece. It will kinda ruin the taste. But it's all based on personal preference.

    My one friend puts a screen in the bowl, and then a screen by the part where you inhale. He says... "It's so you don't suck any ash or resin through... dude, that's more resin for you!"
  8. nickpdx

    nickpdx New Member

    Nope...never have, probably never will. :)
  9. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Using brass screens for my metal pipes, glass screens for my glass pipe.

    Got 4 glass screens, down to 2...:laugh:

    I think it's a wicked marketing strategy for the stoners...How can we not lose them? :D
  10. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

    I only use screens in my metal pipes. All the glass that I have had and or used havent really needed screens, its all about how you pack your bowl and how hard you inhale. I used to use screens in my pipes back in the day whenever I wanted to smoke some shake or whatever. But in glass its just too much of a hassle unless your using glass screens, those are alright, just have to be careful not to lose them or break them. lol @ plains :laugh:
  11. outerlimits

    outerlimits New Member

    Plainsman! your icon next to ur name is my favorite scene from LOTR! try pausing it and going by frames or go in slomo if u have a DVD player and watch that scene ITS HILARIOUS :laugh:
  12. RotiEatter

    RotiEatter New Member

    Hmm, I've used them in other people's pipes. I've never used them on mine, not even the one metal one I had.

    I would like to try a glass screen since I've never heard of/seen one.
  13. BloodNOil

    BloodNOil New Member

    If you're having a problem with your marijuana sucking through, a pebble in the
    bottom of the bowl should take care of it for you.
  14. SpunCraz

    SpunCraz Supporting Radical Habits

    Yah..I wouldnt use a screen in a gass pipe, only in a metal one, the trick is, put the screen in the chamber of ur metal pipe, you get way more resin then if it was in the bowl
  15. kissthesky

    kissthesky New Member

    I'd never use a pebble. When stoned, i'm more likely to break my pipe, and with a pebble in there it's just asking to be broken if i try to pack down a bowl or something.

    Glass screens work great for me, as long as you pump about 15-20 bowls through them they are in there good. Just make sure you tell people beforehand so that they don't go to blow the ash out of the pipe and then shoot the screen out in the middle of the field after dark :( But at 2.50 a piece, i just bought 2 more, 1 for a spare, and i've yet to need that spare. It's worth it to know you're smoking nothing but bud!
  16. Wanky McJerkoff

    Wanky McJerkoff New Member

    i use a metal screen in my glass pipe and bong. i don't notice the taste, and would rather have it in there than suck ash (or even worse, weed) through. my bowl on my bong has a pretty good sized hole, so i could easily inhale bits of weed through there.
  17. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    Except that the bits of weed would go into the water, not your lungs. Also, your bong has a big whole for a reason: you're supposed to suck the spent green into the water and then load another bowl.
  18. kissthesky

    kissthesky New Member

    I think he meant that it would be worse to pull weed through the hole because then he wouldn't be able to smoke it. But i suggest for bongs you just plop a big nugget into the bowl with no screen and go hard. just make sure theres no way teh nuggest will fit through the hole and then you'll be fine.
  19. Wanky McJerkoff

    Wanky McJerkoff New Member

    my point was that it would be a waste of weed, even if it is a tiny bit, if it got sucked through. and it's not that hard for me, stoned as i may be, to just empty the ash into my "ashtray" (really a small toy mug with spongebob wearing a hula skirt and playing a ukelele. that's right suckas, you WISH you had my ashtray!)
  20. stonedhobbit

    stonedhobbit New Member

    is happy polling from a clockwork orange?

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