Do your teachers know you smoke weed

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Dank Perception, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Dank Perception

    Dank Perception 4TheLULZ!

    So how about it?

    I know at least 3 of my teachers know. They are very calm about it, too. Often times, two of the teachers joke about the kids and myself included about us puffing on the wacky tobaccy. I have suspicion that two of them do it. The other one, he knows I do it because I'm really good friends with one of the kids who comes in stoned all of the time, and I sort of just give off that stoner image. He laughs at us, especially my friend who comes to his class baked out of his gords all the time. He actually talks about cars with him, a lot while he's baked and he even allows him, but only him to swear, whole heartedly... It's pretty silly. He gets a kick out of us stoner kids, that's for sure.

    One of the two guys today told me i need to stop with the puff puff roll lol. And I think that is what influenced me to ask this question!
  2. steakii

    steakii New Member

    In high school there were teachers that knew. First period of senior year, Anatomy. I was high every day and she knew it. Teachers really dont care unless you disrupting the class. Every year they hand out cards for free bowling that says, Say yes to bowling say no to drugs. She just handed them out to everyone in the class without saying anything, but when she gave one to me she said "Say no to drug Kyle" and just kind of smiled. My AP bio teacher knew too, just cause we had so much free time to talk in that class and i sat right in the front of the class and the teacher herd some of my conversations.
  3. Dank Perception

    Dank Perception 4TheLULZ!

    Haha neat! I remmeber last year with one of my teachers. One time I reaked of weed and was with one of my mormon sober friends, and said " You reak of marijuana Robert" Real loudly, and he said "No I don't you do!" ... She was right infront of us, it was part of my plan... And she just laughed at us, and said you all smell like weed" chuckle chuckle chuckle! Ohhh did she know I smoked weed... I also had her in my first period, and I was the kid who came in class early, all red eyed, zoning out to the beatles. She is a very nice lady. Pretty much like a friend.
  4. BigAzzJoint

    BigAzzJoint New Member

    Heh, it's been years since I've had to worry about that. However back in my high school days, I had an eccentric English Lit teacher (I'm sure you know the type) that sometimes, after lunch break, you could catch the faint whiff of it when he walked past. He brought it up a couple of times in class, but never really said anything about using it....heh, in hindsight, and in my years developing as a stoner....yeah, he was down.
  5. steakii

    steakii New Member

    I was that same kid. I was always the first one in the class, i would just sit down put my head down and turn on my ipod. Sometimes i would completely miss the pledge and announcements with out even realizing it. Then there was the day that we had the big discussion on drugs. She threw out so much bullshit propaganda, and looked at me the whole time she was talking about weed, i was too high to even argue that day, although i wish i would have. Ahh good times
  6. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    In high school, yeah I'm sure most of my teachers knew on some level. Teachers have that way about them, they just pick it up. In college, I don't think that anyone really knows...

    I once told an entire class in high school that we smoked because the teacher put on History channel near the end of class usually because it's always pretty interesting and they were showing the history of Illegal Drugs (and how they became that way). Good class room debate. The teach was young and definitely believed it should be legal.

    Oh and my driving school teacher from last year...was pretty open about her history of drug use. She had some crazy stories. She was old, and she lived up her life...
  7. Abbazabba1212

    Abbazabba1212 New Member

    I'm pretty sure at least 3 of my teachers smoke. I am almost positive one of them does. She's so wacky, it was hilarious. one time, I was getting high at a concert and I saw her there, and she took the pipe away. then she handed it back like, 2 minutes later and her eyes were really red. but she was cool about it.
  8. steakii

    steakii New Member

    My freshman biology teacher told us that he smokes .He didnt go straight out and tell it, but whenever a student would ask him, he would not say a word and would always tell us stories about his friends in college about their drug use. Everyone knew, he was an awesome teacher too.

    Thats really not true, before i got busted i was smoking before english class every day, and my teacher gave me a look like she knew and was trying to tell me "right on." It was pretty sweet. Now in large classes where there are more than 50 people i can see just cause there is no real student interaction, except for that one retard that asks millions of questions
  9. kaythree

    kaythree New Member

    My chemistry teacher from last year knows. Me and my buds started a badminton club at our school and he's going to chair it lol. I plan on showing up baked and rubbing it in his face, supposedly he smoked with some kids who graduated but that's just hearsay.
  10. ian r

    ian r New Member

    all my teachers last year called me reefer but they all think i quit now lol
  11. loki

    loki New Member

    I had two teachers in high school who were not much older than me, about ten years. I'm almost positive one knew, and absolutely all but positive the other did, too. The second guy happened to be friends with some people in a jam band I really like, who I ended up smoking with. I knew he smoked, and I always really wanted to smoke with him but never did.
  12. Abbazabba1212

    Abbazabba1212 New Member

    this was allready a topic. But yeah, all my teachers know, The teacher I TA for knows, and joins in occasionally. My math teacher is a user too, I think. He was telling us that he did alot of pot back in highschool and college, and he has a steady job and that its not half as bad as everyone says and stuff, it was funny.
  13. Monster

    Monster New Member

    All of my teachers except one knew that i smoke just from conversations and sometimes smelling like it. They all dont care. It was funny one time in 1st period we had this big discussion on weed and ended up having to do a report on drugs. Easiest A ever.
  14. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    I've actually been high at White Castle at 3am, saw two of my teachers together, just as high as me and talked to them openly about it. Those were two awesome classes for the rest of the year haha.
  15. steakii

    steakii New Member

    That would be the craziest thing ever. I wish things like that would happen to me.
  16. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    Haha yeah, believe me, it was totally unexpected. I'm still good friends with one of them actually. There's a ten year difference between us but I'm enrolled at his college Alma Mater, The University of Scranton and he comes out to bars with my friends and I when he visits. Haha :hail:
  17. Sharingan

    Sharingan New Member

    Most of my teachers know of my marijuana use. I don't think any of them approve of it, even if they have used it in their lives. A few of them even discreetly call me out on it, claiming that I should be more focused and that I shouldn't be laughing at many of the far-fetched drug references we encounter in class. It blows.
  18. budkiller

    budkiller New Member

    lol this thread is funny. i dont think any of myteachers do it but at least 2 of them know i do. i come in their and they are like "u look tired today". lol
  19. Feorge Gorman

    Feorge Gorman New Member

    All MY teachers are probably DEAD! :dead: :rofl2:

    I DO remember one teacher who taught (now get THIS!) a HORTICULTURE class! :toocool:

    There was like a barn-turned-classroom on a couple acres, and he let us smoke cigarettes in class and grow :gleaf2: amidst the carrots and tomatoes! :tomato:

    Every spring you'd see all the proud stoners taking home their little 2 inch plants in a styrofoam cup! Coolest teacher ever! :cool:

    Used to go outside to get his newspaper in his skivvies! :laugh:
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  20. Pompo

    Pompo New Member

    It was ages ago, but my highschool football coach and my creative writing teacher knew. Coach used to give me shit about it all the time. In my senior year he moved into the house across the street from my parents house. Funny thing, all said and done, me and Coach got to be pretty good friends.
    :laugh: Hell, the whole school knew I got high :laugh: I really wasn't known for trying to fly under the radar, if you know what I mean ;)
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