Does Alcohol aid in Cleansing the body??

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by DJezdick, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. DJezdick

    DJezdick New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and I just wanted to thank everyone for their help and insight. Here's my question- I understand that THC is fat soluble and not water soluble. If I am not mistaken, it is also alcohol soluble. If that is true then it stands to reason that drinking beer or any other alcoholic drink will aid in cleansing the body by dissolving THC stores in your system. Am i off on this? Here's my situation, I have a very important drug test in the next few weeks (possibly the 20th probably the 27th of Jan). I have only smoked twice since the 17th of Dec and before that have had a patchy smoke schedule since mid Nov or so. Before that I smoked everyday. I'm 6 feet tall, a hair under 160lbs, with a moderate to fast metabolism. My body fat is low but i'm not "ripped". I'm drinking copious amounts of water beginning today and also exercising (jogging) and sweating a good deal. Will drinking a couple of beers every night decrease my detox time? My plan is to eliminate fat from diet and eat high fiber fruits and veggies. I may even do a yogic style cleansing, although I worry that stressing my body out like that may actually lower my metabolism. I've looked through the threads and have seen a lot of really useful information. I haven't seen anything on alcohol, however. I know this post is long and I appreciate everybody taking the time to read it. If you have any tips on my situation I would really appreciate it and send out a good vibe to you. thanks and Power to the People!
  2. jewishjake420

    jewishjake420 New Member

    Im not sure if alcohol will help with cleansing your system but as long as you stay clean until your test you should be fine.
  3. DJezdick

    DJezdick New Member

    Thanks JewishJake420, I sent you a good vibe. If anybody else out there wants a good vibe sent to them then please feel free to give your advice away to me.
  4. BluntsGalore

    BluntsGalore New Member

    your on the right track

    the process you are taking to cleanse your system is the right one. sweat, drink, and sweat some more. but, alcohol will not help cleanse the system. beer is not healthy in any way. hard alcohol like, cognac, red wine, gin, vodka, and whiskey taken in a moderate amount like a shot or two, will reduce the chances of heart-attack, heart disease, and liver infection, but only in moderate amounts. drinking too much will increase the chances of these illnesses. these alcohols can help you live longer, but not pass a drug test. i hope this answers your question.

    keep up the sweating and drinking.
  5. strangedezign

    strangedezign New Member

    Beer Bad??? No!

    Beer in moderate amounts is actually as beneficial as any other alcohol for lowering you cholesterol and preventing heart attack (Google it!). Weis beer is particularly healthful (lots of antioxidants), but wont help you pass your test. I have always heard that alcohol dehydrates you which is the opposite of what you want to be doing.
  6. banevictus

    banevictus New Member

    Actually beer can promote good cholesterol if used in moderation. (1 beer a day) It's Red Wine that is very beneficial as far as alcohol goes. I know we're off topic here. Red wine is full of saponins and resveratrol that can protect against heart disease cancer and aging. You can get the same effects by drinking concord or red grape juice. White wine and white grape juice aren't nearly as beneficial.
  7. Zilos

    Zilos Seasoned Activist

    You know our off topic, but yet you continue to talk about it? Perhaps you should check out the Posting Guidelines.

  8. banevictus

    banevictus New Member

    It was an interesting question though. I doesn't seem that crazy that alcohol could penetrate fat tissue and help release THC. I guess it probably doesn't work that way, drinking lots of water and exercising is most likely the best way to decrease THC in body fat.

    Good Times
  9. strangedezign

    strangedezign New Member

    Good recovery :)
  10. Anakin

    Anakin New Member

    Alcohol inhibits your anti-diuritic hormone. Anti-diuritic hormone keeps water in your body. When you consume alcohol, your anti-diuritic hormone is stopped and that's why you pee like mad when you drink. Therefore you become dehydrated.

    Now, it would appear to me that if you have metabolites floating around in your system (it will NOT affect those stored in your fat) that you would pee them out faster if you drink alcohol. Remember though that you will become dehydrated and need to drink alot of water.

    Please give me feed back and correct me if I'm wrong.

  11. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    I believe alcohol, in theory, could serve as a temporary detoxifier in that it would be getting the current THC metabolites out of your blood stream / bladder (read: there would still be some buried in the fat cells). So in theory, a couple beers the night before, and the day of the test, could help you pass as long as after you have the beers, you completely drown yourself in water as to insure that all of the alcohol gets out of your system, and in theory, all of the THC metabolites that would currently be in your bloodstream and urine.

    No one has really ever looked into this, but it makes a lot of sense. Mods, anyone?
  12. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    Don't drink alcohol when you are detoxing; putting toxins in your body does not help speed the process

    Water, or cranberry juice, are your best dieur.
  13. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    ^^^ Well thank you for not closing the thread, as I thought what would happen.

    However, whether alcohol is a toxin, poison or the cause of society's problems is besides the point; the fact is that THC is alcohol soluble just as it is fat soluble.

    "On test day, it doesn't matter what's in your lipid tissue. What's in your blood and urine does matter. " -

    Since alcohol goes through your blood and out your urine just as THC does, my theory proposes that having aproximately 2 or 3 beers the morning (read: atleast 6 hours before the test) your test and than drinking 64-128oz. of water and pee whenever you need to as to get all of the alcohol ( and in theory, the existing THC in your blood since its soluble in alcohol ) out of your system, and than having about 32oz. of water and the aspirin and vitamin B pills in the 1-2 hours before the test.

    See, to me, this all makes sense, but I could be wrong about it. I'd love to hear someone debunk this little idea, because I'm quite curious.
  14. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    That's a debateable theory, simple because the study failed to factor in socioeconomic factors, like the kind of people that can afford to drink wine on a daily basis tend to have more money thus better health care and diets.
  15. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    I don't think alcohol is going to be useful in detoxifying THC and it's metabolites.

    For starters, very little THC is excreted in urine. It's more of the metabolies that get excreted that route.

    Also, there's very little free THC flowing in your bloodstream:
    About 90% of THC in the blood is distributed to the plasma, another 10% to red blood cells.
    [only the abstract of the study]

    I wouldn't bother drinking beer to try and detoxify yourself.
  16. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    And yeah, Anakin, alcohol is a diuretic, but there are other drinks you could use too, that are diuretic, like cranberry juice. Drinking loads of fluids should be good enough to get the job done, diuretic or not.
  17. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    Cheebs is right; while alcohol is a dieur. just like water or cranberry juice, it does not really aid in ridding toxins out of your system. When you drink alcohol, you are basically going to SLOW down the detox time, since you are adding more toxins into your body.

    Of course, I could always dig up references to this, but truth be known, the best fluids have and always will be water and cranberry juice.

  18. DJezdick

    DJezdick New Member

    Thanks for Info - As promised, here are your Good Vibes

    Thank you everybody, for your time, consideration, and information on my query. As promised, I will send everyone who took time for me a big blue streak of good vibe. Thanks. Today is February 2 and tomorrow I go in for my drug test. Originally I was scheduled the week of January 20th but my understanding lawyer managed to move the date back a few days for me. Excellent. For the record, I've used the "booze method" in conjunction with others including -assloads of distilled water every day, anaerobic exercise- at least 50 to 60 miles of good fast paced walking broken into 5 mile chunks from the time I originally posted until now, I initially went vegan for the first few two weeks of my detox to speed the process, then went vegetarian, and now for the past week or so have eaten a pretty decent amount of red meat to up my creatine levels. As far as the extent of my boozing goes- generally I would probably average about ten beers per week and probably got tore up and danced like a maniac at least two times (that was for fun- albeit a poor substitute for my beloved marijuana). Alot is riding on this test tomorrow so please wish me luck. Unfortunately, it will probably be some time that I have to go without smoking whatever the results tomorrow, but such is the way this has been structured. I'll post again to tell you all how it goes/went. Good luck to anybody in the same goddamned circumstance. Thanks again and **** The man!

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