Does anyone have any experience pocessing marijuana on luxury cruises?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by scummy macgee, Jun 19, 2002.


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  1. I'll be going on a cruise from San Juan to Martinique, Barbados, St. Thomas, and Aruba. I have every intention of smoking marijuana during this cruise, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Would it be easier to get it from any of the islands I have listed, or to try and smuggle it along with me? I'm a little worried about customs, due to the heightened security. I'm leaving from Puerto Rico, so I'm not all together sure if that will be a problem. If anyone has firsthand knowledge or experience getting weed on any of these islands I would really appreciate it.
  2. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    All i know is Aruba is a dutch post-owned island. Shouldnt be a problem getting it there.

    Definatly wouldn't take it on the boat if they're strict... if they aren't then go nuts, eheh
  3. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth

    hell i would do it.

    i would wrap it up in my socks in my suitcase or something
  4. Paulie420

    Paulie420 New Member

    I've traveled to a few countries. I last went to the Dominican Republic for a week. (This wasn't a cruise but...) It was fairly hard getting weed. The locals would try to con you - basically do NOT buy it unless you see it. Don't sit down at a table with any really pushy locals that are 'hooking you up'. When you order them a round of drinks it's usually part of the scam and u owe $50 in drinks. Hehehe. The best luck I've had is with the airport- luggage runners. They always know the hook-up... they wan't to be paid but they'll bring you back a skinny sack of weed for expensive prices. Hehehe. Jamaica was a LOT easier - right on the beach awesome buds and fairly cheap. Nice people not scammers. (At least in my experiences.)

    Anyway, I think BRINGING pot would be a good way. Don't take it on or off the boat ever. Just get it on, ditch it in yer room and smoke there or on the ship only. I think when you get on and off at ports they might check ya.

    And if yer looking to score while in different ports, just try to visit pot friendly countries. Do an internet search. Ya know... some places are easier than others, for sure.

    Just be safe and don't get in trouble in another country. We go on company trips every year and jail or hospitals are not places to wanna go in other countries.
  5. SurfThis

    SurfThis Subscriber

    I went on a cruise to Jamaica and Mexico....we bought weed in jamaica, about an ounce, and I put it in my bikini top , with a tank top and a tshirt over it. All they did was look in our shopping bags. We bought alcohol in Mexico, and brought it back in giant evian water bottles. They didn't even smell it or anything. When we smoked the weed, it wasn't all that good, maybe some good middies, but it was only 40 bucks for about an ounce. We smoked on the nudie deck with some kids from Texas every night, fun times.
  6. Brainache

    Brainache Guest

    SurfThis420: What cruise line did you go on? I'm going to jamaica and mexico (royal caribbean) in three weeks - can't wait!
  7. SurfThis

    SurfThis Subscriber

    it was on Carnival...the Jubilee, I also went to Grand Cayman, but all we got there was sunburn and a bunch of necklaces.
  8. feeps39

    feeps39 New Member

    Tips for traveling with weed

    I have traveled to with weed many times. From airlines and over borders there is one thing to remember. KEEP IT ON YOU!!!! Do not put it in your bags or luggage. put it in your underwear or socks or where ever. Just keep it on your person. No one has the right to frisk you if you dont alert a metal detector. Happy travelinig.
  9. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    Re: Tips for traveling with weed

    Actually, in airports they have every right to search you even if you dont set off a metal detector. I am totally fine with this too, they are just trying to keep us safe.
  10. jakes snake

    jakes snake New Member

    I would say that IF you NEED to bring it across borders, try double zip-locking it first, then putting it inside a shampoo bottle, that is filled with shampoo.
    When you get where you are going, take it out and rinse it off.
  11. Bongwater19

    Bongwater19 New Member

    the simple solution here is that marijuana should be legalized and sold in stores. then you wouldn't have to smuggle it anyplace. or if you did want to bring some you could just put it in your pockets or luggage. wouldn't that be nice?
  12. turbodude

    turbodude New Member

    i almost got busted at the new zealand airport a few years ago. the dog smelled my bag no problem and the cop asked me to open it up. fortunately, i had some food (apple & cookie) in my bag. the cop took the apple and had to pull the dog away from my bag. i got to the hotel room and even i could smell the pot when i opened my bag!!! when i got back to the US i bought one of those vacuum seal bag machines just in case i have to travel overseas again. i suppose the point of my story is that i would not recommend placing pot on my body going thru customs. seems like you would have more excuses if they found it in your bag than on your body.
  13. StonedOnSativa

    StonedOnSativa New Member

  14. Island Bob

    Island Bob New Member

    i went to jamaica in september and got some kind bud, not much tho cuz i didnt have a lot of money with me at the time but US customs is a joke. theres no dogs, they dont search your stuff. its funny
  15. howdooyoodoo

    howdooyoodoo New Member

    Hey, I've gone on that cruise before :p except mine went to puerto vallarta mazatlan and cabo san lucas
  16. CollyLeaf

    CollyLeaf New Member

    I went to Aurba during Thanksgiving 2001. All the shops sell pipes that aren't too nice. We walked around our resort and found a guy that worked at the bike shop and on his bike was a sticker that said "I love mary jane." So we are like "Do you know where mary is?" and he told us to go to the surf shack on the resort and ask for Jake. So we go and ask for Jake and he is like come with me. So we jump in his car and go to his hotel room. He goes into the fridge and pulls out like 4 oz of this weed that was brick. It wasn't shank, it was dark with resin and had some seeds. He told us that he gets it straight for Columbia and he pays $10 for 4 oz! So we smoke a bowl and he busts out about 4 grams for us. We ask him how much he wants and he is just like "Nah man, just bring me and my friends chicken nuggets and pina coladas until you leave." He even let us borrow his pipe so we didn't have to buy one. So everyday we would go and bring him and his friends some munchies, the resort was all inclusive. We would blaze about a gram and then go raid the buffet of deserts and ribs. Then we would go swimming, snorkling, wind surfing, ocean yaking, etc. It was the best time.

    My friend has a timeshare and he goes to Aruba every year. This year he said that he scored some really awesome bud. He did get ripped off the year before that though.

    Be careful and use your head.
  17. turbodude

    turbodude New Member


    after almost getting busted at new zealand customs, the next day i was scheduled to take a ferry to the the south island, but wasn't sure if i would be able to smoke pot on the ferry. it was a rather large ship and my first trip to new zealand. as we departed from the calm water of the scenic harbor, i was getting rather desparate for a toke to amplify the whole experience. there were people on just about every corner of the ferry and a few scattered cigarette smokers and even some indoor cigarette smoking areas. i finally worked up the courage to light up one of my "cigarettes" with pot in the first 1/2 inch. even though there were people within 10 feet of me, no one seem to notice the smell of pot. the wind was swirling in every direction at that corner of the ferry. i must say that the crossing, about 2 or 3 hours, was truly a memorable experience. the scenery is truly awesome. after the first 30 minutes or so, the wind picks up the salt spray and most people go indoors where it is warmer. a few of us stayed outside and i started flirting with a beautiful young woman from korea. definitely 2 thumbs up. i am currently planning a cruise to alaska this july, depart vancouver, and looking forward to another adventure in the great outdoors.
  18. shadymilkman

    shadymilkman New Member

    has anyone had any luck getting pot in the bahamas? i'm goin in a few weeks and just wondering what i can expect as far as quality, availability, and pricing.
  19. firedoob

    firedoob New Member

    i've taken pot on a couple luxury cruises, but this was back in 97, 99, so i dunno how it is now. just tape it in your genital area or somethin.

    the guy who asked about makin a buy in the bahamas - once when i was in nassau, i was walking around in the straw market - was looking at some carved wood pipes. as i walked away, a local came up to me and my brother and asked if we "wanted to buy some reefer" - my mom was right behind us so of course we turned it down. looking for hookups isn't permitted on this board though so maybe i shouldn't have said that. anyway just walk around, hang around pipes and stuff and see what happens.

    later that day we met up with an old friend who lives in nassau and smoked a blunt with him at a bar on the street - behind a fence, yeah, but it was the middle of the day. somethin to remember.
  20. dinkydew1

    dinkydew1 New Member

    Just remember the ships captain is the chief of police and his crew are his deputies. Be smart not flaigrant.

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