Does cranberry juice really work?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by KillerBong420, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Basically, I love smoking weed. I got caught (I'm a minor, if that makes any difference) and I took a UA yesterday. I told my PO I'd have it in my system. I have to take another one in two weeks and it has to be out. Then after that, she can call my mom and order us to go to TASC and take a UA. Not to mention my mom can just pop it on me any time she feels like it.

    I was thinking synthetic urine, but they watch you pee. Like, they HAVE to see the pee coming out or you automatically fail. I took like, eight minutes to get the piss out 'cause I was so nervous :/ How embarrassing.

    Anyways, lots of people are telling me cranberry juice works. I wouldn't be smoking every day, that would be sort of stupid of me, but if I got really blazed just once, and then drank like, 32 oz of cranberry juice, would I pass the test? Also, would I need pure organic cranberry juice with no sugar added or can I just get Ocean Spray from Wal-Mart? Thanks!
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    if you are completey clean it takes roughly a week to get out of the system. if you have been smoking more frequently than one time a week the past 3 months, there isnt even a gaurantee it will be completely out of your system in 2 weeks. Don't smoke at all in the next 2 weeks, drinking cranberry juice will have very little effect on cleaning thc molecules out of your fat cells.
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    Cranberry juice is a diuretic, which makes you have to urinate. That is all it does. It doesn't magically "flush" the THC out of your system. It just means you will have to pee more. The only way it can help you is to assist in the "dilution method" (see sticky at the top) which works, but I advise following the exact method with Gatorade instead of cranberry juice because "G" replenishes lost electrons and cranberry juice doesn't.

    Your best bet is just to stop (I know, easier said then done) and if that won't work, stop for a month, clean out, and then blaze IMMEDIATELY after your DT and not again, and hope you don't get one for atleast a week. Doesn't always buddy did that method, had random tests, about 2x a month, for 12months, they were roughly every 15days, so he would take one say Wednesday at 3pm, blaze at 5pm wed, and not again. Once they gave him a test on Tuesday, and then again on Thursday....he failed...went to jail for 7days and couldn't get his record expunged....

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