Does grinding your weed make it go bad?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by GolfproLucas, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. GolfproLucas

    GolfproLucas New Member

    If i were to grind up some weed and not smoke it for a week or so would it have less THC than a bud that hasn't been has been grinded

    So to clarify lets say i have a gram of weed that is grinded and a gram of weed thats still a bud... If i were to store them in the same spot with all the same conditions would i be able to notice a difference of THC levels?
  2. greeen1

    greeen1 New Member

    nope you will never know the difference
  3. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    All things being equal,
    that is, were you to store it in a similar fashion, then then the answer is no.
    Many of us smoke and/or vape from different devices. Some of those require different degrees of grinding. Some not at all.
    It's all good...:cool:
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  4. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    Personally I think my weed gets slightly less potent if I end up leaving it in my grinder for a week or so. Maybe the combination of the trichomes being more exposed and the grinder not being as good of a storage space as a plastic bag or a mason jar are causing it to lose potency faster.
  5. CameronTheInsomniac

    CameronTheInsomniac New Member

    No, don't worry. It's all about how you store it, like Audio said. The worst thing that could happen is your stash dries out and burns you more harshly than normal.

    In my opinion, I think it's better to grind your buds before smoking because you end up getting more "bang for your buck." I just don't get some of the people I smoke with who will pack a whole bud - intact - into a bowl and just torch it. :p
    *Tear* It's sooo wasteful.
  6. Nando

    Nando Sr. Member

    When you grind all your weed at once, its likely to loose a lot of THC.
    My grinder has a THC filter and a lot of THC sticks to the grinder.
    I just prefer to grind everytime before I role a joint.

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