does half a joint take 11 days to get out of a clean system?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by tinaninabina, Feb 6, 2011.

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    so, i'm on probation and i'm a total idiot. i've been clean for several months now, i quit when my probation started. i drop every 2 weeks. i dropped january 26, then i had one hit of chronic the day after. the next day, i had 2 hits of the same chronic. the day after that, i had 3 more hits. so altogether in a span of 3 days, i probably had half of a joint. i got ridiculously high, it was super good bud. so, last time i smoked was the 29th. i have to drop on february 9th.

    i heard that when you have a clean system, you can smoke a joint and it'll be cleaned out again in like 3-10 days. i figured i might be pushing my luck but wasn't that worried. i'm 5'7", 130 lbs, don't exercise at all, eat whatever i want and stay the same weight, so i guess my metabolism is fairly fast. i drink lots of water and cranberry juice. i'm going to a sauna tomorrow.

    i took a home drug test yesterday on the 5th, 7 days after i stopped smoking, and it said positive but the line was very faint. i'm not sure if that makes a difference. it was later in the day after i had been drinking lots of water too.

    so, now i'm starting to freak out and am going to have to dillute. i have creatine monohydrate pills, 700mg. i started taking the daily recommended dosage today, 3 days before the test like recommended on this forum (i've read everything there is on here). i have triple leaf detox tea with dandelion root, and also dandelion root pills. don't know if that will do anything. i have one packet of sure-gel/certro. i have vitamin b-100 and also multivitamins. i can go out and buy aspirin and tums if necessary. i have one more home drug test i can use, i'm saving it for the day of the test.

    word of advice: if you're on probation and you think you can f*** around and have a few hits here and there, don't be a retard because freaking out for weeks afterwards really puts a damper on your smokedown! if you're clean you don't have to worry and buy a bunch of crap. just wait cuz you have the rest of your life to smoke. i don't know why i thought i could get clean in a week, it doesn't work like that for every person.

    can someone please tell me the best way to dillute and what i should do step by step in my situation? i'm just trippin now.
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    Well the best you can do is workout, go to the sauna, drink lots of fluids and hope for the best. Eat right, do not eat any fatty foods, salads and soups are your friends. Just do not dilute too much, be very careful because they can send it in for analysis and thats when your screwed. Im not an expert at how to properly dilute so I cant really help you with that.
    Good luck man.

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