Does Kroger test for hair or urine?

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by Brimstone, May 18, 2005.

  1. Brimstone

    Brimstone New Member

    I'm an employee at Kroger, still haven't done the drug test (it's due on Friday). I haven't smoked since...Monday, May 9th. I may have gotten a whiff of secondhand smoke last weekend though - but it was just a smoke came out of my mouth or nose. I went through a drinking binge and repeately washed my mouth with Scope. Haven't touched weed in the last 72 hours, I'm sure.

    I should pass if I take the Salviva test but I was just it possible that Kroger uses different tests such as hair or urine? I doubt it because my co-worker took a mouth swab test so I should be in the clear. But...better safe than sorry, right?

    So, what does Kroger use for drug testing? Saliva, hair, or urine?
  2. weedisgood420

    weedisgood420 New Member

    I am taking a Saliva test for King Soopers/Kroger tomorrow!!

    I am taking a pre-employment drug screening for King Soopers/Kroger tomorrow. I have been clean for 12 days(since Saturday, May 7th)and heard from many friends, and many different sites that it takes NO longer than 3 days to be out of your system. At first I also thought I was going to have to UA so i was worrying and preparing as well as I could. But the manager told me last Saturday that I would have a saliva test(swab in mouth) so at first i had NO idea whatsoever how long it would take to get out of ur system then when i got home to my computer i was relieved to find out it was less time than a UA!!! I hope I pass my drug test and I should if the info i have seen is accurate. So you shouldnt have to worry about passing your test as long as youve been clean for 3 days or more since you are trying to get hired at the same company as me. Also, I hope that I don't get surprised with a UA test even though the manager told me it would be a saliva test. I just hope he didn't lie into making me think it was a saliva test, then when i get there make me do a UA, although i dont think he is legally able to. So please help if anybody knows if i may get a big suprise!! Thank you very much and good luck to you! Also how often do companies have drug screenings if at all besides the pre-employment???
  3. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    Unfortunantly, any time they want to. Random, annually, post accident, suspecious behavior, any time they want. Sucks, doesn't it.
  4. gewitter

    gewitter New Member

    that's really strange that kroger does drug tests, I work for another grocery store chain and never had to do one, if I'd guess it would be urine or something other than hair.
  5. Brimstone

    Brimstone New Member

    A lesson to all that might be interested...

    Wondering what the company does for drug tests? Simply go to their website, find the customer support # and call them up with My IP Relay ( and act as a "concerned mother" inquiring about her son's drug's the convo.

    Used Condom 10: well i'm an mother of an employee...
    Used Condom 10: my son is just getting hired so i was wondering...
    Used Condom 10: what kind of drug test does he have to take?
    Used Condom 10: i'm just concerned about privacy ga
    My IP Relay: k the drug test
    My IP Relay: that kroger administers is a mouth swab
    My IP Relay: GA
    Used Condom 10: oh thank you very much, i was just worried that he may have to urinate in public or something, sorry for your time ga
    My IP Relay: (talking in bkgd) no it only takes a
    My IP Relay: second they swab the mouth and send
    My IP Relay: it off thk u GA
    Used Condom 10: you're welcome sksk

    So I guess that it is a mouth swab after all.
  6. weedisgood420

    weedisgood420 New Member

    Took a pre-empoyment drug test today at King soopers...

    Today i had a drug test at king soopers for pre-empolyment. It was a saliva test. I just had to stick this little swab type thing in my mouth for about 2-5 minutes. I have been clean for 12 days prior to the drug test. I don't know the results yet because the asst. manager put it in a tube, then into a sealed bag which was being sent out of state to a lab for results. I was hoping to know after 10 minutes whether i passed or not, but that wasnt the case. Unfortunately i have to wait a few days before i found out if i passed the test or not. There are many different reasons for drug tests such as: Pre-employment, Random, Return to duty, Reasonable suspicion/cause, Post-accident, and periodic. I HAVE NOT heard from any site, or any person that it takes more than 3 days before you will test negative. I got hired and the only obstacle now is the saliva test results. Thank you all for your posts and information. If u know from experience that it can be out of ur system within 3 days please reply, because that would lift some nervousness off of my shoulders for the next few days. Otherwise the test is over, and im off to smoke!
  7. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    You Should Pass

    You'll pass, I didn't see this thread in time, but don't even sweat it. :wave:
  8. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Did You Pass?

    You should know by now! Kroger likes to start people in the middle of the week. :rolleyes:
  9. xtinamarie

    xtinamarie New Member

    I have to take a drug test at Busch Gardens on Monday. I don't know what kind of test they will give (hair, mouth swab, or urine) The last time I smoked was about a week ago. I've only smoked 4 times in the last 2 months. I also did an at home drug test and the results were negative, but I have been downing tons of water all day. Do you think I will be in the clearing?
  10. Brimstone

    Brimstone New Member

    You don't know the form of drug test that they will adminster?

    There is a simple way - call customer service acting as a soccer mom "concerned" about her son having to show his privates in front of the hiring manager. Do it anonomously through IP Relay or something.

    Smoked 4 times in the last 2 months and drank a lot of water? Sounds like you should be fine. I'm betting it's either piss or saliva - more likely saliva since it's cheaper.
  11. xtinamarie

    xtinamarie New Member

    Is the salive test more effective than the urine?
  12. grillmeats

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    Follow The Advise of Brimstone

    Give them a call, but it should be urine. You should be able to pass, with a dilution of Gatorade and creatine. :wave:
  13. weedisgood420

    weedisgood420 New Member

    still dont know the results, but i guess no news is good news

    :D well i took the saliva test on 5/19 and havent heard anything and im scheduled to work on june 2nd and i guess that no news is really good yeah i was clean for 12 days before the test, but before i saw feedback i was freakin out, but now im calm and pretty sure i passed. :cool: thanks for the feedback and all cuz it really did help!!..SORRY POSTED IN WRONG PLACE...I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DELETE THIS AND IM SORRY IT HAS NOTHIGN TO DO WITH THIS THREAD SO JUST IGNORE AND I DO APOLOGIZE AGAIN :mad:
  14. grillmeats

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    It doesn't matter were you post good news, because evry one gets a chance to read it. Enjoy your new job. :wave:
  15. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active


    Brimstone Kroger does a Saliva Test, I don't know how this thread ended with the dilution method, but they Saliva test! :)

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