Does marijuana effect a females menstral cycle?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by baked, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. baked

    baked Guest

    pot for period pain

    i get severe period pain and your usual bud makes me feel the pain quite a bit more so, i was curious as to whether or not there is a particular strain of thc that works well for this sort of pain and if so, what?
    comments/info would be appreciated.
  2. THC will sometimes intensify pain. however, sometimes it numbs it. As for peroid pain, i have no experence, so i couldint tell you.
  3. AnarchistBarbie

    AnarchistBarbie New Member

    I haven't noticed that it helps with the pain. Caffeine, chocolate, and calcium supplements are what I use for that - but the THC does help with the irritability.
  4. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Some ladies find that cannabis will help a lot with period pain, some just a little some it intensifies it...

    It's a matter of personal body type.

    Anarchist Barbie mentioned calcium...which it has been discovered will eleviate some of the discomfort, so taking TUMS everyday is not just good sense for your bones but good for monthly cramping.

    I still find Advil or Motrin to be most effective for myself (and bless the manufacturers for making it OTC - over the counter - in the 90's becasue the 16 years prior were pretty awful every month before that)

    But I also find that combining a few methods get me through the tough first 2-3 days and that usually includes cannabis/MJ in the regimen becasue it is part of my regular regimen.

    It does help lessen some levels of pain and as Anarchist Barbie (gee I love that handle) mentioned does help with the desire to chew out those you love most.

    Hope that helps... Big Chocolate Fudge Brownie ... and a date with Ben & Jerry... and Hugz

    Mama Budz
  5. AndieBear

    AndieBear Seasoned Activist

    I use it for my lower back pain and any cramping I get durring my period. I don't believe it has ever intensified it for me. If anything, it takes my mind off it. :D I try not to take anything, but if it's bad enough a Tylenol or Midol works for me as well.

    I guess it just goes to show that everyone is different. Damn sorry mj doesn't seem to help you out for that.

    PS Welcome to cheaptalk!
  6. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Funny how we never have to worry about the question of the age of the posters writing into threads on "women's health issues" ... wonder why that is? :p

    Double chocolate fudge brownies with your choice of 2 scoops of B&J :wave:

    & Hugz !

    Mama Budz
  7. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    I am a 45 year old...

    male who uses herb for several reason's,one of them being pain.
    Of the several women that I have known who used the herb,only one I have heard say it made the period pain's worse was you,

    Ya know,as there are different effect's from different strain's of herb,you can be sure that there is a strain out there that will help you out,I bet.;)

    This is just my opinion,but sometime after legalization I believe that the different strains of herb will be found usefull for all kind of physical ailment's.A super drug that will be usefull in relief from many common illnesses,but no long term side effect's for the user.


    Have some candy,ladies...:cool:
  8. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    What a nice guy :D
  9. KWhite

    KWhite Guest

    Second hand of course.
    But my wife uses it for the cramping.

    She tells me it helps an awful lot.
    mainly indica for the last longest time since that may be a factor.
  10. AnarchistBarbie

    AnarchistBarbie New Member

    Increasing my calcium intake puts cramps on the run permanently for me - I just don't get them anymore - but I have demonic pms - I'm a real killer. :laugh: MJ definitely helps put that to rest.
  11. Katfish

    Katfish New Member

    It hasn't helped one way or the other for me pain-wise, but it does help take my mind off being uncomfortable/bloaty.

    Aside from motrin/calcium, I've also heard that chewing the leaves from raspberry plants can help quite a bit with cramps. I've never tried it, but if they grow in your area, it might be interesting to test it out. :)
  12. CardBoardBox

    CardBoardBox New Member

    I serched on 'menstral' and 'mentral cycle' and nothing came up.

    When I smoke daily, for a long period of time (like every day for three or four weeks) I find that my cycle is usually really late or really early, or irregular (Heavy or really light) Is this caused by the bud that I smoke? Because it's fine when I don't have any for a while..

    >.< Sorry if this is a weired topic, but I have to find out.

    Also, do you think it would effect my chances of getting pregnant? -didn't serch on that but thought I might as well ask-
  13. witchypooh

    witchypooh New Member

    It's never affected me in anyway, and I'm a bud lover and a half ;) Of course like everything else, I'm sure it affects different people in different ways

    I believe they say that it deminishes male sperm but I've never heard anything about the female reproductive system. But there again, it didn't bother me ;)
  14. CardBoardBox

    CardBoardBox New Member

    Well.... Do you think I need to see a doctor, perhaps? I hope theres nothing wrong with me, but I doubt it because I'm normal when I don't toke much.
  15. Phyxius

    Phyxius New Member

    You most likely didnt get results because it's spelled 'menstrual'.
  16. CardBoardBox

    CardBoardBox New Member

    Heheh ^^;;;; I so knew that...

    o_O I did a serch on "Menstrual" and it came up with some information on effects on an unborn child, and menstrual cramps abd weed. =/ Still doesn't answer my question on if it effects the regularity of it.
    If no one posts with some actually information, I could start a poll and see how it differs with females on the site. o.o;
  17. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    You can try read this and make your own conclusions

    Psychopharmacology (Berl). 1984;84(2):178-87. Related Articles, Links

    Effects of acute marijuana smoking on pulse rate and mood states in women.

    Lex BW, Mendelson JH, Bavli S, Harvey K, Mello NK.

    The effects of marijuana cigarette (1.8% THC) smoking on pulse rate and mood were studied under double-blind placebo-controlled conditions in 28 adult female volunteers during the follicular, luteal, and ovulatory phases of the menstrual cycle. Statistically significant increases in pulse rate, subjective levels of intoxication, and the POMS confusion factor occurred after marijuana smoking. However, no statistically significant differences for any measure were observed following marijuana smoking as a function of menstrual cycle phase. Subjects with a past history of intermittent marijuana use (five or less times weekly) had significantly higher pulse rates, subjective levels of intoxication, and POMS confusion factor scores than did subjects with a past history of regular (six or more times weekly) marijuana use. Persistence of marijuana-induced changes in pulse rate, intoxication, and confusion were also of longer duration for subjects with a past history of intermittent marijuana smoking. The influence of past history of marijuana use on marijuana-induced alterations in pulse rate, intoxication, and mood for females appears to be similar to males. These similarities are not attenuated as a function of the menstrual-cycle phase of females.

    If you find it insignificant I won't blame you. Just express yourself!
  18. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Merged threads. I searched for "period" and found a thread :) Gotta think like a lady :laugh:

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