Does marijuana have more tar in it than tobacco?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by teog, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. teog

    teog New Member

    does marijuana have more tar in it than tobacco? is it the tar in tobacco that causes cancer?
  2. Tewks44

    Tewks44 New Member

    in general, marijuana will contain 4 times as much tar as tobacco (according to current studies), and yes, it is believed that tar causes cancer, but that does not necessarily mean marijuana is 4 times as likely to cause cancer than cigarettes. first of all, an average cigarette smoker consumes far more tobacco per day than an average marijuana smoker, and also, for some reason a solid link between marijuana and cancer has not been established. although in the past it was thought that marijuana and lung cancer were related, in recent studies, no connection was found. so yes, it is the tar in marijuana/cigarettes that cause cancer, but no, marijuana is not more likely to cause cancer than cigarettes.
  3. Turdy

    Turdy New Member

    It really does have 4x the tar? any links to these studies?
  4. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    I'm not for sure......

    on this one, I'm not even for sure that a study has been done. I don't think it's the same but I could be wrong.....What I do know about tobacco is the terrible chemicals that are added to it before it's packaged and delivered to the public. Poison and carcinogenics. I'm pretty sure that there's none of that stuff in our herb....:D

    Let's hope we can keep it that way.....;)

    Some Where In Ded Land............:glasses:
  5. mark87fndr

    mark87fndr Sr. Member

    Well shit, smoking anything isn't good for you.
  6. Rastafari420

    Rastafari420 New Member

    Smoking a cigarette is equal to getting one unprotected chest x-ray (your smoking an isotope of plutonium, it comes from the pesticides)

    If you want to test your weed to see how much tar is in it, you can do this...
    1. take a hit and blow it out through a napkin
    2. take a drag of a cig and blow it out through the napkin
    3. compare
    4. smoke some more bud and go to taco bell

    man im soaring right now! :dizzy:
  7. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    The 4 times propoganda is just that, in my opinion. ;)
    Yes, there are known carcinogens that make up "tar".
    This is really a trick question. The initial answer is "yes".
    But, it's not as bad as it sounds apparently:
    Now, what that gobbleygook means is THC seems to counteract the bad effects of the carcinogens in the tar.
  8. sinkoman

    sinkoman The Burninator

    Isotope(s) of Lead and Polonium, not Plutonium.

    If it were Plutonium, then we'd all either have cancer or fried organs, either from the fact that Plutonium becomes red hot at room temperature (although I doubt the amount in cigarretes is enough to become red hot), and is radioactive enough to cause radiation burns (but then again, so are TV attenas :upstare: ).

    I used to do a bit of film photography work. They embed small amounts of Polonium into the film brushes to stop them from garnering any sort of static charge. Nup, nowhere near as dangerous as Plutonium :p
  9. Rastafari420

    Rastafari420 New Member

    POLONIUM! that was it haha. I knew Plutonium didnt sound right.
  10. homemadebubbler

    homemadebubbler Always bubblin'

    Most tobacco smokers smoke WAY more then 4 times as many cigarettes as marijuana only smokers.

    Now if you smoke BOTH heavily, its probably not too good.
  11. imported_redeyejedi

    imported_redeyejedi - smokaholic -

    I mix the two together, pot and tobacco, and although I don't enjoy tobacco nearly as much, I don't think the two are that different in terms of being bad for your health. I smoke a bong, and I read somewhere that it's possible that the water absorbs some of the gases in the smoke, which is why I like it, on top of the fact that it collects tar so I don't breathe it in. But yeah, imo, if you're smoking one thing, it's probably just as bad as smoking the next thing, as long as it's not pubes or something :eek:
  12. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Actually, its been stated in past studies that bongs actually filter out just as much thc as they do carcinogens. What you are saying basically makes no scientific sense. How can you say that cigarettes and marijuana are equally bad for you, when smoking kills thousands of people yearly, and weed has never been proven to cause a single case of cancer or has caused a SINGLE death? The facts don't lie. You are simply lying to yourself if you think cigarettes are only as harmful as smoking pot, because theres not a single valid study that backs your point of view
  13. Zandijuana

    Zandijuana Member

    Recent studies show that when you take your first hit of Marijuana, you get Lung Cancer and die.
  14. imported_redeyejedi

    imported_redeyejedi - smokaholic -

    Oh I'm not lying to myself, cigarettes kill, and I only smoke it with my weed. But people who die from cancer smoke packs of cigarettes, one after the other, and I'm pretty sure there aren't many people who smoke as much pot as tobacco, gram for gram. I wasn't trying to create any illusions about having a miracle cure, I was just saying I don't care when people think my bong is gross, I like the concept of having tar stuck to the glass rather than going in my lungs. Yes, there's THC in there too, but there's THC in any pipe or joint resin as well. No one should be concerned about messing with that, unless you have some serious chemistry training. But back to the subject, yes, I'm sure tobacco is much more harmful than weed, because it is abused quite a bit, I think. I mix a small amount of tobacco with a nice amount of weed in a glass bowl, a lot of the time with some nice kief hash, and in the amounts that I intake, I think I'm not increasing the damage noticeably were I smoking the same amount of weed.

    Edit: I wasn't saying anything about THC absorbtion in my original post, anyways. I don't know why that is relevant.

    2nd edit: THC is not water soluble. I was addressing water soluble gases.

    3rd: lmao plutonium
  15. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    I've never heard of marijuana use attributing to cancer. The only related news I've seen on this is that marijuana use either greatly reduces the chances of getting cancer or reduces tumor size in cancer patients. There isn't a single case of death or cancer associated with cannabis use. I'm no doctor mind you, but as a news admin I read several dozens of articles a week related to this subject, they all respectively conclude the same thing, cannabis use isn't a major health concern.
  16. Haddock

    Haddock New Member

    I've heard that 90% of cancers caused from tobacco smoking are caused by the radioactivity of the polonium and lead, rather than the tar. The radioactivity is caused by the artificial fertilisers (as opposed to using manure) used in the cultivation of tobacco. I doubt that weed growers use industrial strength fertilisers in their grows, so I think we should be alright.

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