Does marijuana help or worsen depression??

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by j uu ice24, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. j uu ice24

    j uu ice24 New Member

    Alright here's the story.
    I've been smoking weed for about a year now I'd say almost everyday but it's not all day everyday, I'll explain in a bit. In September I went off to school and then because I was bored I would pretty much smoke "all" day or after classes were done. I don't smoke weed to get rid of my problems or what not, I smoke because it helps with my creativity when I play guitar and write music and what not. Now I'm back home and this is the situation. Over the Christmas holidays stuff happened and I'm going through a depression. My parents and therapist think I'm now addicted to weed (which I'm not, I don't NEED to smoke, I just WANT to smoke) and they have turned the least of my problems into one of the biggest problems. In other words, they think I'm ruining my life by smoking weed. But look, I go through my day and do everything I have to do and when that's all over, I take a toke, relax and play guitar for 2 hours. What's wrong with that? If i feel it's not a problem, why should it be a problem? I guess what I want to know is I've read a lot and people say weed helps depression but some don't. Do you think it's wrong what I'm doing? The thing is that ever since I've gone into depression, I still smoke weed but things are getting a lot better. Right now I'm in a "battle" with my therapist, doctor and mostly my parents because they don't understand my point of view. If you have any questions for me I'll answer them or if there's any solutions you guys might have.

  2. unix420stoner

    unix420stoner New Member

    :afro: <-- doing that will put a smile on your face for sure
  3. High

    High as a kite

    Marijuana is a depressant. Sure you get happy when your high (you can also get very sad) but after continuous use, lets say a month, you will find your more depressed.
    Keep in mind this all varies on what is going on in the individuals life, their mindset, things like that.

    I would never advise someone to smoke weed (on a day to day basis) while they are depressed.
  4. John Doe

    John Doe New Member

    No no no no no... Marijuana is NOT a depressant. Well, it is... but its also a stimulant and intoxicant. But why? I think it all depends on your sober mental state.

    If your sad or had a bad day and you smoke a little herb and feel better then its acting as a stimulant. If your happy and you toke and then get sad, then its acting as a depressant. But in both instances marijuana is acting as an intoxicant to a small degree. Believe it or not, marijuana impairs your motor skills and judgement.
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  5. High

    High as a kite

    Paradoxically, although cannabis is normally considered a relaxant / depressant, its effects are stimulating in a substantial portion of those who use it. While some people use it to help them sleep, others cannot sleep for 3-6 hours after their last smoke.

    I'm on of the people who consider it a depressant as for me personally it did make my depression far more severe.
    It is easy to sub-consciously become dependent on the high (the happiness that you get while high) while you are depressed. I kept telling myself that it wasn't the weed, it was just everything going on in my life, but in reality my life was actually going pretty great, I just dwelled on the depressing thoughts even more. This really only happened after I had smoked cannabis, so for example...

    High - Burnt out then 4 hours later dwelling on depressing thoughts.
    Then when I wasn't high (but still battling my depression) I wouldn't dwell as much on depressing thoughts.
    Marijuana effects nearly everyone differently, so there is no straight forward answer to every question.
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  6. iCurlBabies

    iCurlBabies New Member

    Couldn't have said it any better, it varies between people.
    Personally, marijuana cooled me down when I was depressed and was having 'bad thoughts'.

    I haven't smoked in a month, and I'm still fine. In essence, i'm not dependent on it. But statistically, 9% of marijuana smokers will become dependent (on their first try). That was about my 6th time. I'm not a heavy smoker like the rest of the members on these forums. Haha

    All in all, It just varies between person to person.
  7. John Doe

    John Doe New Member

    So kinda had it with the mental state thing. But your right marijuana affects everyone differently. But i still dont think its just one classifacation.
  8. GunCow

    GunCow Sr. Member

    No, cannabis isn't a depressant. Substituting and confusing the euphoria of being high for your happiness in reality is what causes depression.

    Everyday use can help lead to depression, but is not attributed to the Cannabis effects in itself. It is easy to try and put your real problems on hold by smoking cannabis, or to try and cut your life in half, being high and happy and keeping sadness for sobriety. Its like taking emphasis off your problems in real life and putting more emphasis on the happiness from being high.

    This is what High is talking about. Becoming dependent on cannabis for happiness, and then dwelling on what is really bothering you in life when you come down. This is a personal problem that is self-caused.

    Cannabis isn't causing the depression. High seems to have spiraled himself into a shithole. Which can happen, if your not careful, and you let it happen. It almost sounds like he was being a little more self-critical, finding and realizing what it is thats bothering him. He said he was dwelling on depressing thoughts, well, he wouldn't do that unless the thoughts were their in the first place. Cannabis didn't put them their, he brought it upon himself.

    The problem comes from feeling like you need to be high to be happy. If your going through your day sober, and you feel absolutely fine, and don't feel like "shit I want to smoke right now," or "fuck this sucks I wish I had a joint." Then cannabis isn't going to make you depressed, avoiding problems by taking cannabis or perceiving being high as happiness is what causes depression.

    Its really up to you bro. You have to decide if your capable of handling the balance between getting high for fun and getting high to avoid boredom and unhappiness, which are two different things. I don't blame cannabis on my depression. I blame other parts of my life. There was a point where I was violating the precious balance, and covering up the nothing of my life with the euphoria of cannabis. This is a personal problem, not a drug problem, not an addiction problem or a this causes that problem.

    The statistic from Icurlbabies sounds like bs to me. 9 percent become dependent on first try? I would like to know how that statistic was realized and how the cause of the statistic was studied. Lol, what did they do, go around the nation and ask how many people have ever gotten high before, and then, somehow cross-referenced that with the amount of people "in treatment" for addiction, and do some simple mathematical equations. Sounds like the same runaround excuse-blame game to me.
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  9. j uu ice24

    j uu ice24 New Member

    You made so much sense. Thank you :)
  10. High

    High as a kite

    No sir, that was not what I was talking about at all. Stop trying to jam words into my mouth. I meant exactly what I said.
    It was not the weed, the weed did not cause my depression but it did indeed worsen it.
    I was depressed before smoking weed, none of you will really understand it the way I do I guess. Hmm how can I make this make sense for you.

    When I wasnt high I was on a depression level of one.
    When I was high I was on a depression level of zero.
    When I was burnt out I was on a depression level of zero.
    Skip ahead four to seven hours later, I was on a depression level of three or four.

    The next day:
    When I wasn't high I was on a depression level of two.
    When I was high I was on a depression level of zero.
    When I was burnt out I was on a depression level of zero.
    Skip ahead four to seven hours later, I was on a depression level of four or five.

    Day after that:
    When I wasnt high I was on a depression level of three.
    When I was high I was on a depression level of zero.
    When I was burnt out I was on a depression level of zero.
    Skip ahead four to seven hours later, I was on a depression level of five or four.

    Stop smoking for a week, one day after stopping, back down to a depression level of one, then repeat the cycle.

    Do you see where I am going with this?
    And no, I didn't find life boring it wasn't that kind of depression, I just felt sad.. simple as that. Oh also I wasn't dependent on the cannabis for happiness at all, infact I stopped like getting high pretty quick because I could tell what it was doing to me.

    So please, stop putting "what high meant" ect.. I mean exactly what I say, what you interpret from it is great n all, but those are your words not mine.
  11. Shur

    Shur New Member

    Depressed when you're not high? Marijuana brings you up, obviously you'll feel down after smoking for a while. It doesn't last long, wouldn't worry about it.
  12. hempgirl46

    hempgirl46 New Member

    it helps me....
  13. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    i've been smoking for 40 years,,, the last 21 with depression... when i really get depressed,, i CAN"T smoke,,, i just sit,,, when meds are working , i smoke all day for pain.... so i don't think it effects my depression,,, BUT everyone is different...

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