Does marijuana hurt my heart?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by lMarijuana lMan, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. lMarijuana lMan

    lMarijuana lMan Sr. Member

    Hey everyone, just wondering if often use of marijuana can weaken my heart?
    Sometimes my chest is really tight after smoking, and occasionally my heart will feel like it's tightening one of its valves.
    I have the constant need to rub my chest.
    That's probably because I'm really stoned though.

    I smoke 2-3 sessions a day with my friend, usually bong/gravity bong, I just feel like I'm ripping through my heart/lungs. This has been pretty constant for the past 1-2 years as well.
    Should I see the doctor at the University do you think?

    I'll probably stop smoking for a bit while studying for exams.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated. ;)
  2. Tenderlungs

    Tenderlungs Sr. Member

    Definitely see the doctor man. Definitely.

    I don't know how marijuana affects the heart, but regardless of whether this is a marijuana related problem, you should still see a doc about it.

    Hope everything turns out well for you. :)
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  3. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Maybe you should smoke something less hard-hitting? A vape would probably solve this problem overnight, but smoking joints and bowls will probably help your lungs and heart out
  4. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Jake is right, vaporizing would be better for you. However, you should still see a doctor about the chest pains, regardless. I had chest pains too, and was sent to a Cardiologist and they ran tests, including a stress test. In the end, they said my heart was ok, but you should NEVER take chances when it comes to your health.
  5. lMarijuana lMan

    lMarijuana lMan Sr. Member

    Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

    My roommate and I are getting a vaporizer in the summer before we move into our apartment.
    Though that still leaves the summer open.

    One other question, if I see a doctor can I openly tell them that I smoke pot a few times a day?

    I never smoke cigarettes and avoid cigars as much as I can.
    Thanks a lot, once again.
  6. Passage

    Passage Sr. Member

    If you feel it's effecting your heath enough then I think you should tell the doctor. He can't do anything legally about it.
  7. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    Cmon, think about it. You have a thick cloud of ashy scratchy material your quickly sucking into your lungs multiple times per day. Your lungs are an internal organ. This means soft pink squishy membrane. Of course you are doing damage.

    Just because you might not get cancer from weed does not mean you can't fuck your lungs up some other way. I could stab your lungs with a blade and you would die from a collapsed lung, no cancer involved.

    I'm not saying you're going to kill yourself, but you will probably experience chest pain, decreased lung capacity, decreased ability to maintain physical exertion, increased risk of respiratory complications such as bronchitis and bacterial or viral infections of different forms.

    Trust me when I say it's worth it to buy a Volcano Vaporizer. I hate to pimp a particular brand of item, but the volcano was the only vaporizer i tried that I could use exclusively instead of smoking. Whip vaporizers just didnt have the capacity or ease of use that comes with the huge bowl and bag of the volcano. My lungs began clearing very quickly, the high improved, and my stash lasted twice as long.

    Also, I doubt it is affecting your heart much at all. Typically heart complications have nothing to do with sharp chest pain. More like you feel like an elephant is crushing your chest, or feelings of numbness in extremities or even entire portions of your body. Though having the left or right half of your body lose feeling is, I believe, more typically associated with stroke, though heart attacks and strokes can be related.

    MJ has little affect on the heart, unlike cigarrette smoking.

    Finally, if you are concerned, go to a doctor. Doctors will not turn you in to the cops or something. He may not like you smoking weed, and he could also refuse medications as long as you smoke (though this would only come into play for narcotic meds) but doctors are health professionals. It would not be legal or moral for a doctor to use medical information for or against you legally without your consent.
  8. lMarijuana lMan

    lMarijuana lMan Sr. Member

    Thank you t for taking the time to answer my questions thoroughly, it's a relief to know my heart isn't being victimized by this.

    As for my lungs, I recognize that vaporizing is a great alternative, although I live in different province than my soon-to-be roommate, and neither of us want to worry about a vaporizer when we're living at our parent's houses.

    It's just that all of my friends smoke back at home, and the summer is filled with mad sessions that are hard to avoid.
    Perhaps taking the month of April off would be a good idea to give a rest to my lungs, and allow me to study a bit better I suppose.. although I find studying on weed very relaxing and therefore allows me to concentrate.
  9. Bud&bluntman

    Bud&bluntman Sr. Member

    smoke a blunt man, maybe bongs are too much for now.
  10. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    I doubt it. My mom has been diagnosed with a heart disease. It's not severe. But smoking makes her heart hurt less and she smokes on a daily basis.
  11. steakii

    steakii New Member

    Tobacco causes heart disease, probably not the best of choice for heart health.
  12. nessasaurus

    nessasaurus New Member

    i'm new to this community, friends.

    i smoke out of a gravity bong on a daily basis for almost 3 years. i have just now recently experienced these chest pains and assumed it was a heart problem as well. i'm looking into purchasing a vaporizer, but am low on cash funds. does anyone know of a vaporizer that's not too expensive, but works really well? thanks in advance. :)
  13. JaggedJesus

    JaggedJesus New Member

    Welcome to, nessasaurus. :)

    I've heard a lot of good things about the Vaporbrothers vapes. I don't have any personal experience with them, but a lot of people on here swear by them. Definitely positive reviews, and it's about $150. Google turned up this:

    I'd still do a bit more research, though. Find out if it's what you really want, but from what I've heard, it's one of the best vapes available.
  14. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    The Vapor Warez is a great unit for under 150.00, and it has a 5 year warranty.
  15. THC Fiend

    THC Fiend Wonko the Sane

    cough* respiratory vs. circulatory.
  16. nessasaurus

    nessasaurus New Member

    i found a small glass dome vaporizer on several websites, for only 59.99. it may not be the most reliable one, but this is more in my price range. has anyone ever used one like this? or have a suggestion for a good one under $100?
  17. dan3

    dan3 New Member

    Im sure a lot of this was said but..

    Try smoking out of something that doesn't hit as hard. Try using a pipe or best yet a vape, never used one personally but everyone i know that has used one has had positive experiences with it.

    Do you smoke good weed or shwag? i get head aches from shwag and mids sometimes.

    yes you should see a doctor. chest pains are serious and nothing you want to mess around with. Regardless of what you're smoking, smoking anything increases your heart rate.

    All i can think of, good luck!
  18. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    You wouldn't be happy with the dome vape. The whole class of conduction vaporizers, in which the weed sits on a hot metal plate, is harder to use and less efficient than the class of convection vaporizers, ones that pass heated air through the load of weed. Conduction vapes tend to burn the weed that's in contact with the metal and not vape the weed on top of it. A lot of the vapor condenses out on the inside of the dome.

    Save up your money and get a good whip-type vape. You can get a VaporWarez VaporCannon 3G for $120, including delivery, scales, and a grinder, from sellers on eBay.
  19. Magi4201

    Magi4201 New Member

    It's still smoke so I think it could be your lungs. Chill for about a week. Smoke joints if you can't chill
    and roll them with rice papers so its not so harsh. Or do what everyone else said, "Go to the doc".
  20. Pancak3

    Pancak3 New Member

    i think that the doc is a good idea

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