Does Marijuana Impair YOUR Judgement

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by pyromanizak, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. pyromanizak

    pyromanizak New Member

    I was wondering how badly, if at all, does being high affect your judgement personally?

    Obviously it could depend on how much you've smoked, but generally when people smoke they aim to get baked. So like how much does it affect YOUR decision making and other judgments.
  2. nikk

    nikk Sr. Member

    When I hadn't smoked for 8 months, I smoked a chronic blunt with one of my friends. And I have to say my judgment was fucked, I don't think I could have even rode a bike, and I do that daily(or walked a straight line for that matter.) But since I've been smoking daily it hardly affects my judgment at all.
  3. notadrug_alifestyle

    notadrug_alifestyle New Member

    i have a low tolerance so it kinda messes me p and i do some dumb taking a mini bong cricket rip.... dumbest thing ive ever done
  4. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    What kind of decisions are we talking about?

    I still know what's right and what's wrong after I get stupid. The only thing that I might be considered "impaired" is my ability to keep my mouth shut in a comfortable environment.
  5. desiremj

    desiremj New Member

    Well I smoked a joint at like 2 and by 2:15 I was like "oh shit I should get McDonalds!" So I just went and got 20 nuggets came home and ate them all. An hour later and I'm regretting it.
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  6. LostProphet

    LostProphet New Member

    Well Depending on how much I smoke.

    If I just take a hit or so to get a buzz im in a good mood and relaxed.

    If I get high Im in really good mood, I can talk to everybody easily (im normally very socially awkward) and Im hungry and everything is just perfect.

    If im stoooonnneeddd though I can barely walk let alone hold a meaningfull convo. I say stupid things that make me feel stupid later.

    So no it doesnt affect my judgement until i get reallyyy baked.
  7. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Reaction time (reflexes) or ability to function normally and decision making are different. Although I think being high on mj can affect judgment/ decision making, especially if you're new to it, I don't think it has as much effect in this area as other drugs. For the most part, people on weed decide to veg out and talk and observe, rather than do things where decreased reaction time would get them into trouble.
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  8. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    My logical decisions are fine... like making choices in a sketchy or paranoid situation. But my motor skills CAN lack a little bit if i'm too baked. Just depends, I usually know when to not get on my longboard so i'm all good.
  9. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    well just yesterday I was baked and drunk and decided to do some hard off topic.
  10. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    Wait what??
  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I'm not sure what the definition of "baked" is, but I vape to get high, not incapacitated. I'm sure if anyone consumed enough it would affect their judgment. I have no inclination to consume that much. I got over that 40 years ago.
  12. otown

    otown New Member

    honestly unless ive smoked like a 20 sack (3-4 grams) to myself idc i can do watever i want, and if i smoke that much it isnt the question if i can go drive or run around, but really how much i want to compared to how much i want to sit on the couch and play video games or listen to music lol
    i normally dont smoke that much but im just saying i dont think weed affects my reaction time or anything, hell i go to my varsity soccer games stoned all the time =P
  13. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    Basically I am giving a example of how Marijuana and alcohol can cloud my judgment.
  14. 1TonBee

    1TonBee Active Member

    No even when I get -really- baked, I know what to expect when I smoke so before I do so I take precautions to ensure I won't be surprised by any predicaments. When something unexpected pops-up I can still make a good judgment call.

    I'm usually relaxed and very logical, even during a full-blown panic attack I was able to keep my relative composure, as much as you can during a panic attack. Maybe it's because I'm a natural optimist.
  15. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    no. especially not now. it probably did when i first started doing it (like 3 1/2 years ago) when i used to get mind bogglingly high. but now i can't get nearly as high as then so definatly not. my decision making is no different high then not
  16. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    Yeah but the question was about whether WEED affects your judgement, not alcohol and weed. Alcohol has been proven to cloud your judgment, so i'm not really sure why you mixed them both in your answer.
  17. Cosmic_Smoke

    Cosmic_Smoke New Member

    Hmm, let me think about that as I am stoned. Well, it depends what your definition of judgement. I can actually think very logically, and can do stuff like complicated math problems, I'm just ususally in a kind of daze. However I never put my judgement to that big of tests when I'm high, like I don't drive (although I must admit I did many times at one point, in high school, when I was kind of immature). My train of thought will sometimes be absolutely halted. For that reason I only get stoned if I know I wont have to talk to someoen like a professor or someones parent (including my own) for an extended period of time. Actually, my judgment gets VERY impaired when I'm drunk, compared to that, the imparement on judgement weed gives me is nothing.
  18. ciregg222

    ciregg222 Sr. Member

    What the hell is a rip of "cricket" ???

  19. notadrug_alifestyle

    notadrug_alifestyle New Member

    well we were really high and me and my friends were smoking some weed out of a mini bong....and one of my friends caught a cricket and loaded it into the bowl and added a little weed on top and passed it to me... so i took a hit and threw up and then the told me what they did
  20. ciregg222

    ciregg222 Sr. Member

    Holy crap ... lol ... i thought it was some wacky nickname for an off topic.

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