Does marijuana increase estrogen levels?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by GetBusyLiving, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. GetBusyLiving

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    Hi fellow pot smokers, I've been working out regularly for over ten years and have just recently heard a rumor that pot increases estrogen levels and decreases testosterone levels. Is this true? Are their any actual studies supporting this? Thanks guys.
  2. CardBoardBox

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    I've never heard that before and I've heard a lot about pot. So far your the only one that I've seen ask about that.
    There is the myth of marijuana decreasing testosterone in males, therefor stunting puberty and fertility. But... The majority of studies confirms that thats just it, a myth.
  3. hauptmann

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  4. GetBusyLiving

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    Thanks for the awesome info guys! Guess I'll continue puffing away.. :)

  5. julie jen

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    I think smoking pot does higher......

    In my experience smoking pot does increase my multiple orgasmic capacity to the top.
    I dont know about estrogen level rises but it does makes me very sexual. If i dont smoke pot i might get an orgasm from having sex.

    If i smoke pot i will then get 300 orgasms from the same sexual experience.

    There is a book called The Geography of Women or The Geography of the Female Body, which the author makes a relationship between smoking pot and multiple orgasms in women.
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