Does Mcdonalds drug test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Suzukiz400rider, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Suzukiz400rider

    Suzukiz400rider New Member

    Hey everyone. Im 16 and looking to get my first job. I dont know if Mcdonalds drug tests or not. Also does Starbucks drug test? This would help out alot if i could find the answer to this. THANKS
  2. EMPIR3

    EMPIR3 New Member

    You can use this site to search for companys that do test.

    Search our Database of companies that do drug testing

    I would have looked for you but you didn't mention where you lived.

    Both Starbucks and McDonalds do test in some stores at least. But I dont think that nessesarily means they will at all of the places.

    Good luck finding a job.
  3. Mendrel

    Mendrel Garden's Cure Dude

    If they did they'd likely lose a lot of employees. :grin: I bet some do, but I bet more don't.
  4. Suzukiz400rider

    Suzukiz400rider New Member

    Oh sorry. I live in snohomish / clearview washington
  5. island

    island New Member

    mcdonalds somerset KY Urine
    mcdonalds albuquerque NM Urine
    McDonalds Cabot AR Urine
    mcdonalds lima OH Urine
    McDonalds Ephrata WA Urine <---

    I found 1 location in your state that does test.. not sure about your hometown sorry.
  6. Lolo69

    Lolo69 New Member

    Just call the McDonald's in your town and ask if they drug test.

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