Does Ozium really work?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by tribadism, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. tribadism

    tribadism New Member

    I live in an apt. complex and want to conceal the scent when i toke. Someone told me to buy some ozium. They said it will eliminate the smell. I'm worried that the people who live in the apt. above me might smell the smoke. Will ozium keep me safe?
  2. gp31089

    gp31089 New Member

    use a dryer sheet roll thing AND ozium. Ozium does work really well, but I'd stil do this:

    Take a soda bottle (empty), poke holes in the bottom. Stuff it full of dryer sheets. blow out rhough that. Tell me how it smells.
  3. Darkdrift

    Darkdrift Sr. Member

    if you have a window just blow your hit out the window then you wont need anything if the room smells a lil afterward, it wont be enough to travel upstairs. plus thos air fresheners are not always 100% .good/../....../../././../..././././...../...././././....././ i just ripped the bong :angel:
  4. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Ozium works well, but I'm not guranteeing ANY method. All I can say is that compared to Frebreeze or any other "odor eliminator" Ozium rules. Is it failsafe? No, but then no method is. Is it better than most ideas? Certainly
  5. guntroll

    guntroll New Member

    I'm not sure about the ozium, but if you want to smoke around your apartments but are afraid of the smell; first, there's your method (joints make more smoke then bongs); second, incense and all the stuff like that, and then there's doob tubes which supposedly work well, but I probably shouldn't gp around reccommending them as I've never used one...
  6. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    get a vaporizer and have a fan suck air out of the room

    then relax knowing the smell won't get you busted AND watch the weed savings pile up
  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Great point! My house would reek of pot when I was smoking bowls and/or joints and blunts constantly. The smell was actually noticable at the front door....before you opened it. NOT an ideal situation by any means. With a vape, I've actually vaped while people who don't know I still partkae were in the house, with no one the wiser. Theres a smell, but its mild compared to that of smoke, and is easily covered by any of the methods mentioned. I also use about 50% less weed than I used to. My only problem is that vape hits are so smooth and tasty I want to kepp doing them far beyond the point where I'm actually as hoigh as I need to be!
  8. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    Seriously true. The vape CAN make your stash last longer... but the taste is so good and the high is so great and clean you just want keep hitting and hitting. Then all of a sudden you realize you're uber blazed :eek: and can't do any more than get on the 420 lounge and laugh at all the threads.

    The smell is never associated with weed (unless a pothead smells it... who cares.) It doesn't cling to anything like smoke and dissipates very quickly. Easily taken care of (if even the vapor smell worries you) with ventilation or a light cover odor.

    One bad thing about cover odors is that they alone warrant suspicion, and generally just makes the room smell like a mix of pot smoke and air freshener.

    A small scented cinnamon candle will easily remove it.
  9. Ler

    Ler Sr. Member

    I've always found the trick to a relatively smell free environment is air circulation. Just keep new air coming in and old air going out, I've found, from living in dorms, that if you block the door, set up a fan at the door pointed at an open window that helps with circulation. And then febreze air effects really works very well. Now I associate that febreze smell with pot...
  10. smokeymcchronic

    smokeymcchronic New Member

    To simply answer your question, yes, ozium works. I've gone through about two tall cans of the stuff, it's very powerful. But if you are really worried about smell you can use some type of cloths drenched in ozium for a super good doob tube.

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